Pass MD-100 Certification Exam Fast

MD-100 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Microsoft with new exam.

Microsoft MD-100 Exam Details

Candidates who want to gain expertise in Windows 10 and explore the endless opportunities that this IT skill offers, need to consider clearing the Microsoft MD-100 exam. Passing this test helps one to earn an intermediate-level certification, Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate, and obtain commendable familiarity with the Windows OS.

About Microsoft MD-100

Microsoft MD-100 is only half of the prerequisites for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certificate. Aspirants have to pass MD-101 test as well to prove their knowledge of the Modern Desktops’ management and get accredited.

MD-100 tests whether you are able to accomplish the tasks that include working with Windows deployment, devices, administering data, as well as connectivity configuration. In general, this exam aims to validate one’s competence in managing, monitoring, and securing client apps and devices within an enterprise environment.

Who Does MD-100 Target? What Skills Should Those Specialists Possess?

The most suitable applicants for the Microsoft MD-100 exam are junior systems administrators and desktop support specialists. However, usually, the potential candidates for this certification test are the administrators or those who want to get this job. These specialists should be able to perform all the basic operations with client applications as well as different devices and apply the device strategies that fulfill the business requirements of modern organizations.

Skills to Be Mastered Before Enrolling in MD-100

All in all, the skills measured in Microsoft MD-100 are listed below with their corresponding weight:

  • Windows Deployment (15-20%)
  • Connectivity Configuration (15-20%)
  • Devices and Data Management (35-40%)
  • Windows Maintenance (25-30%)

The first domain talks extensively about the tools and techniques needed for Windows deployment. The learner will know about migrating user data, performing a clean installation, and conducting the in-place upgrade using the tools like MDT, WDS, and AKDK. It also teaches the skills required for troubleshooting and selecting the proper Windows edition. Besides, the post-installation configuration will be in focus as well. The minutes of Edge and Internet Explorer configuration along with the mobility setting is extensively covered in this section. By the end of studying this domain, a test-taker will be able to configure multiple sign-in options and perform the Windows desktop customization.

In the second section, the learner will know how to configure networking and remote connectivity. It covers around 15-20% of the total exam content and imparts the essential knowledge needed for mobile network configuring, troubleshoots networking, Wi-Fi profiles configuration, and remote desktop access. The candidate will also learn about VPN client configuration, PowerShell Remote management, and parameters required for remote desktop access. This section is basically dedicated to all the skills needed for remote Window access and connectivity.

All the crucial knowledge related to the local user and device management are the key focus of the third domain of the exam. Techniques like configuring NTFS permission, local registry, data access rules, and implementation of local policy are well covered in this section. It also teaches how to configure Windows Defender Firewall and implement associated encryption. The successful candidates will be able to provide User Account Control configuration successfully and will know all the techniques required for security protocol implementation.

As the name suggests, the last domain of the exam is all about Windows maintenance. After completion of the exam, the individual will be able to handle the tasks associated with system and data recovery, file recovery, Windows recovery, management of updates, update troubleshooting, and multiple other related issues. Skills required for instant file recovery from OneDrive, troubleshooting the boot process, and update implementation are also covered by this section. It makes a professional skilled enough to maintain the Windows environment in real-time.

MD-100 Test Details

Microsoft MD-100 comprises about 40-60 questions of different types, which may include case study, multiple-choice, drag and drop, hot area, and build list. The allocated time for such a test is 180 minutes. The passing score is 700 out of a maximum of 1000 points.

MD-100 exam is offered in English and provided by Microsoft through Pearson VUE. After paying the fee, which is $165, the applicants need to proceed to their own Pearson VUE account and register for this test. To do this, select the “Proctored Exams” section and type in ‘MD-100’. Complete the process by following the prompts.

Is There Any Prerequisite for the Exam?

Officially, there are no specific prerequisites for MD-100 exam. However, the candidates must ensure that they have the adequate skillset and knowledge needed for the test. Some hands-on experience in Windows makes the journey ahead a bit simplified.

What Are The Job Opportunities After Passing the Microsoft MD-100 Exam?

By imparting the highest-grade Windows-related skills in the candidate, the Microsoft MD-100 exam makes the job roles like Desktop Support specialist, System Administrator, and Windows Systems Engineer easily accessible for the certification holder.

The market exposure is great for all those who have successfully passed the Microsoft MD-100 exam. The pay and perks for such professionals are impressive. For instance, the salary of a certified Windows Systems Engineer is ranged between $56k and $112k annually.

System Administrator is an essential and vital job role in the IT industry. These specialists can easily make $58k per year at the beginning of their career. In a mid-level career, one earns $63,858 per annum with an opportunity to achieve a mark of $88k. The industry is eyeing Microsoft certified professionals for such key jobs because they have proof of their advanced competence in the field.

What Certifications Can Be Earned After the Microsoft MD-100 Exam?

Since acing MD-100 exam along with MD-101 earns one the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certificate, it also paves the way for further improvement. This certification is one of the optional prerequisites for Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification which is a sign of expert-level proficiency. To acquire it, applicants should only pass two exams, namely MS-100 and MS-101.