MCSE Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by Microsoft with new certification(s).

Certification Details

Microsoft certifications reach out to the professional needs of individuals in different skill levels. Their program provides certificates for candidates with basic skills and goes all the way to those validations covering expert skills in a specific technology. That's why we have the MTA, MCSA, MCSD, and MCSE certifications.

About MCSE Certificates

MCSE certificates are part of the Microsoft program offered for the validation of specialists’ expertise in particular services and products of IT. These certificates are intermediate- and expert-level and target experienced specialists. To undertake any certification for MCSE, there’s a prerequisite MCSA certificate. We’ll be discussing more varying MCSE certification exams as shown below:

  • Test 70-333

    The Microsoft 70-333 test is designed for the deployment of Enterprise Voice along with Skype for Business 2015. It aims at IT and telecommunications consultants responsible for developing, planning, deploying, and managing Unified Communications solutions. It is listed among four optional tests for the MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert certification. Its topics include planning and developing Skype for Business using Enterprise Voice, effecting & configuring Enterprise Voice, and maintaining as well as troubleshooting Enterprise Voice.

  • Microsoft 70-334

    70-334 exam concerns core solutions for Microsoft Skype for Business. It also targets telecommunications and IT consultants who develop, deploy, and manage UC solutions. Similarly, it is among four-choice tests for earning the MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert certificate. Skills measured by this exam involve planning, creating, situating, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting Skype for Business.

  • 70-339 Exam

    The Microsoft 70-339 is about the management of the SharePoint Server 2016 for Microsoft. Its target is experienced individuals in IT who undertake the installation, configuration, deployment, as well as management of SharePoint 2016. It’s chosen from the four exams for the MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert certification. The objectives highlighted here are centered on developing the architecture for SharePoint, planning verification alongside security, executing the optimization of workloads, coming up with solutions for productivity, managing the capabilities of search, planning as well as configuring cloud services, and monitoring the optimization of the SharePoint environment.

  • Microsoft 70-345 Exam

    This 70-345 test concerns those in the development and deployment of Exchange Server 2016 for Microsoft. The target audience is senior administrators and IT consultants in the technical lead of a team that also includes administrators. An exam-taker will be selecting it from four exams intended for the MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert. This test, in particular, focuses on planning, deploying, managing, and troubleshooting the mailbox databases, services for client access, transport services, Exchange architecture, security & recipients, compliance, eDiscovery, archiving, and auditing. Another covered area is implementing & managing coexistence, migration, hybrid scenarios, and federation.

  • 70-410 Test

    The Microsoft 70-410 test has to do with the installation and configuration of the 2012 Windows Server. With the other two exams known as 70-411 and 70-412, this one results in the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certificate, which is needed when seeking the MCSE: Core Infrastructure. This exam was created for administrators in the implementation of the 2012 Windows Server core architecture. The skills covered scrutinize the installation and configuration of servers, the implementation of roles alongside features for servers, configuring Hyper-V, installing & directing Active Directory, establishing as well as configuring core services related to the network, and creation alongside maintenance of Group Policy.

  • Microsoft 70-411 Exam

    Individuals dealing with the administration of Windows Server for 2012 are the ones to whom 70-411 test was created. They are commonly administrators doing tasks needed for managing the infrastructure for the Windows Server. It’s the second of the three tests for the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification. The knowledge that such an exam tackles revolves around deploying & maintaining servers, configuring services regarding print, file, and network, configuring both access and servers for network policy, and the configuration in addition to management of Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy.

  • Exam 70-413

    The test coded 70-413 explains server infrastructure development and execution. It’s among a group of elective exams aimed at the MCSE: Core Infrastructure certificate. This validation extends to planning and executing the architecture of a server & developing services related to network infrastructure, network access, a logical AD architecture, and a physical AD architecture.

  • Microsoft 70-414 Test

    70-414 test relates to the execution of the advanced architecture of a server. It is designed for those intending to do tasks for the developing, implementation, and maintenance of the server for Windows 2012. Candidates can be picking it from a pool of others directed at the MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification. Topics that are revealed by a test like this are managing & maintaining a framework for a server, planning as well as executing an enterprise infrastructure that is highly available, planning and executing an architecture for server virtualization, and creating together with executing solutions meant for access and identity.

  • 70-417

    The Microsoft 70-417 is positioned for specialists whose aim is to upgrade their skills to the MCSA: Windows Server 2012, a prerequisite of the MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification, and wish to participate in implementing its core architecture. This denotes that applicants are already owning one certification from the following: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server XP, or Windows Server 2000. Skill areas that this test measures concentrate on installing servers, configuring server roles, network services, access, Hyper-V, the infrastructure of a network policy, Active Directory, Group Policy, solution for information protection, high availability, solutions for storage and file, and finally, disaster recovery & continuity.

  • 70-461 Exam

    This 70-461 test concerns the querying of 2012/2014 Microsoft Server for SQL. Its aim is database administrators, database developers, and systems engineers having two and more years in the field and who are seeking to confirm their skills in query writing. It’s the first of three tests for the MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014, which is required for the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics. This exam highlights creating database objects, operating with data, modification of data, and data troubleshooting in addition to optimization.

  • Microsoft 70-462

    Exam 70-462 regards the administration of server databases for Microsoft SQL 2012/2014. It’s for specialists in databases intending to execute the tasks of installation, management, and configuration. It connects exam-takers with the MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 certificate, a requirement for the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics qualification. It’s the second of three tests created for that MCSA. Such an exam dives deeper into the installation, configuration, and management of databases and instances, optimization & troubleshooting, data management, execution of high availability, and the implementation of security.

  • Test 70-463

    70-463 certification exam is for the execution of Data Warehouse within the SQL Server 2012/2014. It’s intended for ETL alongside data warehouse developers who are into the creation of BI solutions. It’s the third and last test for the MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 and it focuses on creating and executing data warehouses, extracting data as well as transforming it, loading data, building quality solutions for data, and configuring & effecting SSIS solutions.

  • Microsoft 70-464

    The Microsoft exam, known as 70-464, touches on the development of server databases for Microsoft SQL. Those to take it are specialists in the database sphere who do the building and the execution of databases within organizations. One selects such a test from a set of others directed at the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certification. Tasks that 70-464 tackles deal with the execution of database and programming objects, and optimization as well as troubleshooting queries.

  • 70-465 Exam

    Test 70-465 is about the creation of database solutions meant for the SQL Server for Microsoft. Those concerned are database professionals dealing with developing and building database solutions. It’s on the list of the tests for the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics qualification, where you pick one. The numerous skills mastered by this validation entail developing database structures, databases, their objects, and security, and solutions for optimization & troubleshooting.

  • Microsoft 70-466 Test

    Exam 70-466 directs itself to the execution of models for data and reports within the SQL Server for Microsoft. It aims at BI developers focusing on implementing BI solutions that necessitate the configuration of data models that are multi-dimensional. Interested individuals can pick this test from others lined up for the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certificate. Within this domain, candidates will be taught the details for constructing a multi-dimensional database for analysis services, maintaining alongside troubleshooting SQL SSAS databases, constructing a tabular model for data, and building reports with SQL services for data reporting.

  • 70-467

    The Microsoft exam 70-467 is availed for individuals in need of skills for creating BI solutions using SQL Server for Microsoft. The intended individuals are BI architects who do the overall layout of a BI architecture. Passing this exam results in the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certificate. The skills to be accomplished by aspiring applicants include planning for BI architecture, developing the architecture for BI, upgrading a solution to use in reporting, implementing data models for BI, and creating ETL solutions.

Details for Tests

As a rule, every MCSE certification test bears 40-60 challenges in forms like active screen, build lists, short answer, multiple choices, and best answer. The awarded exam duration is 2.5 hours, while the cost for registering for each test is $165. The passing grade is 700 points.

Career Opportunities, Job Positions, and Salary

With the MCSE certificate, you will be viewed as capable of planning, developing, and executing solutions for Windows Server within the infrastructure of a business. The accessible job positions for this level include the following:

  • Senior systems administrator;
  • Network engineer;
  • Network analyst;
  • Systems engineer;
  • Senior systems engineer;
  • BI developer;
  • BI analysts;
  • Data analyst;
  • Systems analyst.

Besides this, individuals certified in MCSE can expand their careers into segments such as business infrastructure and network security. With such a certificate, the pay to expect as told by is close to $96k per year.

What to Do Next?

The MCSE is at the pinnacle of the Microsoft certification plan. This means that one will have already acquired the top most skills. However, branching to a different niche could be what you need to buttress what you have. With the varied MCSE certifications, you can always opt for one more. For example, if you now possess the MCSE: Core Infrastructure, you can move to get the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics, the MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert, or the MCSE: Business Applications. Alternatively, you can explore one of the latest certifications within the Microsoft role-based program.