MCSE: Core Infrastructure Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by Microsoft with new certification(s).

Certification Details

If you want to know how to deal with identity management, storage functions, and networking features within modernized data centres, then you should definitely try out the MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification issued by Microsoft.

About MCSE: Core Infrastructure

This certificate deals with expert-level skills and makes individuals ready for the running of a highly effective and present-day data center, virtualization, identity management, networking, storage, and systems management.

Certification Prerequisites

To be eligible for this qualification, one needs one of these certificates like the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 or the MCSA: Windows Server 2016. Afterwards, one should select one test from a list of five that include exams known as 70-744, 70-745, 70-413, 70-414, and 70-537.

Exam 70-413 Details

Specialists concerned with creating as well as executing the framework of a server are the ones to deal with the Microsoft 70-413 test. Passing it connotes that one can plan, set up, and execute services for Windows Server of 2012 including deployment, virtualization, infrastructure, and access to the network.

70-413 Domains

The following topics apply for such a test:

  • Planning and Deploying Server Framework

    Captured in this area are matters like developing and planning a strategy for automating server installation, executing the deployment architecture for server, and planning as well as effecting server upgrade alongside migration and services for storage and file.

  • Developing and Executing Services for Network Architecture

    This concerns creating and managing a DHCP solution, defining a solution plan for name resolution, and designing & maintaining a management solution for IP addresses.

  • Implementing Services Concerning Network Access

    This objective includes developing solutions for DirectAccess and web app proxy, executing a remote access solution that can be scaled, and creating and executing a solution for protecting the network.

  • Developing Active Directory (AD) Logical Architecture

    It covers the creation and execution of a domain and forest architecture, developing a plan for Group Policy, and developing an AD permission model.

  • Creating AD Physical Architecture

    This section extends to the development of an AD sites topology, the creation of a strategy for domain controllers, and developing and executing architecture for a branch office.

Exam 70-414 Details

Concerning 70-414 test, individuals taking it deal with the execution of a framework of an advanced server. In particular, it goes into the Windows Server 2012 and covers tasks like planning, configuring, and maintaining it.

Topics for 70-714

The tested areas of interest for this test are such as:

  • Managing & Maintaining Architecture for Server

    It touches on developing administrative models, a plan for monitoring, and planning in addition to effecting automated remediation.

  • Planning and Implementing Enterprise Architecture with High Availability

    It’s about planning and completing the failover clustering, high available services for the network, highly available solutions for storage, roles that are highly available, and a solution for disaster recovery and business continuity.

  • Effecting Infrastructure for Server Virtualization

    Here, a candidate will be concerned with planning as well as executing virtualization hosts, virtual machines, virtualization networking, virtualization storage, and VM movement. Also, management & maintenance of the infrastructure of server virtualization is another area of interest within this scope.

  • Creating and Supporting Identity & Access Solutions

    In such a domain, you will cover the development of infrastructure for Certificate Services, executing & maintaining the infrastructure for Certificate Services, and managing certificates. It also touches on the developing and putting into operation federated identity solutions together with AD Rights Management Services.

Microsoft 70-537 Details

Such a test regards the configuration alongside the operation of a hybrid cloud using the Azure Stack Hub for Microsoft. It’s for Azure Stack Hub operators in addition to Azure administrators utilizing the Stack Hub in offering cloud services to customers and other end-users.

Objectives of Test 70-537

For this exam, here’s what to see for the topics and the domains:

  • Deploy and Integrate Environment for Azure Stack Hub

    This is diving into building test environments using Azure Stack Hub Development Kit (ASDK), configuring DNS, identity & PKI, connectivity for integration of data center, and connecting to as well as performing API administration on the Azure Stack Hub.

  • Configure IaaS and PaaS for Environment of Azure Stack Hub

    This segment highlights the configuration and administration of the resource provider for App Service, resource providers for database, and IaaS services.

  • Provide Services and Enable DevOps for Those Using Azure Stack Hub

    It’s concerned with creating & managing plans, quotas, and offers, managing users alongside tenants, managing the marketplace for Azure, and enabling DevOps for the users.

  • Maintain and Monitor Environment for Azure Stuck Hub

    This topic takes in the planning and effecting of solutions for disaster and backup recovery, managing as well as monitoring capacity, updates, performance, alerts, and managing the utilization of reporting alongside log collection.

Microsoft 70-744 Details

Test 70-744 deals with securing the 2016 Windows Server. Tasks that it looks into include hardening the environments for servers and securing VM architectures.

Sections Explained by 70-744

Here are the domains that candidates are to handle in 70-744 test:

  • Executing Solutions for Server Hardening

    This objective involves handling tasks like the configuration of file and disk encryption, executing malware protection, protecting credentials, and creating security baselines.

  • Securing Virtualization Architecture

    Such a portion covers effecting solutions for guarded fabric and shielded VMs as well as those supported by encryption.

  • Defending Network Architecture

    This is the topic that captures Windows firewall configuration, the execution of data center firewalls that are software-defined, and the securing of network traffic.

  • Managing Privileged Identities

    Within this part, you will be exposed to JIT & JEA types of administration and Local Administrator Password Solutions.

  • Effecting Solutions for Threat Detection

    An objective like this concerns configuring and advancing audit policies, installing & configuring the Microsoft ATA, and determining solutions for threat detection through OMS.

  • Implementing Security Specific to Workload

    The topic discusses the security of infrastructure for app development alongside server workload and effecting a secure architecture for file services together with DAC.

Exam 70-745 Details

The Microsoft 70-745 test is handled by those intending to comprehend the process of executing a data center that is software-defined. They are specialists in IT who utilize the Microsoft System Center VM manager for 2016 and Windows Server 2016 to effect the data center.

Objectives Covered by 70-745

The tested area below belongs to such a Microsoft test:

  • Planning and Executing Core Infrastructure for System VM Manager (VMM)

    This test sector encompasses putting in place and configuring VMM, putting in operation and configuring host servers for VMM, managing VMM architecture, managing VMM libraries, and implementing a VMM architecture with high availability.

  • Effecting Software-Defined Network (SDN)

    It covers dealing with fabric for core network, planning SDN solutions, configuring network controllers, configuring as well as maintaining Software Load Balancer, and configuring the gateway for Windows Server. Other parts explained include managing SDN architecture & managing virtual networks for tenants.

  • Implementing Software-Defined Storage

    This topic analyzes the execution and management of storage solutions that are software-defined.

  • Putting into Practice Compute Solutions for Datacenter using VM Manager

    This segment has to do with implementing compute solutions and service templates.

  • Securing Software-Defined Datacenter

    It scrutinizes the securing of compute environments as well as network environments.

  • Monitoring & Maintaining Software-Defined Datacenter

    The final objective examines the putting into place and configuration of System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and monitoring together with managing architecture and VM workloads with the use of SCOM.

More Exam Details

Each test for the aforementioned MCSE certificate carries 40-60 items to be solved within 2.5 hours. Their patterns could appear as review screen, multiple choices, short answer, build lists, active screen, among many. The cost of enrolling for each exam is $165 and one should reach 700 points to come by this certification.

Career Opportunities, Job Positions, and Salary

The MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification is validation with what the holder can work in an environment that is highly virtualized. This makes you access first-rate career opportunities and become valued in your company since your work will concern moving operations into today’s systems. The job positions resulting due to the certificate include:

  • Senior systems administrator;
  • App maker;
  • Data analyst;
  • Systems engineer;
  • Data engineer;
  • Systems architect;
  • Systems developer.

As defines, having the MCSE certificate and being in any of the positions implies that you can access a salary of almost $96k annually.

What Next after MCSE?

Though the MCSE: Core Infrastructure belongs to the top-most structure of the Microsoft program regarding certifications, still you can augment your skills with another certificate within the same level. This can be the MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert, MCSE: Business Applications, or MCSE: Data Management and Analytics. But if you like, you can also resolve to enroll in one of the newest Microsoft certificates, whose focus is on certain job roles.