MCSD Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by Microsoft with new certification(s).

Certification Details

The MCSD: App Builder is a prestigious certification by Microsoft meant for the candidates intending for expertise in developing applications.

More about MCSD: App Builder Certification

Getting the MCSD: App Builder certificate is a verification that you are capable of utilizing your expertise to implement present-day web apps. Before opting for it, you need to have already gained one of the following MCSA certifications:

  • MCSA: Web Applications;
  • MCSA: Universal Windows Platform.

The step that leads to getting the MCSD: App Builder is passing one of the three available exams, which include 70-357, 70-486, and 70-487 tests.

Regarding the first prerequisite the MCSA certification in Web Applications, it implies that candidates have passed two exams: either 70-480 and 70-486 or 70-483 with 70-486. While the second MCSA certificate in Universal Windows Platform requires candidates to sit for 70-483 and 70-357 exams. Below you’ll find the overview of the following exams: 70-480, 70-483, 70-486, 70-487 that lead you to obtaining the MCSD: App Builder certification.

Microsoft 70-480 Exam

This test aims at those candidates wishing to establish expertise concerning programming in HTML while utilizing JavaScript alongside CSS3.

Target Candidates

Exam 70-480 is intended for developers with at least one year of using HTML in creating necessary business logic whose target is different types of hardware, apps, and software while making use of JavaScript. Candidates taking this exam should have a wide understanding of IT-related matters such as program flow, data validation, prototypes, operators, handling errors, variables, expressions, etc. is required.

Exam Domains for 70-480

Here is what you’ll find as for 70-480 domains:

  • Executing and Manipulating Document Structures & Objects

    This area is about laying out structures for documents, writing code which is able to interact with UI controls, the application of programming-related styling to HTML components, executing APIs for HTML, and finding out the scope of objects. It closes with the creation and execution of objects in addition to methods.

  • Implementing Program Flow

    It covers executing program flow, implementing exception handling, raising and handling of events, putting into operation synchronous programming as well as the creation of processes targeting a web worker.

  • How to Access & Secure Data

    This segment looks into the validation of user input along with components of HTML5, utilizing JavaScript in user input validation, and data consumption in addition to serialization, deserialization as well as transmission of data.

  • Using CSS3 to Develop Apps

    This topic wraps up matters like the styling of text and box properties targeting HTML, designing a layout targeting content including the one which is flexible, and the creation of a UI that meets the qualities of being animated as well as adaptive. Others are finding components through the utilization of CSS selectors in addition to JQuery and using CSS selectors in the structuring of CSS files.

Test 70-483

This exam is about programming done in C#. It implores programming of requisite logic for the enterprise targeting a variation of apps alongside platforms that touch on software as well as hardware.

Target Audience

The Microsoft 70-483 test is aimed at developers with expertise covering not less than one year. This knowledge is about designing vital logic for businesses, which is aimed at different apps, and hardware in addition to software platforms through the use of C#.

Required Experience

Regarding the exam, one’s experience is expected to encompass data validation, data collections, program flow, asynchronous programming, arrays, handling exceptions, collections, variables, errors, expressions, etc.

Objectives for 70-483 Exam

For 70-483, here are the following objectives to experience:

  • Management of Program Flow

    This part includes executing processing such as asynchronous alongside multithreading, monitoring multithreading, and implementation of program flow. Other portions include the creation and execution of events together with callbacks and executing exception handling.

  • Creating and Using Types

    This area covers the creation and consumption of types, enforcing encapsulation, and developing and executing class hierarchies in addition to finding, executing, and creating types during runtime with the utilization of reflection. Also, managing the life cycles for objects as well as manipulating strings will be experienced by an exam-taker.

  • Debugging Apps and Execution of Security

    This section dives into validating app input, doing symmetric in addition to asymmetric encryption, managing assemblies, debugging apps, and implementing diagnostics in apps.

  • Implementing Access to Data

    This topic concerns the execution of operations regarding I/O, consuming of data, querying and manipulating data alongside objects with LINQ, and data serialization as well as deserialization. The other ones covered are storing data in addition to retrieving data from collections.

Microsoft 70-486 Exam

Test 70-486 is about the creation of ASP.NET MVC web app solutions.

Target Candidates

Professional developers will be taking such an exam. These are individuals who are already aware of how to utilize MVC 2017 alongside ASP.NET to create web-based solutions.

Required Experience

Experience of about 3 to 5 years in the creation of solutions for ASP.NET MVC alongside familiarity with web applications associated with Azure is required.

Topics for This 70-486 Exam

Here are the tested areas to find in this exam:

  • Developing Architecture for App

    This domain covers tasks like organizing the app layouts, creating distributed apps, and developing and implementing Azure-based web apps in addition to configuring management of the state. Others are developing strategies aimed at caching, creating and executing strategies aimed at web sockets, creating solutions for configuring management, interaction with host-based environments, and app composition using the pipeline for frameworks.

  • Creating Infrastructure for Build & for Deployment

    It digs into the outline of build strategies aimed at browser artifacts, the creation of build strategies aimed at servers, designing a build technique, the implementation of a strategy aimed at deploying Azure, and the implementation of an on-premise plan.

  • Designing for User Experience

    This section entails the development of the components for user interface targeting web apps, creating and executing UI behavior, designing the UI layout for different apps, and organizing a responsive UI layout.

  • Developing for User Experience

    It is about planning to meet SEO requirements in addition to accessibility, developing and executing routers, controlling the behavior of applications with the use of extensibility that targets MVC as well as the creation and execution of serialization in addition to the model binding.

  • Troubleshoot and Debugging Web Apps

    This segment concerns preventing alongside troubleshooting of issues to do with runtime, developing a strategy aimed at handling exceptions, and experimenting with web apps alongside debugging of Azure applications.

  • Designing and Implementing Security

    This covers the configuration & application of authorization and developing as well as implementing claims-based permission. The final part will highlight the management integrity of data and executing secure sites.

Microsoft 70-487 Exam

This exam deals with the development of Microsoft Azure features and functions in addition to describing various Web Services.

Target Audience

Applicants for such a test are commonly experienced developers who know how to use the Visual Studio 2017 and the Microsoft .NET Core Framework to outline different Web solutions.

Required Experience

As a rule, candidates for this certification test are expected to possess some three to five years of experience in creating ASP.NET MVC-based solutions.

Areas Covered by 70-487 Test

This Microsoft exam sheds light on the topics as stated below:

  • Evaluating Data

    Within this area, you will be taught to pick various data evaluation technologies, execute caching, transactions, and storage for data with the help of Azure. Besides, you will understand how to put a WCF Data Services service into operation.

  • Utilizing Entity Framework for Querying Data

    Here, you will discover how to manipulate pieces of data via Data Provider for Entity Framework, LINQ to Entities, and ADO.NET.

  • Designing Web API-based services

    In this domain, candidates will be explained how to outline, execute, secure, and monitor a Web API. Also, you will familiarize yourself with the consumption of Web API web services.

  • Creating Web Services This domain explores a WCF service, serverless Azure Web Services, the management of traffic in Azure, and the installation of API management.
  • Configuring Web Apps & Services

    The last topic for 70-487 test deals with the deployment strategies for Azure, where you as well will focus on monitoring diverse packages by the utilization of NuGet.

More Test Details

Each test for the MCSD certification tests carries 40-60 items. Their patterns could cover multiple choices, build lists, review screen, case studies, best answer, etc. You will pay $165 for each of the exams and for you to be successful in them, you ought to score 700 marks and more.

Career Prospects, Job Positions, and Salary

Having this MCSD certification means improved skills. Every day, more organizations opt for individuals with the certification that can verify the actual existence of the skills that candidates claim. The job positions to target with this certificate include a web developer, app developer, and software developer. Based on the salary estimates that gives, your pay could be about $115k per year.

Certification to Achieve Next

Since the MCSD certificate is the highest for developers within the Microsoft older certification scheme, you can opt for the expert-level MCSE: Core Infrastructure. This is to develop yourself further in areas such as implementing a data center or using Azure in running a hybrid cloud. These skills can reinforce the ones for app development that you already have.