MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by Microsoft with new certification(s).

Certification Details

The MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification is among those availed by Microsoft to individuals wishing for validation and more recognition in the arena of IT. This firm with its highly sought-after technology-based products alongside services has enjoyed tremendous popularity globally. So has this Microsoft certification that verifies the candidates’ mastery of skills related to the Windows Server 2016.

More about Certification and Target Audience

The MCSA targets those concerned with matters like installation, storage, compute, networking, and identity with the 2016 Windows Server. Three exams are involved and they are 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742. You need to attend and pass them all for the certification to be awarded to you. Each of these exams is to be covered separately.

About Microsoft 70-740 Exam

Test 70-740 gets into the installation, storage in addition to compute concerning the Windows Server 2016. Tasks to perform include those for general installation alongside the creation and management of images to facilitate deployment.

Required Experience

Takers of this test should have skills complying with solutions for server and local storage. This includes high availability, failover clustering, disks & volumes, disaster recovery, and more.

Exam Objectives

The domains that 70-740 exam will establish include:

  • Installing Windows Servers in Compute and Host Environments

    It focuses on installing, upgrading, and migrating servers alongside workloads, and creating, managing, and maintaining images intended for deployment.

  • Executing Storage Solutions

    This domain is about configuring disks as well as volumes, implementing server storage, and executing data deduplication.

  • Putting Hyper-V into Operation

    This area concerns installing and configuring Hyper-V, VMs, storage for Hyper-V, and networking related to Hyper-V.

  • Implementing Windows Containers

    It digs into deploying and managing Windows containers with knowledge areas such as determining requirements for installation, installing containers for Windows Server, using Docker CLI to manage Windows containers, managing container data volumes, etc.

  • Dealing with High Availability

    This 70-740 area scrutinizes knowledge fields including implementing options for high availability alongside those for disaster recovery within Hyper-V and executing failover clustering and Storage Spaces Direct. Other highlighted sections are managing failover clustering, managing VM movement clustered in nodes, and executing Network Load Balancing.

  • Maintaining and Monitoring Server Environments

    It dives into maintaining and monitoring server installations and includes such notions as WSUS solutions, Windows Defender, Active Directory, and Event Viewer.

More about Microsoft 70-741 Exam

This test deals with networking within the 2016 Windows Server environment. It targets those candidates concerned with tasks relating to the features for networking and the functionalities availed by the server.

Recommended Experience

Aspirants for such a test should seek familiarity with executing and maintaining DHCP, DNS, and IPAM. Other areas to bring the experience into include the deployment of solutions aimed at remote access, DFS as well as branch cache, and more.

Topics for 70-741 Exam

The following topics are related to the Microsoft 70-741 test:

  • Installing Domain Name System

    This one has domains like installing and configuring DNS servers and creating and configuring DNS zones alongside records.

  • Implementing IPAM and DHCP

    Being a candidate for 70-741 exam, you will be dealing with the installation and configuration of DHCP, management, and maintenance of DHCP, and execution and maintenance of IPAM (IP Address Management).

  • Executing Solutions for Remote Access and Network Connectivity The fields concerned here include executing solutions for network connectivity, implementing solutions for VPN alongside direct access, and executing Network Policy Server.
  • Putting into Operation Solutions for Distributed and Core Networks

    This is where exam-takers will encounter implementation of IPv4 as well as IPv6 addressing and implementation of solutions for Branch Office and DFS.

  • Implementing Advanced Network Architectures

    This segment concerns the execution of network solutions of high performance and determining cases and requirements for executing SDN.

More about Microsoft 70-742 Exam

Regarding 70-742 test, candidates will be into the management of identities within the Windows Server 2016. The tasks here comprise the installation, configuration, management, and maintenance of AD DS in addition to the execution of GPOs.

Required Experience

Candidates’ experience should include the ability to execute and manage AD RMS and web app proxy among the rest.

Test Objectives

These topics are part of 70-742 exam:

  • Installing and Configuring Active Directory Domain Service

    It covers installing and configuring domain controllers, developing and managing AD users alongside computers, and creating and managing AD groups as well as organizational units.

  • Managing and Maintaining AD DS

    This segment targets the configuration of policies for service verification and account, maintaining Active Directory, and configuring Active Directory within an enterprise environment that is complex.

  • Creating and Managing Group Policy

    Tasks to deal with here are such as creating and managing GPOs and configuring processing, settings, and preferences for group policy.

  • Implementing AD Certificate Services

    This topic covers installing and configuring AD DS as well as managing certificates and their templates.

  • Executing Solutions for Access and Identity Federation

    This wraps up matters and tasks surrounding the installation and configuration of AD Federation Services, implementation of web app proxy, and installation and configuration of AD Rights Management Services.

Details for Three Tests

Each test is to have 40-60 questions with the time for accomplishing them being 2 hours. The styles to find can be build lists, active screen, best answer, multiple choices, etc. Candidates will part with $165 for each exam and will be expected to reach 700 marks per test to merit the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification.

Career Prospects, Job Positions, and Salary

The truth is that the enterprise world is still ruled by Microsoft. The MCSA: Windows Server 2016 offers candidates a firm foundation on which to build careers in 2016 Windows Server and the latest fields such as Machine Learning. On receiving your certification, you can start to apply to the job positions that include a systems and network administrator. Demand for your level of skills is high and the salary to expect as suggested by is close to $85k per year. If you are looking forward to building your skills to reflect your career-based goals, then pursuing an advanced certification will do your career a lot of good.

Next Certification to Pursue

The associate certification gives learners the appropriate foundation for pursuing other certificates within the plan for Microsoft and with the MCSA: Windows Server 2016, you verify intermediate skills in managing the identities of the named server. Afterwards, candidates can acquire deeper skills by reaching out for the expert-level MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification. With the MCSA as one of the options suggested as a prerequisite, this would fit you well. This certification captures issues dealing with a data center, virtualization, systems management, identity management, networking, and storage.