MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by Microsoft with new certification(s).

Certification Details

The MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification checks your excellent skills in working with Windows Server 2012 to reduce IT expenses and provide more business value. This certification implies passing three exams, known as 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412.

What Is MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Certification?

This MCSA certification proves that certified candidates possess excellent skills that cover execution, management, maintenance, and provisioning services as well as architecture of Windows Server 2012. This in its turn helps to reduce costs and deliver more value.

Important Details for the Exams

As for the exam details that have to be passed to obtain the MCSA certification in Windows Server 2012, they include 40-60 questions which are to be accomplished in 2 hours. The questions contained there are of various types and styled as multiple choices, active screen, build lists, short answers, review screen, case studies, among many. Each exam goes for $165 and the expectation is a score of at least 700 points and more.

Microsoft 70-410 Exam

This exam checks how proficient candidates are with installation and configuration of Windows Server 2012. It targets core services such as the networking services and Active Directory. Exam 70-410 is an essential step on the way to obtain skills to use, maintain services and infrastructure in a Windows Server 2012 environment.

Topics covered in 70-410 exam

The Candidates for 70-410 test are to meet questions about the following topics:

  • Installing and Configuring Servers

    This area is all about installing and configuring servers as well as local storage. Thus, candidates have a profound knowledge of such concepts as Server Core, GUI, NIC teaming, DSC, MBR, GPT disks, and VHDs.

  • Configuring Server Roles & features

    Fields to delve into include configuring file and share access, configuring services for print as well as documents, and configuring servers in relation to remote management. In this section, exam takers need to demonstrate their skills to work with NTFS permissions and quotas, Work Folders, Easy Print driver, WinRM, and Windows Firewall.

  • Configuring Hyper-V

    This topic is concerned with creating and configuring VM settings, creating and configuring VM storage, as well as virtual networks. This section tests the knowledge and skills to work with Resource Metering, Generation 1 and 2 VMS, RemoteFX, VHDs, VHDX, MAC addresses.

  • Deploying and Configuring Core Network Solutions

    There are three areas to focus on. They include configuring addressing targeting IPv4 alongside IPv6 and deploying and configuring DHCP service. The other one is about deploying and configuring DNS service. Thus your area of expertise will be configuring IP address options, ISATAP, and Teredo, configuring DHCP reservation, DHCP options and relay agent. This area also includes managing DNS cache and configuring Root Hints.

  • Installing and Administering Active Directory

    In this domain, candidates are expected to master domain controllers, operate Active Directory users and computers, as well Active Directory groups and organizational units (OUs). Here you’ll need to demonstrate skills to install AD DS on a Server Core installation, fix DNS SRV record registration issues, make the creation of Active Directory accounts automatically, create group nesting, operate default Active Directory, delete groups and OUs.

  • Creating and Managing Group Policy

    This section is all about creating GPOs, configuring security policies, configuring app restriction policies, and Windows firewall. Such concepts as GPO links, Central Store, multiple Group Policies, Security Options settings, Software Restriction Policies, security rules, firewall exceptions will be tested.

Microsoft 70-411 Exam

70-411 exam is the second part of the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification and it aims at administration of the Windows Server 2012.

Exam Topics

Exam 70-411 includes the following topics:

  • Deploying, Managing, and Maintaining Servers

    Includes deploying and managing sever images, implementing patch management, and monitoring servers.

  • Configuring File and Print ServicesM

    This covers configuration of Distributed File System, configuring FSRM, configuring file as well as disk encryption, and configuring policies targeting advanced audit.

  • Configuring Network Services & Access

    It delves into configuring DNS records, configuring DNS zones, configuring routing and VPN, and configuring DirectAccess.

  • Configuring Network Policy Server (NPS)

    This objective covers domains such as configuring of NPS, which implies configuring a RADIUS server and accounting, NPS templates, configuring certificates. In addition, your skills to configure NPS policies will be tested.

  • Configuring and Managing Active Directory

    This topic is about configuring service authentication, configuring Domain Controllers, maintaining Active Directory, and configuring account policies.

  • Configuring and Managing Group Policy

    It explores configuring processing for group policy, configuring settings for group policy, managing GPOs (Group Policy Objects), and configuring GPP (Group Policy Preferences).

Microsoft 70-412 Exam

Exam 70-412 is the final to take for the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification. This exam is about providing advanced configuration solutions for the Windows Server 2012.

Topics for the Exam

Candidates are to come face-to-face with the following topics for 70-412 test:

  • Configuring and Managing High Availability

    This is where to find coverage on configuration of NLB (Network Load Balancing), configuring failover clustering, managing roles for failover clustering, and managing VM movement.

  • Configuring File and Storage Solutions

    This part is focused on configuring advanced file services, using DAC, and configuring and optimizing storage.

  • Implementing Continuity for Business & Disaster Recovery

    It deals with configuring and managing backups, recovering servers, and configuring fault-tolerance for site level.

  • Configuring Network Services

    It delves into executing an advanced DHCP solution, implementing a solution for advanced DNS, and deploying and managing IPAM.

  • Configuring the Infrastructure for Active Directory

    This topic concerns configuring a domain or a forest, configuring trusts, sites, and managing Active Directory and replication for SYSVOL.

  • Configuring Solutions for Access & Information Protection

    This part checks your skills and knowledge into implementing Active Directory Federation Services, installing and configuring Active Directory Certificate Services, operating certificates, installing and configuring Active Directory Rights Management Services.

Career Prospects, Job Positions, and Salary

The most sought after MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification qualifies individuals for positions such as computer network specialist, systems administrator, and network administrator. It implies more recognition, a high potential of being employed, and increased opportunities for promotion. With your intermediate skills, you can launch into a long-term profession with a high potential for growth. The MCSA prepares candidates to begin selecting the areas of focus regarding their career. This awards them with an opportunity to access high-paying and satisfying roles. The salary to expect from your job position after getting certified in MCSA: Windows Server 2012 is offered by at around $67k annually. This is going to be dependent on your level of experience and the company that has employed you. It would even be more profitable to you if you were to go higher by seeking more advanced skills through another certification of expert level.

What Is the Next Certification to Pursue?

The MCSA equips you with intermediate skills. Therefore, achieving trailblazing skills afterwards will develop your career by offering you even better options. That is why the ideal certification to follow should be the MCSE: Core Infrastructure. It qualifies you for performing the administrator role. The MCSA: Windows Server 2012 is among the prerequisites for this certification, making it easier for you to go into it. It is achievable by taking three more exams 70-744, 70-745, and 70-413.