MCSA: Web Applications Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by Microsoft with new certification(s).

Certification Details

Being a technology firm, Microsoft gives access to their cutting-edge technologies, services, and products. Another aspect offered by them is availing of training and exams to specialists whose aim is to get certified in varied technologies and roles. The MCSA: Web Applications is among the popular certifications provided by this vendor.

About Certification and exams

The MCSA: Web Applications certification checks your proficiency in using modern web applications. Its access is possible through passing two exams: 70-486 and one of the following tests - 70-480 and 70-483.

Vital Details of these exams

Each test comes with 40-60 items to cover within 2 hours. The items included are of various question types, such as case studies, build lists, active screen, multiple choices, etc. The exam price is $165 per each and one will be considered successful if the candidate reaches a score of 700 points and more.

Microsoft 70-480 Exam Overview

Exam 70-480 is intended for those who wish to build skills relating to programming in HTML using CSS3 as well as JavaScript. It aims at developers who have covered not less than a year using HTML to develop vital business logic aimed at varied types of apps, software, and hardware while utilizing JavaScript. This should be in a programming model that is event-driven and object-based.

Required Experience

A thorough comprehension of asynchronous programming, program flow, data validation, handling errors, variables, operators, expressions, prototypes is recommended for candidates to easily nail this test.

Exam Topics

Here are the objectives for this 70-480 exam:

  • Implementing and Manipulating Document Structures & Objects

    This area relates to creating document structures, writing code that can interact with controls for UI, applying styling programmatically to elements of HTML, implementing HTML APIs, and establishing the scope of objects. It finalizes with creating and executing objects alongside various methods.

  • Putting Program Flow into Operation

    It covers implementing program flow, raising and handling an event, executing exception handling, putting into practice asynchronous programming, and creating a process for web workers.

  • Accessing and Securing Data

    The topic implies validating user input with elements of HTML5, using JavaScript for the same purpose, data consumption, serializing, deserializing, and transmitting data.

  • Using CSS3 in Developing Apps

    This closing topic encompasses issues such as styling text properties for HTML, styling box properties of HTML, creating a flexible layout for content, and creating a UI that is both animated and adaptive. Other fields are finding elements through the use of CSS selectors alongside JQuery, and structuring CSS files through the use of CSS selectors.

About Microsoft 70-483 Exam

Exam 70-483 is all about programming carried out in C# and touches programming of vital logic for a business aimed at different apps and platforms regarding software and hardware. It targets developers whose experience covers at least one year. This experience concerns the creation of necessary business logic targeted at various apps and their software in addition to hardware platforms while utilizing C#.

Required Experience

As part of the preparation for the Microsoft 70-483 exam, your prior experience should cover data validation, program flow management, data collections, asynchronous programming, handling exceptions, arrays, collections, errors, variables, expressions, and more.

Topics for 70-483 Exam

These are the tested areas to find in 70-483 exam:

  • Managing of Program Flow

    This part covers the execution of processing like asynchronous in addition to multithreading, maintaining multithreading, and executing program flow. Other segments are creating and executing events alongside callbacks, and implementing handling of exceptions.

  • Creation and Usage of Types

    This domain includes creating types and their consumption, the enforcement of encapsulation, the creation and execution of class hierarchies as well as finding, the implementation and design of types at runtime while using reflection. Also, maintaining the life cycles of objects in addition to manipulating strings are highlighted by this exam objective.

  • Debugging Applications and Executing Security

    This portion concerns the validation of application input, carrying out symmetric alongside asymmetric encryption, maintaining assemblies, debugging applications, and executing diagnostics in applications.

  • Implementing Data Access

    It sheds light on executing I/O operations, data consumption, querying and manipulation of data in addition to objects while using LINQ, serialization, and deserialization of data, and storage of data in collections as well as retrieval from them.

Microsoft 70-486 Exam Overview

The Microsoft 70-486 exam concerns the development of web solutions known as ASP.NET MVC web apps. The exam is aimed at professional developers. These candidates are already experienced in using MVC 2017 as well as ASP.NET in creating solutions for the web.

Required Experience

Experience of not less than 3 to 5 years in developing the ASP.NET MVC solutions alongside an awareness of web apps for Microsoft Azure is expected from candidates.

Objectives for 70-486 Exam

These are the scopes of knowledge for this test:

  • Designing the App Architecture

    It includes planning the app layers, designing distributed apps, designing and executing the life cycle of Azure web applications, and configuring state management. Other areas covered are designing a strategy for caching, outlining, and implementing a strategy for web sockets, designing a solution for configuration management, interacting with host environments, and composing apps using the pipeline for a framework.

  • Creating Architecture for Build & Deployment This section covers developing a build strategy for browser artifact, for server, for the build, executing a strategy for Azure deployment, and implementing an on-premise strategy.
  • Designing User Experience

    This includes creating the user-interface components for web applications, designing and implementing UI behavior, developing the UI layout for various apps, and planning a UI layout that is responsive.

  • Developing User Experience

    A topic like this entails planning for SEO and accessibility, designing and implementing routers, controlling app behavior using extensibility points for MVC, and designing and executing serialization alongside the model for binding.

  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Web Apps

    This portion encompasses preventing and troubleshooting runtime issues, designing a strategy for handling exceptions, testing a web app, and debugging an Azure-based application.

  • Designing and Implementing Security

    It involves configuring authentication, applying authorization, and designing as well as executing claims-based verification. More areas to cover comprise managing data integrity and implementing secure sites.

Career Prospects, Job Positions, and Salary

The MCSA: Web Applications helps you build a career as a web administrator, web developer, or web app developer. With the expansion of the web development field, massive opportunities exist for those certified and experienced to find exciting positions in established firms, where your work will entail developing and executing interactive modern web applications. The salary proposed by for such individuals is almost $66k per year.

What Certification to Earn Next?

After getting the MCSA: Web Applications, you can achieve the MCSD: App Builder certification by passing one more exam. And MCSA serves as a prerequisite for getting this certification of the higher-level.