MCSA: Universal Windows Platform Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by Microsoft with new certification(s).

Certification Details

The MCSA: Universal Windows Platform certificate will equip you with the relevant skills to manage apps by utilizng the Universal Windows Platfrom. This validation proceeds from passing two exams, namely 70-483 and 70-357.

More about Certification

The aforementioned certification is a demonstration of the level of expertise that a candidate has for executing apps related to the Universal Windows Platform. These apps avail a great user experience across multiple Windows devices. In particular, it is for those gearing up for the role of a developer. Since there are two tests concerned with this certificate, it would be best to explore them separately.

Microsoft 70-357 Exam Details

This test concerns the development of mobile apps using XAML and C# and is about creating and implementing apps and managing the user input as well as customer experience.

Exam 70-357 Target Audience

The creation of this 70-357 exam considered developers with experience in creating the layout and developing apps for Windows 10 which are to be deployed to Windows Store for Business or Windows Store.


Before undertaking 70-357, the targeted takers’ work experience should be over 2 years. It should have been spent developing Windows apps while utilizing XAML and C#. In addition, you need to understand how to work with Silverlight for Windows Phone or WPF. More experience required is related to MVVM design pattern as well as Entity Framework and authentication as well as technologies.

Topics for Microsoft 70-357

These domains apply to 70-357 exam:

  • Developing Layout for XAML Targeting Adaptive UI

    This section includes constructing a layout of a page, implementing UI behaviours, which are responsive as well as adaptive, creating and using custom commands within an adaptive UI, and optimizing the layout for pages.

  • Implementing Page Navigation & Lifecycle Events

    When it comes to this area, it highlights selecting the proper app navigation structure, managing app activation, and monitoring app suspension as well as resumption.

  • Executing Data Access & Data Binding

    This topic concerns accessing data using EF (Entity Framework), executing {Binding} extension, implementing {x: Bind} extension, and putting into operation classes in addition to class interactions for MVVM. More subtopics involve the execution of communications from app-to-app, the implementation of REST web services, and access to file systems.

  • Putting into Practice Detection of Features Targeting Adaptive Coding

    It covers executing API Detection & Type Detection and implementing supported capabilities for the authentication of enterprises.

  • Managing User Input & Custom User Interactions

    In this portion, you will have to handle implementing command bars, dialogs, and flyouts, executing support in relation to touch and traditional input devices, putting into operation commands for voice and speech, and alternative types of inputs.

  • Authentication & Identity Management

    This part focuses on executing authentication with the use of Web Authentication Broker, managing credentials securely using Credential Locker, and implementing two-factor verification.

  • Implementing Notifications, Reusable Components, and Background Tasks

    It includes creating and consuming class libraries as well as components for Windows Runtime, implementing notifications for toast & tile, creating and registering background tasks, and implementing as well as managing background tasks. Another area is centered on creating and consuming a UWP app service.

About 70-483 Exam

This test relates to programming in C# and concerns programming of essential logic for a business targeting a variety of apps.

Target Audience for Exam 70-483

The Microsoft 70-483 exam targets developers whose experience covers at least one year. This experience concerns the creation of necessary business logic targeted at various apps and their software in addition to hardware platforms while utilizing C#.

Required Experience

As part of the preparation for 70-483 exam, consider achieving the following experience:

  • Management of program flow in addition to events;
  • Data validation;
  • Working with collections of data such as LINQ;
  • Asynchronous programming in addition to threading;
  • Handling errors;
  • Dealing with exceptions;
  • Exposing arrays, collections, variables, expressions, and operators;
  • Working with methods and classes;
  • Statements related to decision in addition to iteration.

Topics for 70-483 Exam

This is what this Microsoft test covers:

  • Managing Program Flow

    Within this domain, you’ll be exposed to executing processing related to asynchronous and multithreading, managing the latter, and implementing program flow. Other knowledge fields are creating and implementing events as well as callbacks and executing exception handling.

  • Creating and Using Types

    This segment covers creating & consuming types, enforcing encapsulation, creating and implementing class hierarchies, and finding, executing, and defining types at runtime with the use of reflection. There is also more about managing the life cycle of objects and manipulating strings.

  • Debugging Apps and Implementing Security

    This field concerns validating app input, performing symmetric as well as asymmetric encryption, managing assemblies, debugging apps, and implementing diagnostics in an app.

  • Implementing Data Access

    Here, candidates will deal with performing I/O operations, consuming data, querying and manipulating data alongside objects with the use of LINQ, serializing and deserializing data, and storing data in and retrieving it from collections.

Details for Two Exams

Each of these tests goes for 2 hours and will have 40-60 questions. The patterns encompass such as best answer, build lists, multiple choices, review screen, and others. The cost for each exam is $165, while the passing score is 700 points. You can access them in languages such as English, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Career Paths, Job Positions, and Salary

As of now, app development has become incredibly popular. The MCSA: Universal Windows Platform certification affords you the experience necessary for creating a variety of apps that work with various Windows devices. This means that finding a job as an app developer, software developer, Windows app developer, or quality engineer is the way to go. You will be working in teams and coming up with concepts or ideas targeting the public or even a particular customer. Your work will be to ensure that the apps you design meet the needs of the customer. reports the pay for individuals skilled in developing Windows apps to be about $72k yearly.

Next Certification to Earn

With this MCSA, you can now apply for the MCSD: App Builder certification. This requires you to pass such exams as 70-357, 70-486, and 70-487.