Pass MB-600 Certification Exam Fast

MB-600 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Microsoft with new exam.

Microsoft MB-600 Exam Details

The Microsoft MB-600 exam is suitable for specialists who want to learn how to use Power Platform features and lead its successful implementation to improve business performance and address the organization’s technical needs.

Target Audience for Microsoft MB-600 Certification Exam

MB-600 test targets those specialists who have the necessary technical knowledge of using Power Platform features as well as working with model-driven applications in Dynamics 365 architecture. For example, the applicants should be familiar with using Dynamics 365 different features such as Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, Sales, together with other related cloud solutions developed by Microsoft and other 3rd party technologies. The candidates targeted by the Microsoft MB-600 exam are usually Solution Architects. This means that they have previously worked in similar positions, are proactive, and develop preventive work to ensure the organization’s health and increase the customer’s value of investments. So, the ideal candidate who succeeds in passing MB-600 is someone who can immediately seize the opportunity and find coherent solutions to issues regarding business. In addition, an experienced Solution Architect who takes this Microsoft test is able to use Power Platform features to come with multi-disciplinary functional and technical solutions, as well as drive apps in Dynamics 365 infrastructure. They should also be experienced in facilitating design decisions across configuration, security, change management, storage, integration, and development.

Structure of MB-600 Test

The Microsoft MB-600 test is a proctored exam. This means that the examinees will need to follow the instructions available on the Pearson VUE platform and complete the registration process. The enrollment fee that the candidates need to pay to validate their access to MB-600 exam is $165. Also, such an exam is available in the English language. What concerns the structure and minimum passing score, there will be around 40-60 items to be completed within 180 minutes with the passing mark of 700 points. In addition, this validation is necessary for the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Solution Architect Expert. Prior to taking this exam, the candidates will need to have earned at least one of the four requisite certifications of the associate level relating to Dynamics 365.

Topics Covered by MB-600 Exam

The candidates who want to obtain the minimum passing score from the first try in the Microsoft MB-600 test should demonstrate that they possess the following skills:

  • Requirement analysis and performing solution envisioning

    Around 35% of the total exam questions cover subjects relating to solution planning initiation and organization information and metrics identification. Therefore, the candidates will need to become skilled in evaluating the business requirements and quickly identify the solution’s components. Also, they should estimate which amount of effort they should take for migration. Besides, candidates need to show that they have the necessary experience to document and identify the organization’s business processes and assess various factors for risk. The exam-takers will also need to find the right answer to questions covering the systems and existing solutions identification. This means that they should gain experience in evaluating the organization’s architecture and identify data sources that will be included in the solutions. Besides, test-takers will need to become skilled in identifying high-level organizational business processes. Finally, the applicants should know how to capture requirements and perform either gap or fit analysis. For instance, MB-600 will include questions related to refining high-level requirements and functional requirements identification. Last but not least, they should know how to determine feasibility requirements and determine the business scope.

  • Solution architecture

    This chapter covers the highest part of around 50% of the total exam questions. It debuts with developing the candidates’ skills in the leading design process. For example, the applicants will need to know how to design Dynamics 365 app customization and solution topology. Other subtopics included here focus on identifying component reuse opportunities and socializing system outline visually. Within the subchapter dedicated to data design and security model, the candidates will need to demonstrate how skilled they are in designing reference and configuration data, security roles, field security, entities, and fields. Finally, when it comes to integration design, the applicants will need to become skilled in designing Dynamics 365 and internal system integration, as well as authentication or business continuity strategy.

  • Solution implementation

    Within this topic that takes up around 25%, the candidates will learn about supporting Go-Live and validating the solution design. Therefore, they should become experienced in validating security and assessing designs for details and implementation. Besides, the candidates need to demonstrate that they can come with solutions for data migration issues and facilitate performance items of risk reduction. Finally, the candidates should gain enough practical experience to quickly advise & review the planning for execution and come with proper solutions during the Go-Live Assessment.

Career Opportunities & Salary

The candidate who passes the Microsoft MB-600 exam and becomes a certified Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Solution Architect Expert will be immediately recruited by international organizations for positions like:

  • Solution Architect;
  • System Administrator;
  • Software Developer.

According to the website, the annual payment that a Solution Architect can receive is around $119k per annum. Also, mentions that a System Administrator can receive an annual salary of around $63k. As for the Software Developer, he/she can ask for an offer of $72k per year.

Certification Path

Before they are eligible to take the Microsoft MB-600, the candidates have different options of exams that they should take prior to it. For example, the candidates can choose to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate certification. This means that they should pass PL-200 and MB-210 exams. Another option would be to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant Associate. So, they should previously get the passing score in PL-200 and MB-220 tests. The third option for candidates would be to become certified as Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate. Thus, they should take both PL-200 and MB-230 exams. Finally, applicants can become certified as Dynamics 365 Field Service Consultant Associate. Thus, they should get the passing score in PL-200 and MB-240.