Pass MB-320 Certification Exam Fast

MB-320 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Microsoft with new exam.

Microsoft MB-320 Exam Details

The Microsoft MB-320 exam is suitable for Functional Consultants who are interested in using Microsoft Dynamics 365 features to identify business requirements and find appropriate solutions to improve the organization’s performance.

Suitable Candidates for MB-320

The candidates’ profile for MB-320 is formed by those specialists who understand how accounting principles and businesses' financial operations work. Also, they should be familiar with customer and field service, as well as retail, manufacturing, and concepts related to supply chain management. Usually, the exam-takers who want to obtain the certification related to this exam have previously specialized in several feature sets of Operations and Finance. This area includes finance, supply chain management, and manufacturing. Besides, the applicants should have a fundamental knowledge of manufacturing practices.

Structure of MB-320 Test

The Microsoft MB-320 test is one of the exams that will lead candidates to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Functional Consultant Associate certification. The other exam necessary to obtain this certificate is MB-300, which is dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations. When it comes to the details of MB-320, it is a proctored exam, which means that the candidates need to register for it by using the Pearson VUE platform. Apart from opening an account directly on the site, they will finalize the registration only after paying the enrollment fee, which has a value of $165. Also, such an exam is available in the English language only and contains 40-60 items of various styles to be finished within 180 minutes.

Skills Tested in Microsoft MB-320 Exam

The candidates who want to take MB-320 exam should demonstrate that they have strong skills in the following subjects:

  • Dynamics 365 supply management and manufacturing configuration

    This section covers the highest proportion of the exam’s overall questions. Almost 40% of all questions are related to production control module configuration and management. The candidates will need to demonstrate that they can configure and manage commodity pricing and product compliance. Also, they should be familiar with subcontracting the implementation or substitute item configuration. In addition, the exam-takers will need to know how to manage and configure the production of processes resources. For example, they will receive questions related to the implementation and management of working time and work calendars. Other questions will be related to the configuration and the creation of resource capabilities. Additional subtopics included in this chapter focus on process and discrete manufacturing configuration. Last but not least, the exam-takers should demonstrate how skilled they are when it comes to lean manufacturing configuration including value streams and Kanban rules.

  • Manufacturing processes management

    The candidates who want to obtain the passing score in the Microsoft MB-320 exam should gain experience in managing batch orders. This means that they should be able to process and create various batch orders, as well as implementing lot and batch control processes. Besides, they should know how to manage batch order sequencing together with creating and processing a rework batch order. Another subtopic tested in this section is related to the management of production orders. So, the candidates should know how to process and create production orders, as well as how to process and create picking journals. Resetting the status of a production order or creating and processing reports as finished journals are some additional topics included in this section too. The third part tested in MB-320 is related to the management of Kanban orders. So, the candidates should know how to create and manage scheduled, fixed, and event Kanbans as well as using Kanban boards to process orders.

  • Production master planning implementation

    Within this topic, the candidates will be exposed to questions related to the management and configuration of master planning. For example, they should be able to set-up item coverage and coverage groups. Also, the exam-takers should know how to make the difference between action and delay messages, time fences, and negative days. When it comes to capacity planning and production performance, here, the candidates will be asked about the way they define scheduling parameters. Besides, they should know how to update, monitor, and view production schedules. Finally, the Microsoft MB-320 exam will also include questions related to production capacity for machines, tooling, and labor.

  • Other manufacturing features and their implementation

    This portion will include questions related to manufacturing execution configuration. Within such an area, candidates should know how to configure attendance parameters and prerequisites, together with time management. Also, it is essential for candidates to know how to identify Manufacturing Execution capabilities and register a worker immediately for a job using a terminal or card device. This topic focuses on costing policies configuration as well. This means that the candidates should know how to manage and configure costing sheets, cost groups, and indirect costs. Their expertise in configuring and managing cost categories and costing versions will be also evaluated. Finally, the exam-takers should know how to use the Product Configurator to design product configuration models. For instance, they should be able to manage and create product configuration model components. Another subtopic included in this section is related to describing the use cases for BOM lines and route operations to build a proper product configuration model.

Career Path for Exam-Passers

The candidate who passes the Microsoft MB-320 certification exam consolidates his/her knowledge of using Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing. Therefore, he/she will have enough expertise to apply for positions like:

  • Dynamics Consultant;
  • Solution Architect.

According to, a Dynamics Consultant can ask for an average salary of $99,751 per year. Also, mentions that a certified Solution Architect can reach a salary of $119k annually.

Certification Path and Prospects

The Microsoft MB-320 test is one of the necessary tests to obtain the Microsoft certification for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Functional Consultant Associate. When it comes to the certification path, candidates can become certified only if they manage to pass the Microsoft MB-300 exam. Once they obtain the final certification, candidates can go further and apply for MB-330, which focuses on Microsoft 365 Supply Chain Management.