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    • 010-150 Exam Questions

      LPI 010-150 Practice Exam

      Entry Level Linux Essentials Certificate of Achievement

      This 010-150 exam bundle includes 2 products: 80 Questions & Answers, 61 Video Lectures.

    • 010-160 Exam Questions

      LPI 010-160 Practice Exam

      Linux Essentials Certificate Exam, version 1.6

      This 010-160 exam bundle includes 3 products: 80 Questions & Answers, 78 Video Lectures, 364 Study Guide PDF Pages.

  • LPI Linux Essentials Certification Practice Test Questions, LPI Linux Essentials Certification Exam Dumps

    Real LPI Linux Essentials Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate LPI Linux Essentials Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate LPI Linux Essentials Exam Dumps & LPI Linux Essentials Certification Practice Test Questions.

    The Linux Essentials is a certification that helps the exam-takers start a career in open-source techs and improve their abilities to use the basic command-line editor. If you are interested to work and understand the components of the Linux operating system, you should opt for this certificate, which will lead you to many opportunities in the IT field.

    Who Is Intended to Pursue Linux Essentials Certification?

    The candidate who is applying for the Linux Essential designation should have knowledge and understanding of Linux and the popular source applications. You should also have the technical skills to work on the Linux command line. Also, an understanding of administration and security is required in topics like group management, command line, and permissions. There is no formal prerequisite for the Linux Essentials but the candidate should have a basic grasp of all the topics for the official test.

    Which Is Main Exam for Linux Essentials Endorsement?

    You have to pass one 010-160 exam to get the Linux Essentials certification. It consists of 40 questions that must be attempted within 60 minutes. This exam comes in English, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), and German if you take it in the test center. If you plan to take the test online, it is only available in English and Japanese only. The good thing about this validation is that it is maintained for a lifetime, so you don't need to apply for recertification. Once you achieve this certificate, you can share it on your profile to attract amazing opportunities waiting for you.

    What Domains Are Covered by 010-160?

    This exam has five topics that a candidate should learn to ace. Thus, you need to master the following domains below:

    • The Linux community and a career in open source;
    • The Linux operating system;
    • Finding your way on a Linux system;
    • The power of command line;
    • File and security permissions.

    The first area is the Linux community and a career in open source. It includes the Linux popular operating systems and Linux Evolution. As a result, you will learn about the key knowledge areas of Linux in the cloud, embedded systems of Linux development, and distributions. It also covers the knowledge about the files and utilities like Debian, Ubuntu (LTS), Linux Mint, Raspberry Pi, and Android. Not only this, you will come across the major open-source applications like server applications, development languages, desktop applications, and repositories alongside package management tools. This domain also puts light on the open-source software and its licensing, information, and technology skills in Linux.

    The second objective is known as the Linux operating system. It deals with choosing the operating systems and Linux distributions. It covers the difference between Linux, Windows, and OS X. The candidate's knowledge about the distribution cycle is also tested in this topic. You will also find the maintenance cycles, stable and beta along with the desktop configuration. Moreover, the knowledge of computer hardware and its components, motherboards, processors, optical drives, and peripherals is also compulsory to nail this test. Here, you will also get to know where the types of information are stored on a Linux system. Lastly, such a domain also focuses on determining the basic requirements for a computer on LAN and inquiring about vital networking configuration.

    The third topic revolves around finding your way on a Linux system. It details the basic knowledge of using the Linux command line. Thus, you will also be assessed on navigating the help systems using the command line. Besides, you must have skills in listing files in various locations and navigating system & home directories. The information about creating, moving, and deleting files is also important to do well in 010-160 exam.

    The fourth tested scope covers the power on the command line. It describes archiving files in the home directory of the user and extracting in addition to searching data from the files. You should also know about the command-line pipes, basic regular expressions, and the I/O redirection. The basic knowledge about turning commands into simple scripts, shell scripting, and common text editors is also important for you to experience before the official test.

    The fifth segment covers the file and security permissions. It includes several types of users on the Linux system. So, the applicant should know the system users and root users. You will also learn about creating the groups and the users. It emphasizes the user and group command along with User IDs. Understanding the ownership settings and file permissions can also help you prepare well for such an LPI exam. This topic area also includes the special directories and files on a Linux system, where the examinee must know the symbolic links and temporary directories & files.

    What Are Career Opportunities for Linux Essentials Certified Specialists?

    Individuals get more chances and opportunities to excel in their careers and get a decent salary once they achieve the Linux Essentials certification. There are many opportunities in the market for IT specialists as the number of certified individuals are increasing the competition in the market. So, you can easily apply for these job roles after getting your certificate:

    • Developers;
    • Linux administrators;
    • Engineers;
    • Data analysts.

    The salary of the developer starts with $53k per year, meanwhile, the annual income of a beginning Linux administrator is $45k as mentioned by You should always avail the opportunity to do this certification because it can help you achieve heights within the IT sector and work with various IT experts. In addition, it will polish your skills and make you understand the Linux operating system in a much better way.

    Career Path

    After achieving this prestigious validation, you can opt for the LPIC-1 designation that can help you get knowledge about system administration at a professional level. The basic knowledge acquired through the Linux Essentials certification prep will help you ace two tests for the LPIC-1. So, start your career path with the Linux Essentials for continuing your education and aiming at the high-paying IT jobs and the successful job ahead.

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  • LPI Linux Essentials Certification Exam Dumps, LPI Linux Essentials Practice Test Questions and Answers

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