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    • 102-500 Questions & Answers

      102-500 Questions & Answers

      120 Questions & Answers

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    • 102-500 Online Training Course

      102-500 Online Training Course

      126 Video Lectures

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    • 102-500 Study Guide

      102-500 Study Guide

      962 PDF Pages

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    They say Linux is the backbone of the modern IT industry. So, if you are deliberating on having a career in system administration, why not opt for the LPI 102-500 exam then?

    About Linux Professional Institute (LPI)

    The Linux Professional Institute is an internationally recognized non-profit organization, committed to creating a global standard for verifying Linux skills. Over the years, this platform has supported over 200,000 open source specialists across the globe, delivering the largest vendor-neutral Linux certificates and training options that are focused on creating new opportunities across various industries.

    LPI Certification Programs

    As you may be aware, the professional Linux certification path is comprehensive, providing cutting-edge knowledge of the Linux services and products at all career levels. In summary, the entire certification path comprises the following technical certificates like the LPIC-1, LPIC-2, LPIC-3 Enterprise Mixed Environments, LPIC-3 Enterprise Security, and LPIC-3 Enterprise Virtualization and High Availability. Besides, LPI also provides additional Open Technology certifications to evaluate candidates’ real-world knowledge of open technology tools such as BSDand DevOps. All certifications in this path require students to pass one exam and there are no mandatory requirements for completing your training. The most popular options here include the DevOps Tools Engineer and BSD Specialist certifications.

    Profiling LPI 102-500 Exam: Certification Level

    The LPI 102-500 is a multi-level exam associated with the Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 certification. In particular, this exam highlights the latest skills by verifying your proficiency in managing system administration tasks in real-world scenarios. Most of the objectives addressed by this test are job-specific to give you a broad understanding of the Linux management concepts in their most basic forms.

    LPI 102-500 Exam Audience

    Test 102-500 targets IT specialists willing to build a career in the field of Linux Administration. This group includes the following;

    • System administrators;
    • Cybersecurity engineers;
    • Linux systems administrators.

    LPI 102-500 Exam Prerequisites

    There are no formal requisites for taking the LPI 100-501 exam. However, you must be familiar with the test objectives before scheduling your exam as it will give you a better chance of cracking your test on the first attempt.

    102-500 Test Details

    The LPI 102-500 is the second exam in the professional Linux LPI exam series that validates a candidate’s technical ability to complete maintenance tasks with the command line, configure basic networks, configure, and install computers running Linux. The first test within the same path is known as the LPI 101-500. Overall, you should expect 60 multiple-choice and fill in the blank questions in your 102-500 exam that are derived from 6 key knowledge areas. Candidates will be given 90 minutes to complete all the questions with no scheduled breaks as the test progresses. What’s more, registering for this exam will cost you $200 if you are a USA resident. Candidates who manage to score 500 out of 800 points will qualify for the LPIC-1 certification. Conversely, those who fail to meet the passing score may retake this test after satisfying the basic requirements. Finally, you can attempt such a test in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Portuguese, and German.

    Exam Topics to Focus on

    The LPI 102-500 exam syllabus is derived from the following topics:

    • Shells and Shell Scripting;
    • User Interface and Desktops;
    • Administrative Tasks;
    • Essential System Services;
    • Networking Fundamentals;
    • Security.

    In-depth Look at Test Objectives

    Here’s what every test objective entails in detail:

    Shells and Shell Scripting

    Under shells and shell scripting, candidates should be able to:

    • Customize and use the environment for shells;
    • Deal with and write simple scripts;
    • Change user as well as global profiles;
    • Set environments for variables by utilizing a new shell;
    • Put down functions for Bash for the commands that are often made use of;
    • Work with skeleton areas for the accounts of different users;
    • Use the appropriate directory for commanding the search and transform the commands by various changes;
    • Taking advantage of sh syntax like loops & tests;
    • Incorporating the script interpreter via the shebang;
    • Provide conditional mailing features.

    User Interface and Desktops

    Here, students will be required to perform the following:

    • Install or configure X11 and understand its architecture;
    • Grasp the essence of the X Window configuration file;
    • Provide the Xorg configuration, e.g. keyboards;
    • Taking into account Wayland;
    • Manage graphical desktops as well as their environments & protocols;
    • Be familiar with accessibility concepts;
    • Possess the relevant knowledge of visual settings and assistive technology.

    Administrative tasks

    Students who want to pass the LPI 102-500 exam are also expected to handle the following;

    • Manage, transform, and delete group & user accounts and associated system files;
    • Create various limited accounts that have a special purpose;
    • Automate system administration activities with the help of jobs and their scheduling;
    • Control cron & at jobs and configure user access to them;
    • Get the gist of systemd timer units;
    • Localization in addition to internationalization;
    • Arrange time zones & settings with variables for the environment.

    Essential System Services

    This topic addresses the following:

    • Maintaining time for systems by setting the hardware clock;
    • Configure different time zones;
    • Utilize ntpd and chrony for the fundamental NTP configuration;
    • Logging for different systems by using rsyslog;
    • Deal with the systemd journal and filter its data;
    • Be aware of syslog and syslog-ng;
    • Fundamentals for Mail transfer agent (MTA);
    • Monitoring printers & printing through CUP;
    • Solve printing issues and delete jobs from the printing queues.

    Networking Fundamentals

    Networking fundamentals will cover the following skills:

    • The fundamental concepts of protocols for internet like TCP and UDP ports & services;
    • Grasp networking masks as well as the notation for CIDR;
    • Differentiate between IPv4 and IPv6;
    • Persistent network configuration;
    • Make use of the NetworkManager for the configuration of ethernet and wi-fi network;
    • Basic network troubleshooting of interfaces via iproute2;
    • The configuration of DNS and its servers.


    Like any other security concept, Linux security covers the objectives as follow:

    • Performing security administration tasks;
    • Setting diverse passwords, utilize nmap as well as netstat to explore system ports that are open;
    • The usage of sudo and its implementation;
    • Setting up host security;
    • Getting the gist of the TCP wrappers and shadow passwords;
    • Securing data through encryption;
    • Deal with OpenSSH 2 configuration for clients and understand its key roles;
    • Grasp the GnuPG features & SSH port tunnels as well as their usage

    Career Opportunities

    The Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC-1) is an exciting career track for many reasons. And one of them is the lucrative job opportunities that you may get in the field. By completing the current LPI 102-500 exam, you will be proving that you have the technical acumen and professional competence to fill the following roles with the salaries taken from Payscale:

    • Systems Administrator ($62,793);
    • Linux System Administrator ($74,081).

    Career Track

    Naturally, students who qualify for the LPIC-1 certificate choose to remain within the same path as they strive to outmatch their competitors or carve out a niche for themselves. Sometimes they want to stay along the same path by focusing on intermediate-level certificates. At times, they wish to scale new heights by diversifying their skills through other fields. One of the best options then is the LPIC-2 or Linux Engineer that dives into the Linux kernel, capacity planning, and boot loaders at an advanced level. Another great option for forward-thinking IT geeks looking to advance is the LPIC-3, commonly referred to as the Linux Enterprise Mixed Environment certification. But this doesn’t mean that you will be short of options if you choose to focus on completely different training paths from other reputable vendors such as Oracle or Red Hat.

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