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  • LPI 701-100 Exam Dumps, LPI 701-100 practice test questions

    100% accurate & updated LPI certification 701-100 practice test questions & exam dumps for preparing. Study your way to pass with accurate LPI 701-100 Exam Dumps questions & answers. Verified by LPI experts with 20+ years of experience to create these accurate LPI 701-100 dumps & practice test exam questions. All the resources available for Certbolt 701-100 LPI certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps, study guide, video training course provides a complete package for your exam prep needs.

    The LPI 701-100 exam is the sole requirement to become a coveted Linux professional with a key specialization in DevOps practices. Through this test, you get to highlight your skillset in using DevOps to improve workflow collaboration in system management and software development. Its associated LPI certification is given to DevOps engineers who want to materialize their expertise for better career perks.

    Unlocking a Remarkable LPI Certificate

    One of the three major LPI accreditation categories is Open Technology. And this is further divided into two paths ― the Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer and the BSD Specialist. The first one is what you can earn by passing the LPI 701-100 test. It polishes your capabilities in dealing with pivotal DevOps tools and indicates that you can effectively handle the tasks covered in DevOps development and operation as a whole. Furthermore, this certification has a validity period of up to 5 years.

    Outlining the Exam Requirements

    LPI 701-100 is a standalone exam with no prerequisites. However, it’s highly suggested that you have a current LPIC or any related developer certification. This way, it guarantees that you have a well-founded area of expertise that can help your training. More so, having working knowledge in key DevOps domains is recommended. It can be Software Engineering, Configuration Management, and Machine Deployment. Another background that supports this certification path is knowledge of open source utilities, including Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, and Jenkins.

    To accomplish LPI 701-100, you have to go through 60 fill-in-the-blank questions and multiple-choice queries within the 90-minute time limit. The fee amounts to $200. With all the interesting features mentioned, are you ready to plunge into test preparation? If yes, below are the important domains you have to learn by heart.

    Detailing Out the Key Objectives

    There are 5 major areas that give a more comprehensive outline of the topics. All sections have corresponding percentages to present the relevance of each subject matter.

    • Software Engineering

      Opening the test blueprint, this domain emphasizes your skills in designing software solutions that are applicable for modern runtime set-ups. It supplies you with knowledge on how to work with data persistence, status information, concurrency, load balancing, security, and the like. There’s also a significant weight on areas such as the design of service-based apps, software needed for containers and cloud services, API concepts, data storage, migration risks, and agile software development.

      Another crucial section that deserves your attention is software standard features. These include its fundamental components and platforms, particularly object storage, relational/ NoSQL databases, big data services, application runtimes, content delivery networks, and message queues. Source Code Management along with Continuous Integration and Delivery are also pertinent aspects that you need to take into account. You must learn how to properly utilize Git functionalities and implement an efficient CI/CD pipeline.

    • Container Management

      There are three primary features of container management and these are container usage, container deployment, and container infrastructure. The first one centers on your abilities to create, share, and implement Docker containers. The next one addresses the facets related to Docker Compose. You must gain the necessary skills in running multiple containers, using the Kubernetes cluster, and working with Docker Swarm.

      The last area, which is about container infrastructure, provides you with solid insights on how to prepare a runtime environment for containers. Docker machines, networks, storage, volumes are also elaborated, together with service discovery, CoreOS container, and container virtualization.

    • Machine Deployment

      Deploying machines holds a substantial factor in the exam. Two of the most important deployment skillsets you need to have are about virtual machines and cloud functionalities. For virtual machines, this focuses on tasks such as retrieving boxes from Atlas, running Vagrant files, and synchronizing folders. On the other hand, cloud deployment refers to the configuration of IaaS cloud instances so you can easily adjust them according to their matching hardware resources.

      Aside from machine deployment, you also need to grasp the fundamentals of system image creation. This involves Packer features, template files, and different builders. At the end of your training, you must show your capability in creating images to be used for virtual machines, IaaS cloud instances, and containers.

    • Configuration Management

      Make sure that you equip yourself with technical competence in configuration management. You must understand how Ansible works and how this can be utilized to guarantee the accuracy of a target server. Some of the vital points to be covered are automated system configuration, inventory files, remote systems, SSH login credentials, and all Ansible-related tools.

    • Service Operations

      Capping off the exam outline is the crucial segment of IT operations, which includes service provisioning, metrics, Prometheus architecture, and network attacks. To become a fully-equipped candidate for LPI 701-100, you need to go into depths and comprehend all its functional and non-functional attributes of an IT infrastructure. Lastly, it’s relevant that you read up different log files and properties that are usable in operations. These include Logstash, Filebeat, Elasticsearch, and log management.

    Enjoying the Perks of a Certified LPI Professional

    With many businesses requiring the competence of skilled and certified individuals, your LPI DevOps Tools Engineer certification is truly heaven-sent. Through this endorsement, it assures companies that you have the right set of skills in improving the quality of new software products. It demonstrates that you can do your tasks in a much more efficient manner with less delivery time. And of course, with your expertise, your financial worth also advances. According to, an average DevOps engineer gets a standard base pay of $96k. Therefore, if you have a certification that proves your technical mastery, such amount will definitely increase.

    Continuing Your Certification Journey

    Having one certificate is good, but earning more of them is way better. It’s because hiring companies prefer professionals who are adept not just with one specialty but with ample technical focus. So, if you want another related LPI accreditation, you can opt for the BSD Specialist and learn more about BSD operating systems and environments. Or you can hop aboard the LPI Professional program and reinforce your Linux proficiency.

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