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      010-160 Questions & Answers

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  • LPI 010-160 Exam Dumps, LPI 010-160 practice test questions

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    The LPI 010-160 is a foundational-level certification exam developed for individuals who want to build a career with Linux. Passing this test basically validates the candidate’s knowledge regarding the Linux command line and Linux operating system. There are no strict prerequisites for this exam, but candidates should be familiar with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Basic understanding of open source applications is important too.

    Why Take LPI 010-160 Exam?

    In general, the LPI 010-160 is the main validation of your fundamental grasp of Linux essentials. Consequently, the certificate that you get here is the Linux Essentials one. By associating yourself with this certification exam, it corroborates your intellectual capacity of the Linux system as a whole. It further means that you have a thorough grasp of its major features and functions. Your knowledge extends to its security and administration aspects, particularly user and group management, permissions, basic commands, and such.

    What Are Major Areas Covered by 010-160?

    If you’re eyeing to take this exam soon, it’s best to know the outline of the exam ahead of time. The topics discussed in the LPI 010-160 exam are the following:

    Section 1: Master the basics of an open-source OS and the impact of Linux

    It’s recommended that we start with the history of Linux and its evolution over the years. This way, you’ll have an idea of its development and recognition. Also, awareness of major open-source apps and software are substantial to your certification journey. Part of this includes your familiarity with open-source licensing such as Creative Commons, GPL, and BSD. Right after, you need to start working on your ICT skills so you’ll be ready to enter the field of Linux with ease. Finally, here, you learn how to deal with password features, issues for privacy, and cloud computing & virtualization.

    Section 2: Navigate your way through the Linux System

    Now that you have a solid comprehension of the basics of Linux, along with some important open-source topics, it’s time to move forward. First on the list of pertinent Linux aspects is its command line. Here, you will acquire better insights into basic shell scripting, variables, quoting, and command line syntax. With your learning of the Linux command line, you can easily find your way within the system and run for help commands. Subsequently, you also have to concentrate on utilizing directories and handling files, from the creation phase to the deletion stage. In particular, you will be taught such notions as PATH environment variable, info as well as man pages, simple globbing, and home directories.

    Section 3: Comprehend the Linux Command Line

    At this point, your ability in the command line will be further tested. You have to be well-versed in archiving files and directories. The ability to search and extract data using command line pipes, basic regular expressions and I/O redirection is significant as well. And of course, you have to learn how to turn these commands into a script. Train hard to transform repetitive commands into simple programming scripts. Some of the files and terms involved are shebang, /bin/bash, echo, variables, exit status, common text editors such as vi & nano, and general tar options.

    Section 4: Dig deep into the Linux Operating System

    Knowing other major operating systems is an essential skill for any IT programmer. This will assist you in evaluating the right platform according to the needs of your organization. Ideally, you must be up-to-date with similarities and differences between Linux and other top-rated OS like OS X and Windows. Understanding lifecycle management and the entirety of computer hardware is also pivotal. On top of that, you have to learn where data is stored on a Linux system and how your computer works when connected to a LAN. The key areas covered are programs, configuration, logging, memory addresses, and system messaging, along with internet, routers, and DNS client configuration.

    Section 5: Get to know more about Linux security features and file permissions

    For the last domain, we have the fundamental Linux security aspects and some tools for file permissions. It’s a must to have detailed learning on different user types (root, standard, and system). Likewise, you need to harness your abilities in creating user IDs and even group commands on the Linux System. To complete your skillset, be sure to practice administering file permissions, managing ownership, handling special directories, and dealing with symbolic links.

    What Are Significant LPI 010-160 Exam Details?

    The LPI 010-160 test is 60 minutes long with a total number of 40 questions. Currently, it’s priced at $120. This certification exam is available in different languages. If you’re taking the exam in a VUE test center, the options are English, Japanese, German, and Portuguese. For online test-takers, there are only English and Japanese language choices. To apply for this exam, you should first register with LPI and obtain an ID. The registration process is free and only takes a few minutes. You will then need to use the ID to create an account on the Pearson VUE website. Once you are successful with your exam stint, you become a Linux Essentials certification holder for a lifetime.

    What Are Job Roles Developed by 010-160?

    Commonly, Linux specialists are highly in-demand across the IT industry. And to fuel your interest to get certified, here are some relevant job opportunities that you can venture into with the Linux Essentials certificate ― front-end/ back-end developers, cloud administrators, database administrators, technical support technicians, networking specialists, and data analysts. Surely, the versatility and flexibility make this certification more relevant to your career. Because of the continuous need for Linux specialists, this provides you with job security. Furthermore, Linux candidates who passed the LPI 010-160 test are well-recognized because of their impact on the organization. In consequence, they take home a better salary than those without certifications. For example, according to Payscale certified cloud administrators earn $67,467 yearly while technical support technicians get $44,476 annually.

    What’s Your Next Step after Completing LPI 010-160?

    If you’re up for a more fulfilling professional development, there’s no better way than to continue with the LPI certification track. Using your Linux Essentials certificate, you can pursue more specialized certifications offered by the same vendor. For one, there’s the LPIC-1, which highlights your technical skills in supervising maintenance tasks, configuring a Linux system, and performing basic networking. If you still want to elevate your career, you can follow it up with the LPIC-2. This helps in training you on how to efficiently and successfully oversee small and even medium-sized mixed networks. There are several LPI validations to give you a better comprehension of various subject areas. Just make sure that the certification fits your interest as well as your prior work experience.

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