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    • Google Analytics Questions & Answers

      Google Analytics Questions & Answers

      70 Questions & Answers

      Includes real Google Analytics exam questions types found on actual exam such as drag and drop, simulation, type in, and fill in the blank. Fast updates, accurate answers for Google Analytics Google Analytics exam. Exam Simulator Included!

    • Google Analytics Online Training Course

      Google Analytics Online Training Course

      21 Video Lectures

      Learn from Top Industry Professionals who provide detailed video lectures based on Real Life Scenarios which you will encounter in exam.

  • Google Analytics Certification Practice Test Questions, Google Analytics Certification Exam Dumps

    Real Google Analytics Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate Google Analytics Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate Google Analytics Exam Dumps & Google Analytics Certification Practice Test Questions.

    The Google Analytics certification, also referred to as the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), validates your skills in digital analytics and flaunts your ability to properly use the Google Analytics platform to drive your business growth. The good news is, it's free of charge to register for and has no predefined prerequisites.

    Who Is Target Audience for Google Analytics Certification Test?

    Anyone who wants to become Google Analytics certified should get familiar with the concepts taught in the “Google Analytics for Beginners” and “Advanced Google Analytics” courses. Therefore, when it comes to the target audience for this certification, we think of someone who can understand the concepts taught in these certification courses. For instance, the applicants should be specialists who want to leverage their skills in learning how to open an account and implement the tracking code successfully. Also, they should be open to learning more about setting up data filters. The target audience is formed from individuals who are able to manage Google Analytics reports and interface, as well as setting up the dashboards successfully. If we were to think about Advanced Google Analytics, we think of specialists who want to learn how to process and collect data and transform it into readable reports. They should have basic knowledge of Custom Dimensions and Metrics, together with Even Tracking systems, and be open to learning more about them. The suitable candidates for this certification are those candidates who want to become skilled in using Dynamic Remarketing features, channel, audience, and custom reports.

    What Are Details of GAIQ Exam?

    To earn the Google Analytics certification, you must sit for the compulsory GAIQ exam. It is a test set for 90 minutes within which you have to answer 70 questions and get a score of 80% or higher to actually pass it. Even though this exam requires no formal prerequisites, passing it is a difficult task for those not very familiar with digital analytics and who have no previous experience of using Google Analytics. Hence, it is highly recommended that you add some hands-on experience to your exam preparation sessions. The great thing is that even if you do fail, you can always retake your test. To know more, this exam is available in different languages so that any candidate in the world can take it without problems. Exam-takers can take it not only in English, but also in Simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, Czech, German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese.

    What Are Topics Tested in Google Analytics Certification Exam?

    As we already mentioned, candidates need to follow two courses if they want to be able to get the passing score in the Google Analytics certification test. Therefore, they should be ready to develop and demonstrate that they know everything about the concepts taught in the following courses:

    • Google Analytics for Beginners;
    • Advanced Google Analytics.

    Each of these training options includes different sections, each of them covering several areas that the exam-takers need to demonstrate during the final exam. Let’s take them one by one.

    Google Analytics for Beginners introduces applicants to the world of Google Analytics. They will receive questions that will evaluate their knowledge of the role of digital analytics and understand how Google Analytics actually works. Also, they will need to demonstrate that they know how to set up Google Analytics features and systems, as well as knowing how to work with views by utilizing filters.

    Another topic included here focuses on Google Analytics Interface. Exam-takers will have to show how professional they are in navigating through various Google Analytics features. Besides, they should show their expertise in overview and full reports management. In addition, candidates should be able to reply to questions that require from them to demonstrate their skills in sharing reports and setting up dashboards and shortcuts.

    The third concept included in this section tests the examinees' ability to prepare different basic reports. They should be proficient in managing audience, acquisition, and behavior reports.

    Finally, exam-takers should know how to handle basic campaign and conversion tracking systems. In this section, they will get questions that test their knowledge of measuring Custom Campaigns and using URL Building for campaign tracking. On top of that, they should be able to measure Google Ads campaigns, measure business objectives using it as well as reviewing courses, and define the next steps.

    Advanced Google Analytics, on the other hand, will help candidates develop knowledge related to data processing and collection. Therefore, they should show their expertise in managing Google Analytics data collection features and correctly categorize users and sessions. Also, they should be able to apply configuration settings, store data to generate reports, and create a coherent measurement plan.

    Another section included in this course focuses on data collection set up and configuration. The candidates should be skilled in organizing an account using Analytics tools as well as setting up advanced filters on views. Another topic which they should be knowledgeable about is centered on the creation of Custom Dimensions and Metrics. Additionally, examinees should be adept at using Event Tracking to understand the users’ behavior and handle different types of configurations.

    Within the Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques section, candidates will be exposed to different concepts such as data segmentation for insight or data analysis by channel. Also, they should know how to answer correctly to questions dedicated to data analysis by the audience and with Custom Reports.

    Last but not least, applicants should be proficient in handling Advanced Marketing Tools. Therefore, they will need to get familiarized with remarketing and become pros at targeting by using Dynamic Remarketing and Course Summary tools.

    What Are Career Prospects and Salary with Google Analytics Certificate?

    In a time and age where everything has been or is getting digitized, the value of digital analytical skills is of the essence. Companies require talent that can transform their company's growth in a positive direction using the data at hand. As far as job opportunities go, one need not worry as being Google Analytics certified will open many doors for you. Thus, you can become a digital marketing manager or specialist. And what’s more, according to PayScale, a Google Analytics certified specialist earns an average yearly salary of approximately $55k!

    Further Certification Path after Passing GAIQ Test

    Once the candidates go through Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics training, they are ready to move to the next stage. Therefore, they can strengthen their skills in Google Analytics by going through Google Analytics for Power Users. It is suitable for advanced users who want to leverage their skills in handling their features and move forward in their careers.

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  • Google Analytics Certification Exam Dumps, Google Analytics Practice Test Questions And Answers

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