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  • Google AdWords Certification Practice Test Questions, Google AdWords Certification Exam Dumps

    Real Google AdWords Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate Google AdWords Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate Google AdWords Exam Dumps & Google AdWords Certification Practice Test Questions.

    Google AdWords is a widely used term when it comes to the digital marketing niche. Although it is currently known as Google Ads, it is still a big advertising platform that reaches out to millions of individuals around the world with several outstanding peculiarities to offer.

    Google AdWords Target Audience

    If you are someone starting out in the digital marketing sector, the Google AdWords certifications are for you.

    Recommended Experience

    To pursue this certificate, working experience with Google Ads is recommended. What is more, familiarity with concepts in addition to best practices of online advertising is a must. You also ought to know how to manage distinct types of campaigns targeting online advertising.

    Google AdWords Certification Overview

    The Google AdWords certification, now referred to as the Google Ads, is targeted for anyone getting started in digital marketing to gain a solid understanding of how Google Ads work and how to best utilize them in favor of a company's success. To earn that certification initially, you had to pass the Google AdWords Fundamentals test in addition to one exam out of these options:

    • Search Ads;
    • Video Advertising;
    • Display Ads;
    • Mobile Adverts;
    • Shopping Ads.

    When it comes to the details for the current Google Ads, the vendor has introduced a bunch of certifications covering six distinct product areas. They all are accessible in 22 varied languages. It is to be noted that for each product area, there is a related test to undertake that is free of charge. And once you receive your Google Ads certificate, it’s valid for one year.

    Google Ads Certifications

    As of now, there are 6 certifications under the Google Ads program. They are the following:

    • Google Ads Search

    This certificate vouches for your ability to come up with plans to conduct successful Google search campaigns, and generate sales while staying well within the client's budget. To earn this certification, you have to take the Google Ads Search test. It's a 75-minute exam that contains 50 questions to be answered. You have to attain a solid 80% score to pass it. But in case you don't, you can retake the exam after one day.

    • Google Ads Display

    Becoming Google Ads Display certified entails that you are a pro at visualizing prospective markets and creating awareness in order to make the maximum use of advantageous situations. You can qualify for this certification by passing the Google Ads Display exam with at least an 80% score. This test will carry 49 questions to be answered within 75 minutes.

    • Google Ads Video

    This certification revolves around the world's biggest video platform YouTube. It validates your understanding of the importance of its users, how to connect ads to users who would be interested in adverts through YouTube videos, how to effectively use such a platform to raise brand awareness, etc. The required test for this certification consists of 50 questions that you must answer within 75 minutes and score at least 80% to pass.

    • Shopping Ads

    This certificate is focused on one's skills in carrying out an efficient shopping campaign to accomplish marketing goals and how Google solutions give that push towards success. To earn this certification, you have to take the Shopping Ads exam. It is a 75-minutes test containing 46 questions, where the passing score is also 80%.

    • Google Ads Apps

    A Google Ads Apps certified individual has a clear understanding of how to conduct an App campaign to enable user discovery and increase engagement. They will also know how to increase app quality and ease of discovery. Pass such a 75-minute exam by answering the 49 questions available with a score of at least 80% and the certification will be all yours.

    • Google Ads Measurement

    A Google Ads Measurement certified specialist is deft in converting ideas into values that can be used to get an exact measure of where the marketing campaign stands. And similar to all the aforementioned certifications, this as well requires you to pass a 75-minute exam with a score of 80% to obtain. The number of questions it carries is 50.

    Career Path, Responsibilities, and Salary

    With 6 specializations to choose from, being Google Ads certified in at least one of the specializations can help you a great deal in solidifying your career as a digital marketer. Not only will it help you land a desired job role but it will also be beneficial in building your own business. Currently, any Google Ads certification is among the hottest trends in the world of digital marketing. Having gone through extensive self-training, you can help individuals or firms run successful ads online. Companies are spending huge amounts of money on advertising and it is best to place yourself rightly. Spending on digital ads has continued to grow over the years making this an industry that no one can ignore. A certification in Google Ads, therefore, will place you in an advantaged position. What’s more, it is an opportunity that you can apply to and do online. Based on the product area of specialization, a certificate in this sphere will offer you flexibility and convenience. You can work from any place and the job positions to apply for will include digital marketing specialist, digital strategist, PPC analyst, and PPC executive. Huge companies in the digital space, start-ups, and established ones like Amazon, GoDaddy, and Accenture employ the services of such employees. Based on what is offered by, the pay for the Google Ads certificates is slightly more than $51k annually. In case you have an online business, a Google Ads certification will boost your abilities in creating ads that appeal to potential clients. This way you can make sales and continue growing your business.

    Next Course of Action

    After receiving your Google Ads certification in any of the six targeted product fields, you can apply for the Google Analytics certificate. You may improve your knowledge with Google Analytics for Beginners & Advanced courses to pass the GAIQ test. This is to open up your capabilities in Google analytics features. The skills that you will acquire will further grow your business or that of your client. In addition, you can opt for other Google certifications of the associate or professional level, namely the Associate Cloud Engineer or the Professional Cloud Architect certifications.

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  • Google AdWords Certification Exam Dumps, Google AdWords Practice Test Questions and Answers

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