Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 23

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 23

31. Lecture-31: FortiGate Firewall as DHCP Server Lab.

You want to know, I need to know, and that is in the speed light once we on this one. Okay, so this my one line and let me go to law and go that. And these are what will be I need only three to.

So, to hear and to hear now what I need, windows, so are all the windows where windows change from a console to already be in this mess.

So, now I need to switch is so valuable to. I know. And take two switches, change the name to S.W. and change the. I can. Okay.

So, this the two speeches and the last thing I need, 40 year follow up. And it’s okay this now going to them, and yes, I need one.

So, it should be management and it’s going to be Internet. Okay. This apology we really use now, Duncan INTUITY, so this the Serwotka. It’s the plane. In the client. And it should be report number two, because, number one, we reduce farm management and also for Internet support. No. One here and this one. Okay. And here. Okay, let me start with this one right now. Star, star, star. And this one, stop and start, okay? So, we need to start let me go two days, 190 to 168 2.0, which we’ve decided to use for this site. Duplicate and let me create a new one and use them here. One and need to duplicate. Okay. And here we have one one for now. One on one for SOAPnet. Okay. And Diffa wrote, I should be one one four two. That to detect and in the meantime, until it will start.

So, this is Demsey. Okay, it is Demsey and Duplicator. This one is inside. Either in this kind of just too, you know. Yeah, okay. Now, what I need to do, I need to configure, was to so double click on this one or two secure CRT. Eight men in total, one, two, three, one, two, three, and the first question on this, the IP address on management of them in your browser. Okay, and we’ll do it. MAN One, two, three. Okay. We don’t need to change the name.

So, whatever, we stood in the first lecture.

So, what we need to do, first of all, do an incredible interface is basic configuration. We already know this one. Ford, No. One.

So, what is number one, this one? This is our management and also when I was little, let me give them women and men, the IP men, to keep the same IP. And so everything is allowed, okay? And because we want to use this one.

So, you know this if I make them BTB So, this one is working like a DCB line. Now it’s getting IP from someone is looking to renew the IP as well and these are the expired and acquired the DNS. as well should mean one thing is proof that we can use for the Great Firewall as an DCB client. This one. The big line on board, no one is getting automatically from ISP, either from any on your server or whatever, but I want to make them in or, you know, this big line is so easy and for you here to just make them DCB and it will be automatically okay and okay.

So, I just changed the name to in just aliased name to there to be no old number two in order to Bolaji. Board number two is our inside.

So, let me give them Lenn and what I will assign one man to one sixty eight. One hundred. We don’t want to do for so many families and just being let me got to be this one, okay, reality than one neighbor and the little one is DCB in this one is a man sort of three that we can apply I.P. address to the interface Sulan. Okay, now this one old number three will be DMZ.

So, wonderful. Number three, I’m doing quickly because we know this one, we’ve done it DMZ and for VIP to go 200 hundred okay. And being is allowed and ok. This was the first thing to consider. Second thing, we need to configure DNS, so specify we already done DNS. Let me do it quickly. This one is one one one one one. One is one faster. And this is the Google one and apply. Okay, so DNS done. Next, we need to configure role with all the traffic will go one and two two one six two and one one four two.

So, we are already done standing around as well.

So, let me do it quickly. This one is. One one four. To two and an interface administrative response, we are able to think that this was the best thing to configure. Now, I don’t have any IP address on my systems like in XP either in this one. Okay, neither on this side.

So, if I click on XP. Overnight. Okay. By the way, I need to learn the live now so well to learn to live, so if anything moves, it will not.

So, if I come here, there is no IP address. This my interface, it will get a beeper, we know I bbr if there is no, I’d be in of the private embarrassing fine water and come on, okay, and if I drink here, I be Dunfield to is a bar address one six nine two fifty four. We call them up by means of the American president. I’ll be addressing.

So, when the system didn’t get anything through, it will assign automatically this IP to the interface which we call them up, but it will not do any communication. And an analyst on the other side, we are using the same subnet.

So, I don’t have to be so what I can do, either we can assign a statically or we can configure for the Great Firewall on each interface is a DNC server.

So, let me waterboard three first.

So, where is my board? Three, let me go to interface, and this is my three BMC click on this interface. We already discussed this, the name, the alias. You can assign specific role. You can assign men like you to this interface. You can do it to be NCB and one. But we are limited. And to give you the record and two ideas, ideas which within the lab.

So, you can really be if you want to configure more IP on the interface, it’s also possible you can configure a lot more than one. And I show you some time as well. In my Lubic, I assigned to three ipis on the same interface and I can use all the ideas at the same time.

So, same concept as here and I still do exist. We are limited step by step. But what is this file? okay, and this one is our DSP server which is disabled by antifa.

So, let me in. And what it is DSP of this strange which we can assign, we can assign third range as well.

So, maximum I can create three ranges but I don’t need, I need one Granges enough but automatically removed the interface I to be handled and it’s created from one to ninety nine is enough. And if you want to change the future or start from two hundred and give the IP from two fifty, you can change it and you can create two more as well from the same range with the same subnet. This one is this strange to assign this week on the Bull Isbin, so this is my fault to be assigned to the line which is connected to this interface.

So, must must submit a module to be assigned to the client. This my client, which this client, this subnet mask, it will assign now before the gateway. When you go do your system, there are so many things assigned by and one of them is Gateway. If I do my best one is through the NCP, through IP address, subnet mask, lease or obtain lease expired Diffa the entry and this might be set out as well.

So, the same thing I can do here.

So, what will be the defining address. Same is interface IP, this interface IP and it’s true either I can specify it big, the same one. If you want to assign differently you can put here then DNS the same as a system which I just configure here.

So, yes, it’s true. Are you the same user interface? IP means this IP will be like a DNS. Either you can specify, you can specify. You let me use same as a system DNS which is configure here again and one one Lesedi which I show you here. Not normally the wired one is a different one and Wallis’s different one. Ogier for how long you want to assign this IP to the host in sequence so you can change them but no need anything. Click on add once.

So, are you going to configure sutler are really really. We will never forget about this. One type is so different and it’s regular. I’m not using any dial up. We’d be inclined to make them a, b, c and people. Do you want to assign any A.P. server.

So, I say local, whatever. I help either my system and DB if I consider wireless controller.

So, I don’t have any I will say same as interface IP timezone, same as a system, whatever configure on this system. Okay, either you can assign the time like any country on any zone next to bootstrap. Suppose, if this is not reachable so you can assign any other DCB.

So, these are the additionality assumption create. Okay, so if you want to assign in his early and fully qualified and either in string so many value you can assign okay and feel them. As mentioned here, I removed their on the other full list of things so you can assign them through dcb those option extraversion to assign to host and IP address assignment rule. These are some extra assignment rule if you want. Okay, like a creative new source of specific meagerness xp. In my guess the maintenance of this XP didn’t make. Okay, so what is the market address. Okay, there are three main. This is so I need to move you to disable Orgazmo this Domagoj just let me clarify.

So, do you do the math and this is zero zero zero five zero zero is the correct one.

So, let me copy this, make it okay. I cannot copy this because it’s through Enciso. I need to type here. Okay, so suppose if you want this description suppose XP. And let me make an address or Mankiewicz’s five zero and zero zero zero zero. How many zero zero one zero zero and zero zero, this dramatic address for XP. Suppose, if I want to do some extra thing like a sign, I’d be means do men means the normal activities. That’s the criteria by majoras, if I say assign a means to deal with normal, whatever you do, normal behavior, if I say blockage means never outside able to dismantle dress. And if I say baby, I said in other words, you IP address to the supposed to 40, which is far of in our range.

Sorry to our 240.

So, I said, reserve this, I’ll be always giving this idea to this make interest. And this will will be discussed in religion, so you can do three things with this assignment. Okay, so my role has been created. You can create so many roles. If you want to play the same role, play an agent and you can enter the room either. If you want to deliver the role, you’re going to leave the role. And if you have so many rules, you can set a chair. This one is aid from the shipping line list, so obviously a sign, I believe this and will be for here nothing is the because we did not hear an organ.

So, basically it will show you the you know, the binding what is being assigned to the client.

So, you can see the list here, even though you can see from here as well. But anyhow, they have an option here.

So, that Iberia’s assignment rule, you can create so many Lutwyche, I told you and it’s interesting. The thing is not related to up to this one. This is related to the LCP range subnet mask, Diffa, Girdler DNS, which model we want to know right now. We need as a server one less NDB bootstrap an IP address assignment and okay, that’s it.

So, this is going to be so easy to configure DCB and for the Great Firewall and the interface, everything is available under interface.

So, if I go back to the client. Okay.

So, what I need to do that I need to disable enable this interface and either what can I do. More to run. Okay. Okay. And before doing that. Let me, if I can give Cheryl. Oh. There is a Sharia board. Number three, I don’t know, Gibson is working here, I’m not. I’m using so Stookey and Gesher. Yes.

So, it’s okay and be sustainable. It’s been ages I never would use if I’m using Geneste, which is difficult, to be honest, but I’m used to that one. Anyway, let me start with it. I can show you the lower prices as well.

So, just swear to me. Okay, so at least issuing traffic reminded me later. And now let’s move to XP and here I will say I can fix these. Okay, so zero zero in Tunisia will request now and renew.

So, let’s see if everything is okay.

So, let’s get to 40 ways to get to 40 hour range, starting from 200, because I deserve this. You remember an option.

So, they’re trying to get this IP and this again, these are the details. And let me show you here, the price is so dopier, BNC being eight of them.

So, the first thing that is DGP to discover, then offer, then request and then acknowledgement. What is being done from another system as well.

So, the disclosure of a request and acknowledgement, so the bank says, is this one, three, four, two, I told you not a bigger sizes three fraudulent disclosure regarding Mandorah and this is broadcast if you see the back of this broadcast, then again, it’s a broadcast period. Then BHP Renquist is also a broadcast and then acknowledgement is also broadcast. It’s me and CBS sending on the messages and broadcast.

So, this the usual because I’m showing you this another layer and there’s the nakedness. Which are you sure you didn’t broadcast? Always use this major address. And why, if you can on one this two five five two. If we can give you this if. And DCB is using a diagram protocol, so that’s why a user data from protocol and source code is 68 and destination is 67.

So, they held their own source code and destination for very few protocol, which they held their own implication. They held their own source for their destination. Most of the time you will see here in the board from 10, 20 through to another and definitive destination every application on their own board. No, but in this case, they held your source and destination. And this is a which I show you here. And these are the more detailed if you want more and more detail and packet size. And zero zero declined to be interviewed. You did what any of my men proposed was the scope of a request and acknowledgement.

So, this occurred then. What about this one? So, let me double click on this one, okay? And here, because this is NBC, just I appear to be at CBS, so it will show you if it is showing daughter, that means it’s working. If it is not so to be daughter, daughter, you discover after request and acknowledgement in the first IP, which we are going to figure but in XP because we reserve their IP. Okay, so give the IP and how are we going to show you to see.

So, we have to get this IP, this thing and we’re looking at the DNS, edit it in one one which reconfigures system. On this there does seem to be somewhat IP DCB least of which we can figure in this, the makers of this one. And so I hope so. It will be reachable through the Internet without any issue. Yeah. One thing we didn’t do that will not resemble policy. We forgot to configure a policy.

So, we’ll do policy and update and configure policy. I just realized we forgot the policy.

So, land on TMZ do well. Now we have two things. Again, so damn easy to win that will come from the Amazon. Three, it will want to win source. We already discussed these things, so let me do it quickly. I believe yesterday README and services can be anything and all station and okay. Okay, so let’s go to. We’ll be keeping your daughter and our kid, so I hope it will work, this is working and even if I bingo’s it has to work.

So, entries are being and bingo dot com, and if I go to XP and browse anything, so it will also work straight away.

So, let me go to XP. Okay. And. Let me try and tell their time, what can I do? I need to show you the logs, so let’s go to or do you and source only one B C so it will show there to be two hundred and 240 will go nine yards.

So, let’s see two. But it is able to extend something.

So, if I do dot com. Yeah, so it’s working, it’s getting everything automatically through DCB and it’s going outside so we can see and also we can see from Alsatia, these are two for me, which is our XP in the other system. And if we don’t monitor and there is A, B and C and B monitor, it will show you the IPD did that interface for number three DMZ to be sort of connected. NPC is one inclined one, which is XP. These are the your list. And look at it says reserve.

Somebody deserve this may get us to give them all the time this IP. You know, it’s very easy from here as well. If you click it is reserved by the way, it should be created CPD presentation and it will be done in one Zieger rather than try to make it all the time either here from here and it will reserve this IP and this make it obvious to the green wanted to mean as it is erm is not this is the IP address, this the hostile information is fighting and Lee’s status. Okay, and you can refresh and you can revoke as well and the same thing can be done from there as well.

So, if I were to network interface.

So, DMZ. BNC B, if I click on DCP, and where is the option inlands? I don’t think you can really verify from here, so click on here and it will show you to system that’s already won because either one is reserved.

So, that’s why it will not show up here.

So, it’s showing here. Then why is this the major race IP address and Suadi so you can reserve IP from here as well. Again, really easy. You can search here if you have so many system connected so you can search is doing okay. And the other thing was suppose if I implicated.

So, a sign I mean, it’s normal to make them feel like a normal so you whatever way you want to type here, sometimes some systema not reaching to be around for some reason, maintenance issues would look and I’d make it this year. And then you can say either reason, either of them, not only what they were like a normal system. And definitely if I started a blog, so this megadose will be blog and DCB will not assign any IP address. You can test you on any issue. Let me know. Okay, so what else? okay, so now let’s go to the other side. Can we configure DCB on this site as well. The same way. Yes. Clean water interfaces and Bestival to learn interface. And click on VCP server, let me use this range. We just start from one zero one. I don’t get it. Should it be from anywhere? I already told you, dispiritedness Lidstrom in one sitting is a set of what will be everything. DCB, Ocean and.

So, now BCB is in England this morning. Also in this sport, if you have so many Zohn, you can do it on each and every interface, even if you can figure and retrieve them on the third class.

So, again, it will assign different to this interface. Okay, so now let’s go.

So, click on this, Rybka inside. And I didn’t see the Soviets showing Dora the nurse talking, otherwise, we need to test them against WRGA Border and it will get it from one range. Keep in mind, twins get one zero one how we know.

So, we have to wait a little while to monitor the monitor and this thing will be on their site. Len, this Dallin one is given one range and the other two are the two range. Okay, and let me give this one to show you quickly, then we will. Affinity, this one here.

So, let’s see if it is a good thing or not. Yeah.

So, it’s also working, okay? And yes, it’s a good one zero two. And that’s really if I just refresh. Yes, one zero one one zero two. And these two are from two hundred and two zero two. Okay, and definitely another one. And, and everything will work because we are a country that are divided and everything.

So, if I say you don’t come through, it has to go straight away, to be honest, which we are using. Okay, wait. Okay. The system is disconnected.

So, let me go to Yahoo! Dot com. Okay. What the hell is this one? Being an W-W. Google dot com, just working, by the way, to work on the land side is okay. Yeah, landside is not working because you don’t have a policy IP, but not a lot of you remember.

So, let’s move on to policy and object and create a new policy this time lamda in another policy because it’s a different one.

So, learn to win and go to source and destination. And this one is on our Alsatians where you can see their trophy. And okay. Okay, and now let’s move into to any of this B.S., so let me go to you B, C, three. Just not going to connect.

So, let me stop and start again. Okay, and let me on them, but I did see Bob. It will be from one range to is done issuing daughter, you can give the as as well and if I say being Google dot com, so it has to work, it’s working out due to their policy. But somebody said it was not showing them. Okay, so anyway, let me see if I missed something. Maybe some show come on. Or something. Not only misconfiguration, we’ve done and Diffa probably done differently as required and then we declined confused because our intent is and this one in verification.

So, we really from here it is simply monitor and toplines indefinitely. You can verify from there as well.