Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 9

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 9

11. Lecture-11: Configure and Verify VLAN and Zone Lab.

So, first of all, we really created apology like this one, we will create three different wheelin and somebody you can create a hundred million this way, but in my case, I will create three different wheelin really. And then we’ll be in wheelin 30. These are in different. This is Standring. This is 2010. This is 30 range. And this is a switch.

So, we will create three million here and the switch to switch and assign these interfaces to their reelin will and then we’ll in 20 and within 30 years, we will make these four or is it drunk on the physical side? We will make them as a strong and the other side we will create the Relenza automatically. It will become drunk. And here we want to achieve the end of the piece. You reach to the end, even though there are different wheelin and they are using only one interface. And every interface interfaces we will create. We will assign 10, 20 and 30, not 75 is basically a relay. Okay, then we will face some issue.

So, we will say, why not combine these in one zone? So, do you think we will go it in this one? Smart board is related to the interfaces, so let’s go to labor. Okay, so. Let me do it from scratch. Okay, so. Let’s take a white one from here. This is my firewall for the outside. Let me take on that cloud. Okay, so this is my to go outside. Okay, now I need a Cisco switch, so this is my Cisco Switch Properties, we talk in order to switch. Oh, now I need a few different pieces, so let me take three children is a client.

So, this is my client. One, this is client. Two. And this is Glenn. Three, okay, and it’s better to make it here. This is what we need for money, and I will use this one, by the way, you can attach a new one, which I assure you, but far to make them more simple. I will use this Internet also is a management as well. Okay, it’s up to let me do connectivity. Never will be connected to you or one entity and is enabled by Diffa or two will be connected to zero zero interface of Cisco switch and you want to pick one. Okay, we need these interfaces detail and zero to let me on and then we will do because this will take time.

So, start this one.

So, this is useless to interfere. We need this interface detail, okay? And the last one is zero two to three. Okay. The simplest thing to we need. Okay. Now we need a Sonus 190 to 168, 10.1 20 for this one IP. Okay, and out of this two years, 20. Defense attorneys keep in mind, going door to door because it’s official to see it will be more good to give them, you can give money to anybody. And this should be 30 and it shouldn’t be three. Okay, and this here you’ve been assigned here to. Is a man or woman, and this should be handled okay, means this interface. And outside, we already know on Olsen and faces one. For this one, the NSA definitely we will use Edward Indianness and the other stuff between the simple topology, but here, different interface it wouldn’t be and we will assign are different, by the way.

So, let me do one thing more, Lillington, which is suppose it if me type this one as well. And this should be reelin. Twenty, and I suppose this one is. Sue. Any other thing or something? And this should be. William, 30, etcher, so these are the details and by the way, Up Reelin, an IP address. Okay. Done now. First thing we let me on the switch to configure three women. And here but also I need to assign these IP here one, so it’s better to assign one by one to all these three PC, right. We’ll do added configuration.

So, BC3 is one you here to watch this one? BC3 this one.

So, we decided to remove the hash until this point thirty and make them this three and Gurcharan will be 30 Dhanda and business will be. Keep in mind you to have an otherwise it will not work donate on this book. It shouldn’t be direct and control in control, see to thirty three and gurdwaras 30 Dortmunder and so on.

So, let me sell. It will open to control and control. We just change this to. To this shouldn’t be, too, and this should be 20 to Ctrl C same and the last one to speak more control and control. We jammed into and won. And turned our country into. Do these I.B. Venus, I know we can what we can do again on these, Beezy, by the way, is it okay now coming to the switch far. Let’s finish the switch bar. He will create basically. Three million.

So, let’s keep outside the St. Barbara Walters configuration, Remington and name them it reelin 20 name to sell Remen 30 named H.R. three will include, you know, assign the interfaces interfaces. This one zero one easy one switchboard exists within 10. Easy interface, easy to slash to this one. This one to reel in 20. We learned 23 million, 20 and the last and the phrase is zero three three zero three, this one and this one will move to million 30. Now, this one zero zero, which is connected to the firewall interface, is still St.Paul encapsulation, Dahlonega in switchboard, more trying and not shut down, it should be tried to carry on the traffic. Now we need to verify something. Sure, we learn.

So, now one is in it, zero two in sales and zero three and this one and we’ll end 30 and everything, so I’ll be sure to fast track, to interface.

So, this one zero zero is strong.

So, everything is okay. All right. Done from this. The only we need to do this has been done now come into the main thing, which is our 40 year one.

So, what I need to do right. Click on this one, go to the console, find out the IP so that we can execute.

So, let’s click on this one. Okay, and first of all, Ataman, enter new password, one, two, three, one, two, three. Okay, sure. System interface, Christian model. This the IP we need. And now let’s go to. And in any browser, it’s about two a.m. and one, two, three. Okay, great.

So, know what I need to do first, let me change the name. It’s asking all the time.

So, change. Okay.

So, now coming to the interface is done, you always have to follow these two.

So, the first step is network interfaces. Now go back to interfaces. For one is my interface. Click on the plus icon, click on the end for one and give them a name when so that we know that Internet the IP Man will either. Let’s use this. DCP is not necessary. And even by the way, these things because you are using this to inform management as well. Okay and just okay to.

So, this interface is done in my second interface is this one or two.

So, let’s go to both to and give them the name Lynn. And a sign might be real decided to assign be B under. It may be this one and a sign before, and it leaves our being on this interface and okay. Now coming to the park because we go to three different willing to reach to the Internet.

So, what I need to do, I need to create interfaces, okay? And here, I mean, in their daily northern region, defaces this one, this this one, you can give any name, whether it’s not necessary. Again, I will tell you what is really important for this is what I.

So, let me give you an alias I.D. and Title IX reelin. Interface issues, Len, because this is connected to Len. And really, this is a really important whatever we do, you give me here and stretch there once we give them an. It will be distinguished by this. And keep in mind, and so will then aliased, I am going to create a wheelin which is due to land, okay, which may be a sign.

So, we decided because the guard will fire them. Here, I will drive here in dirt under. And getting rid of them is to that harder. Okay, and Gary Player for 30 should be. Thirty nine hundred, so let me copy this one. And I will say the is gender 234 as these other two five, five to four or five, it’s up to you. And we seen at least being doing noted that I can test them. We will see their minister to assess what is this and all of these did.

So, I created the Wheelin and and press, okay.

So, now you see Underland, there is a wheelie bin is working on the let me create a new one interface. Okay, and here I will say when In 20 and ReliOn 20 was Parcell, Bufo Reelin is the time interfaces again to and here should be 20 lan and the IP should be. 22 dard. 24 let me back through this weekend fast and easily printed out Hunter and bring this to me last weekend, test the. Can you do it? okay. If we shrink again, so underlain there are two more women is coming out of this one. Let’s clear a third one and so on. In this way, you can create as many you and your Werlin.

So, Wieman 30 reelin 30 years is for HRO in Bolivia. Etcher. Interfaces again, and this one, and this shouldn’t be 30 and the IP should be Gayathri is 30, not 100, and Ping has to be figured Internet. Okay.

So, now we can see Underland, we have three and defaces. Again, we have to follow the other businesses to reconfigure.

So, let me quickly configure business, which will begin again next year. We will do the same thing in business. We will discuss in business detail, okay? So, don’t worry. Now we are doing interfaces and okay, again, we need a security code to create a strict code. For anything different is one to two, one six, one one for her to reach out to you.

So, don’t worry about this one. And it’s specify one one one four an okay. This one has been now coming to the party policy, which we just don’t know. We need this at least this thing to the US. Yes, sir. Sir, quick question. When they come to the land court to be assigned to the physical physical interface. Yes, okay. It’s a good question. By the way, keep in mind that something it doesn’t require, but I sign it basically. It’s asking this question, but it’s a question in this time, he said, the lane to the physical side of the lane assigned to the Hunter, which does not belong to any religion. Reland and IBSA did so aside from the industry reeling reelin, twenty is twenty one hundred and we’ll introduce 30.

So, now this part is up to you if you want to assign like, you know. And of course, we when we created seven professors, normally we’re not assigning anything to the physical interface, the main interface. But when we are creating seven professors, we are signing bill. As we all know, for one, when you are creating so you don’t need to assign any Ayoubi to the man interface, but in 40 years, it’s up to you. If you want to remove this one, it’s okay. This is just fine. We’re going to do it if somebody want to lend their money and not to any other thing.

So, you can use this IP, you just need these three things. Okay, thank you. This was your question, yeah. Yes, sir. Thank you. Okay, so now the last part we’ve been standing around, okay? It means it’s steady. Is there I can reach from here to outside execution being entertained at eight.

So, yes, I can go outside, but I can go outside for the inside. I need a policy.

So, let me go on policy and object. I’m due for a policy. There is an implicit denial. Now there is a question. What I will say in coming into first look at insulin lane is a simple one, not these. These are super bad knees. I need three different policy. One, two, three, and then I will say going to will to win, will to win.

So, why not? Is there any way to combine them and work is a one. Yes. And their method is carleson, which I was talking about. Combine them, so it means we’re going to live together the rain in one end zone one to bring you together, Susan, means it will bring them physical interfaces which belong to the same category. And I guess this category is Sam Reelin one in 20 30.

So, rather than to create three different policies. Issuing me three different, I will say I need to win, then I will say since to win, then I will create a third world to see each other to win.

So, here they are not showing me anything.

So, let’s go back to the interfaces to make them more easy, we’ll do interfaces. On created within interfaces, there is a zone. And give them supposed lands on any name you like in a black Interzone traffic in Brazil and India. And you remember from from Palo Alto, Interzone, Mizzy, these reelin, if I say blood and treasure amplifying these will be not visible to each other. This won’t do this, this or do this and this or this and that. Because they are coming in. Dreazen. If you wanted the peace, you will be not reachable if you say this one block and it wasn’t perfect. I mean, they will be reasonable. I will show you enemy and who is the mother.

So, Lane, I dissent and I combine them all and you can give them any comments if you like. And joining us right now, this is another thing, Sulin. These are not working under here and there is a zone in zone. We have these four interfaces working together as a one group. No, go back to policy, you name it. Yes. I have a question for you. How come you have to learn interface? Yeah, I put the land. These are the main interface, so I put them and this group is well, it’s up to you.

So, you want to remove. It’s okay if you still work. Okay. Yeah, but I make them all the physical one and, you know, the logical issuing by this, I can trace it all together in one because I want to apply it on the policy it wants on the floor interface is basically the logical. One of them is physical. Okay, so if I go back to the policy, I be for policy and now let’s create a policy and let me say let me give them on everything. It’s up to any name. And now incoming interface. Look at lanes and lanes on basically all these four interfaces. But I mean, Glenn, I do sense in job and they are going outside source can be anything and this donation can be all. Okay, and services will be anything right now, it will be accepted, no, you don’t want to use and regard the station and okay. There’s been. From all sides, from our side, everything is done properly, we use zone and the other thing we use learn to utilize. Okay, now let’s check out.

So, let me go to B, C one and generate some traffic. Let me go to Facebook. If it is going, it means everything is working properly and we configure everything. Yes, it’s going to Facebook. Let me go to pick one you to let me read to Twitter. There does seem to go into Twitter. Yes, it’s going to Twitter and let me go back three weeks and we’ll therapy and let me go to Amazon. Okay, so our number three is showing your Twitter, Facebook and Amazon and all of them are using this one interface and going out how we know.

So, again, if you refresh this one. Okay, not shrink from it, let me refresh from you then, because we only we have one policy which we created, so definitely thirteen point three for me is being used to use this policy. Let’s go to Dashboard Hoplin and Bamsey. It should be three different species from Solstar, so should be okay. It’s not going it will take some time.

So, better to go. And then we will come back here to 40 new.

So, there will be three different from three different 30, 10 and 20. Okay, and then destination they went to a different destination. They went to Google, they went to Amazon and they went to Twitter. And policy, only one policy is being utilized, which is on everything and all station, this is on the record if you want to see the DNA and whatever, they use them. And also from log report, you can see forwarding traffic.

So, here you will see thirty three, twenty two. You can filter them as well. If you say just show me, you will see in detail anyway the decision in our Iran to see my source.

So, society by the way.

So, let me go to source. Oh, I’d be a to diapered.

So, it’s okay and you can type the IP and so it will show you little traffic if you want to see 20 to 30 or 20 to traffic, it means every piece of traffic is there. And now let’s go back to page board and toplines into it will be here now. I hope so.

Sometime estate analyst come up to 10, 20, 30. And these are the destination. They use it okay. And we utilize zone is how the zone is working. We make them a zone to do things we discuss in this building.

So, let me go back because we done zone, we create reelin. Okay, let me see if I missed something to include a zone we apply mean and definitely you need Unitarianism, okay. And yes, we see the traffic. This the only thing I need you ok.