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      CAMS Questions & Answers

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  • ACAMS CAMS Certification Practice Test Questions, ACAMS CAMS Certification Exam Dumps

    Real ACAMS CAMS Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate ACAMS CAMS Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate ACAMS CAMS Exam Dumps & ACAMS CAMS Certification Practice Test Questions.

    The ACAMS Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification validates the candidates’ advanced-level knowledge of using the international CFT and AML principles. The candidates who manage to pass the affiliated namesake exam have the necessary skills to find solutions for risks associated with financial crime.

    Target Audience for CAMS Designation

    The candidates who choose to take the CAMS certification exam are interested in leveraging their skills of unaderstanding how the international CFT and AML principles function. So, an individual who decides to become certified will be able to demonstrate that s/he has a solid knowledge when working in the AML field. Therefore, the certified specialist can help in minimizing the risk of financial crimes for the organization he/she is working for. Besides, the certified individual will be able to develop and implement personalized AML programs for the organization.

    ACAMS CAMS Certification Exam Overview

    Pay attention that the candidates who want to obtain the CAMS certificate will need to collect 40 credits. Luckily, they can collect these credits based on their education level. So, an Associate will be eligible for receiving 10 credits. Someone who has a Bachelor’s degree becomes eligible for 20 credits while an individual with a Master's degree can receive 30 credits. Lastly, a professional with a Ph.D. or JD will get 40 credits. The work experience can also bring the necessary credits. Thus, individuals get 10 credits for each year of their work experience. Finally, they can collect 1 credit for each hour of preparation dedicated to financial crime. To add more, the test fees depend on the candidates’ field of work. So, someone who works in the private sector and chooses the exam package that includes the virtual classroom too will have to pay $2180 whereas the fee without virtual classrooms is $1695. In case the candidates work in the public sector, then the registration fee is $1790 and includes the package with the virtual classroom. However, if you choose the bundle without the training, $1295 is necessary in such a case then. Regarding the exam structure, the official CAMS test includes 120 multiple-choice & multiple-selection questions which the applicants will need to reply to in 3.5 hours. Finally, the minimum passing score that they need to obtain is 75 points.

    Topics Tested in CAMS Certification Evaluation

    The candidates who want to get the CAMS certification will need to validate their knowledge of the following topics:

    • Mitigating the risks associated with terrorism financing and money laundering

      Here, the exam-takers will need to demonstrate solid skills in identifying the risks associated with AML law violations. Also, they should showcase that they are able to find out effective methods related to money laundering in different sectors of activity, such as broker deals, real estate, and many others. Besides, within this chapter, the candidates will be given different scenarios that will put them in different real-world situations and ask them to identify a situation of terrorism or money laundering. This topic covers 26% of all exam questions.

    • Understanding how to work with compliance standards related to anti-money laundering and how to use them to combat financing terrorism

      Around a quarter of all exam areas are related to this subject matter that takes up 25% of all items. Therefore, the exam-takers will need to develop their skills in identifying the FATF 40 Recommendations and how they can be used in different scenarios where lax AML controls exist. The test-takers will also find questions that test their knowledge of Egmont Group’s key objectives and the most important roles of FATF-style bodies. Then, such a chapter includes other subtopics dedicated to identifying the Wolfsberg Group’s AML Principles and how they relate to the correspondent banking principles. Besides, this section includes questions dedicated to the USA PATRIOT Act and EU Directives that all CAMS certified professionals should know about.

    • Compliance programs dedicated to AML, CFT, and related sanctions

      This section includes topics related to identifying the components of an effective risk assessment developed for an institution. Also, the candidates will receive different scenarios that ask them to identify the most appropriate strategy to mitigate the financial crime risks and the measures that should be taken. Besides, applicants will validate their skills in identifying the red flags associated with the use of different transactions or the process that needs to be developed to meet the compliance requirements. Other subtopics included in this portion focus on identifying the situations in which they should apply the STR or SAR information. Another acumen that will be developed within such a topic is dedicated to identifying any red flag that might appear in account activity. Therefore, the certified professionals will learn how to respond to such red flags and find a solution to mitigate them. This section covers 28% within the exam blueprint.

    • Developing and supporting the process associated with the investigation

      The final topic covers approximately 21% of all exam questions. Within such an area, the examinees will need to learn how to identify the most effective techniques that can be used when conducting interviews of the parties involved in an AML event. Also, candidates will gain high-end skills in identifying the safeguards’ role in data protection and privacy topics. Besides, the test-takers will learn from different scenarios that test their knowledge of the moment when an institution should finish a relationship when they face excessive risks associated with money laundering. Applicants will also need to learn how to identify the steps that any institution investigated by a law enforcement institution should take.

    Career Prospects

    The professionals who succeed in obtaining the CAMS certification will become valuable future employees for international organizations. They will have a valuable international designation under their belt that makes them eligible for different positions such as:

    • Anti-Money Laundering Specialist;
    • AML Transaction Monitoring Analyst.

    According to the information provided by, an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist can earn an annual payment of almost $84k. On the other hand, if you decide to become an AML Transaction Monitoring Analyst, the data available on shows that you can earn $75k on average per year.

    Certification Path

    The CAMS certificate is the first one in the specialist-level certification program of ACAMS. If you want to continue leveraging your skills, you can continue by obtaining the CGSS or Certified Global Sanctions Specialist designation. Besides, the next step would be to apply for the advanced specialist-level certificates. Therefore, you can opt for the Advanced CAMS – Audit, Advanced CAMS – Financial Crimes Investigations, and Advanced CAMS – Risk Management validations.

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  • ACAMS CAMS Certification Exam Dumps, ACAMS CAMS Practice Test Questions And Answers

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