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  • ACAMS Certification Practice Test Questions, ACAMS Certification Exam Dumps

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    ACAMS is a reputed global membership organization dedicated to anti-financial crime specialists around the world. With members from over 175 countries, ACAMS aims to end financial crime by implementing thought leadership, professional education, and best-in-class peer networks.

    About ACAMS Certifications

    In general, this vendor offers eight certifications under three categories, namely Associate, Specialist, and Advanced Specialist levels. Thus, under the first category three designations are available. They are the Certified Know Your Customer Associate (CKYCA), Certified Transaction Monitoring Associate (CTMA), and Certified AML FinTech Compliance Associate (CAFCA). Under the second scope, there are two certificates on offer. Among them, you'll find the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and Certified Global Sanctions Specialist (CGSS). Under the third category, overall, there are three designations to opt for, which are the Advanced CAMS - Audit, Advanced CAMS - Financial Crimes Investigations, and Advanced CAMS - Risk Management.

    About Associate-Level Certifications

    As you now know, ACAMS offers three associate-level endorsements. The Certified Know Your Customer Associate (CKYCA) is ACAMS's first certification designed specifically for individuals, teams, and team leaders managing the onboarding of clients, carrying out reviews, and upgrading customer profiles. This designation ensures that certified teams and individuals meet the key strengths relating to Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know Your Customer (KYC) activities. To obtain the CKYCA certification, candidates are required to pass the namesake exam which is currently available in English, French, and Spanish. The next certification - the Certified Transaction Monitoring Associate (CTMA) - will help set individuals apart by testing and certifying their knowledge of transaction monitoring processes as well as features. The last certificate, known as the Certified AML FinTech Compliance Associate (CAFCA), is specifically meant to empower and advance one’s skills to protect organizations by making sure individuals comprehend key strength principles, risks, and functions. This certification also ensures that financial crime risks are a serious concern for certified individuals or organizations.

    Who Are They for?

    The ACAMS associate-level certifications may benefit a range of individuals or organizations. Some job titles that may benefit from these designations - depending on the field of work - are KYC Analyst, KYC/CDD Analyst, KYC Onboarding Analyst, KYC Representative, KYC Team Lead, Client/Customer Onboarding Analyst, Client/Customer Onboarding Specialist, AML Prevention Representative, Transaction Monitoring Analyst, Alert Handler, Transaction Monitoring Investigator, Financial Crime Operations Analyst, Anti-Financial Crime Analyst, Compliance Analyst, Risk Analyst, Anti-Money Laundering Analyst, Screening Analyst, Fraud Analyst, Fraud Operations Analyst, AML Officer, AML Analyst/Associate, FinTech Associate, Head of Compliance, etc.

    Getting Certified

    To get any of the associate-level ACAMS certifications individuals must follow a three-step first. Thus, one must have an active ACAMS membership. Individuals may join ACAMS by paying a standard membership fee. Note that this organization also offers membership for enterprises, public sector employees, and chapters. After obtaining membership one must apply for the relevant exam by submitting an application. Lastly, with an approved application, individuals will be directed on how to study, prepare, and take the actual exam.

    About Specialist-Level Validations

    In all, ACAMS offers two specialist-level certifications the first of which is the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) designation. This certificate is an accepted global standard that summarises the main aspects of money laundering and the prevention of the same. To obtain the certification, individuals must take and clear the CAMS test. The second specialist-level qualification offered by ACAMS is the Certified Global Sanctions Specialist (CGSS). This certification, in particular, outlines the primary framework regarding sanctions compliance, with an emphasis on the concepts, legal frameworks, regulator expectations, and agreed-upon best practices. To gain the certification, individuals must pass one CGSS exam. The vendor claims that both of these specialist-level certifications are given in a minimum period of three months.

    Who Are These Certificates for?

    A wide range of individuals and organizations can benefit from ACAMS specialist-level designations. They include but are not limited to individuals in the field of Sanctions Compliance, Economic Sanctions, Financial Sanctions, Sanctions Screening, AML/CTF, AML Sanctions, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Legal Counsel, Embargo, Compliance Technology, etc.

    Getting Certified

    To obtain any of the specialist-level certifications offered by ACAMS individuals must follow the same three-step process outlined when obtaining associate-level ACAMS validations. In short, candidates must become ACAMS members, apply for the relevant test, and then take the exam after receiving an approved application.

    About Advanced Specialist-Level Qualifications

    ACAMS offers three advanced specialist-level certifications, the first of which is the Advanced CAMS - Audit. This designation will take you a step further in your CAMS acumen to a higher level of education and experience in the AML audit field. The second advanced specialist-level certificate offered by ACAMS is the Advanced CAMS - Financial Crimes Investigation, which will help secure your place as a more educated and experienced individual in the field of financial crime investigations. The third and final advanced specialist-level certification offered by ACAMS is the Advanced CAMS - Risk Management that will also help you reach elevated levels of knowledge and experience in the field of risk management.

    Who Are They for?

    As with previous certifications, there is a wide range of individuals and organizations that can benefit greatly from the advanced specialist-level certifications that ACAMS offers. They include but are not limited to banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions, FinTechs, DNFBPs with financial crime compliance programs, Corporates, Consulting Firms, etc. Furthermore, those who work in the internal audit function of an institution, consult as an external auditor, supervise individuals who perform financial crime prevention audits, help prepare institutions for regulatory assessment or perform bank assessments from a regulatory perspective, BSA Officers, Risk Officers, Compliance Officers, MLRO (Money Laundering Risk Officers), Chief Global Compliance Officers, etc. can benefit from these certificates.

    Getting Certified

    To obtain any of the ACAMS advanced specialist-level designations, individuals must go through a three-step process. Firstly, they must be a CAMS certified ACAMS member to be eligible for the ACAMS advanced specialist-level CAMS certifications. Next, if one is eligible s/he may apply for the relevant exam. Lastly, if and when the application is approved and the payment is made, individuals may go on to take the actual test and earn the relevant certification.

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