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ASM Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Exin with new exam.

Exin ASM Exam Details

The EXIN ASM exam concerns combining Agile principles with Scrum practices as well as practical assignments. It checks if you are competent enough in facilitating, coaching, and enabling cross-functional teams while working in your Scrum Master role. The certificate it associates with is the advanced EXIN Agile Scrum Master.

Target Group

The ASM test targets specialists in management working within fields involving the management of IT projects, software development, and business management in addition to ITSM. However, the adoption is not limited to these areas only as it continues to be utilized elsewhere to facilitate all forms of teams. This makes the ASM evaluation applicable to candidates in a wide range of areas in organizations that have embraced Scrum. So, if you desire to be part of those in the facilitation of Scrum teams, then such a test was created for you. However, you need to finish compulsory training before you can proceed to sit for it.

ASM Exam Details

All in all, in the actual validation, takers are to face 40 MCQs within the assigned duration of 1.5 hours. The ASM test is closed-book and demands one to reach 65% at the minimum to be recognized among those who will be certified. Also, the target of this validation is to appraise participants at three levels (2, 3, and 4) called Bloom ones. In the second level, a taker is to be examined on whether they can understand the content they have been studying. In the third tier, it is all about one applying what he or she learned. Finally, the last level is about one’s analyzing the information he or she acquired during training. Thus, exploring the context of this test by looking deeply into the topics is key.

ASM Topics & Domains

Takers of the ASM exam should work on their comprehension based on 5 topics. The following list represents them as well as how questions are likely to be distributed in terms of percentages:

  • Thinking in the Agile way (15%);
  • The role of Scrum Master (22.5%);
  • Estimation, planning, monitoring, as well as control of Agile (32.5%);
  • Complex projects (12.5%);
  • Adopting Agile (17.5%).

The domain coming first in the official ASM test includes Agile concepts. Among those to cover is what it means to think in an Agile way and how predictability, as well as flexibility, come as a result of Agility. The subsequent part concerns the continuous improvement of the process and this looks at how to utilize it appropriately. What is more, alternative Agile frameworks will be completing the first objective. This, in particular, captures the Agile frameworks as well as methodologies that include Crystal, XP (Extreme Programming), DevOps, and Waterfall.

To touch the second topic further, we begin with responsibilities in addition to commitment. Here, things include whether the ASM exam-taker understands the tasks as well as responsibilities attached to the role of Scrum Master, suitable clues to use when solving problems, and the tools to utilize in facilitating the team. Next is coaching of the team as well as mediating through conflicts. This includes managing cultural diversity, coaching & challenging the team, and why training is important. The final aspect concerns other roles within the framework for Scrum.

As for the third category, the EXIN ASM exam looks deeper into affairs like the writing and maintenance of the Product as well as Sprint Backlog. It covers the importance associated with an agreeable Definition of Done, creating as well as recognizing good user-based stories, and the maintenance offered to Product Backlog as well as how to include items for the same. Another aspect being looked at by this topic is Agile planning. It concerns iterative planning within all the moments of devising such as Roadmap, Release, as well as Sprint Planning. Also to include is the Scrum Master role within all these planning moments. Another focus of this topic is Agile estimation. It includes evaluation using Ideal Hours, Ideal Days & Story Points, guiding planning sessions when using and when not using Planning Poker, recognizing errors during estimation, and calculating ROI. Other skills highlighted are how to track & communicate progress and stay in control.

In the ASM test, one will also be considering the domains within complex projects. This includes how to scale Agile projects, with a focus on the usage of Product Backlog within an environment that is scaled and explaining the process of scaling to bigger teams through the use of Scrum-of-Scrums. Other areas tackled are how suitable Agile is utilized for differing project types and Agile administration within tooling as well as tool integration.

The last topic for the ASM validation has a bunch of objectives. It starts with an introduction to Agile and this covers important activities for project management to be included in the plan for transition, and essential milestones during this transition. Also, how one can deal with resistance that comes when seeking to bring change is among the tested areas while self-organization is next to explore. The content covers its meaning, the sharing of project management, and the implication of having a team that is cross-functional. The last thing covered by such a scope is Agile requirements in addition to a proper environment. It includes changes regarding culture to be carried out before the adoption of Agile. It also covers the physical changes required to be performed before Agile is adopted.

What Job Titles Come with Passing ASM Test?

The Agile Scrum Master certificate mostly leads to the role of Scrum Master. When you are in such a role, your responsibilities include enhancing the team’s throughput and availing assistance to team members during the adoption and usage of Scrum. Looking at the data posted by about salaries, the average remuneration that a Scrum Master is paid is almost $114k annually.

What Is Next Certification?

There is one certificate that someone who has made it in the ASM exam and now has the EXIN Agile Scrum Master designation can earn. This is called the EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner and is for anyone opting for the role of Product Owner.