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    The EXIN ASF exam represents Agile principles in combination with scrum practices. In addition, it upholds how an individual comprehends the main concepts as well as their application. A good record in this test implies the issuance of the EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation certification to the candidate.

    Who Is Test Target?

    This entry-level ASF validation is developed with the goal of making specialists in need of fundamental awareness of principles of agile and the methodologies involved in Scrum to attain the proper skills. Moreover, it is important for anyone who leads or participates in projects. Specialists who can benefit from this vital test include those in project management, ITSM, software development, and business management. Then, Agile in addition to Scrum working together will ensure your attainment of a specified goal. To be peculiar, Agile is being utilized mostly within software development, but organizations are now applying it in other fields as well. On the other hand, the Scrum framework is necessary during the establishment of teams which are cross-functional as well as self-managing. That is why the ASF exam is essential to anyone seeking to explore the disciplines of Agile as well as Scrum.

    What Is Included in Test?

    In the official validation, takers are to experience 40 MCQs, which will be expected to run for up to one hour. For the attainment of the related EXIN certificate, the outcome should reveal 65% and more as the score. Thus, candidates getting ready for this test, which does not allow open books, should look into the varied topics and ensure they are able to recall information as well as apply it when performing their work routines.

    Exam Topics and Associated Domains

    For the final ASF evaluation, learners are asked to have their attention wholly on the objectives and the differing domains. The number of questions from each of them will vary. This is what you can expect from the EXIN ASF, in particular:

    • Thinking the Agile way (10%);
    • Scrum practices (45%);
    • Scrum planning as well as estimation (22.5%);
    • How to monitor Scrum projects (12.5%);
    • Advanced concepts of Scrum (10%).

    In respect to the ASF test, the first topic outlines the concepts that relate to Scrum and Agile. It includes how the transformation to Agile surroundings operates, how Agility leads to value, predictability, as well as flexibility, and the description of the Agile Manifesto. Another area regards the recognition of Agile methods as well as practices outside of Scrum.

    The second scope for the official ASF exam captures different things. This includes Scrum roles, where you must explain the duties of the following: Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Development Team. Also, the recognition of the role played by a conventional Project Manager is captured by such an area. What is also included here is Scrum events and covers the features associated with time-boxed events, the features of Sprints, the facets of Daily Scrum, and the features associated with Sprint Retrospective along with Sprint Review. The necessity of the Backlog is another thing being looked at by candidates who have signed up for the test. In particular, it concerns the characteristics of a fine Product as well as Sprint Backlog, the recognition of fine user stories as well as Backlog items, and the process of refining the items for Product Backlog. Lastly, the topic closes with the Definition of Done, where one is to define it and provide its importance.

    When you move to the third aspect that the EXIN ASF test covers, you will be learning the aspects of Scrum planning. This regards explaining what occurs during meetings for Sprint Planning and knowing how to perform the determination of duration with respect to a Sprint. Here, exam-takers are also to learn about Scrum Estimation, which captures evaluation techniques such as Planning Poker, Affinity & Triangulation, knowing the computation of estimations while utilizing Story Points or Ideal Days, and grasping how to order Backlog items.

    Next is the ASF fourth objective, which represents Scrum monitoring. Under it, an individual should be knowledgeable about Burn-Down kind of charts, monitoring Sprint progress, and the computation of velocity associated with the team. It finalizes with knowledge on Kanban boards as well as the concepts and the value brought by information radiators.

    Closing the ASF topics is the matter regarding Scrum within different notions. It details the recognition of applications of Scrum within projects that are large and complex. Covered as well is how the candidate should recognize ways in which Scrum is to be applied with scattered teams. There is also knowing varied contract types in Scrum and the creation of an Agile-based workspace.

    Career Opportunities, Job Titles, and Salary

    Organizations are continuing to implement the Agile rationale within and outside IT and software development teams. As such, there is an increasing demand for specialists who can demonstrate abilities in the Manifesto as well as other associated principles of Scrum & Agile. Thus, the EXIN ASF exam is one of the ways to prove that such demands can be met. This implies that when you nail the actual validation, you will be counted among those to fill the spaces that continue to be created through Agile. Your work as a certified individual will entail applying the principles that you have learned within the context of a business. Also, the appropriate titles you will be applying to will include an Agile manager, Agile software developer, and product manager. For the salary, your level of experience is going to matter first. As illustrated by, experienced software developers within the Agile space, for example, will expect to get about $106k annually. So, earn the EXIN ASF entry-level certificate, gain some more years of related experience in the field, and this monetary benchmark will be easily achievable.

    What Certificate Should You Apply Next?

    With the completion and receipt of the ASF designation after passing the affiliated test, you can proceed to a unique certification called the EXIN Agile Scrum Master. This is attainable after attending mandatory training and acing one test.

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