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    100% Real APICS Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. APICS Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with APICS Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's APICS Certification Practice Test Questions & APICS Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) is currently known as the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM). Accordingly, ASCM, is the largest global non-profit supply chain organization, an unbiased partner, linking businesses all over the world to the most recent thought leadership in all related to the supply chain.

    APICS Certification Overview

    In a nutshell, APICS certifications are internationally recognized qualifications for technical learning and advancement in the field of supply chain management. When recruiting and making hiring decisions for their production and supply chain innovations, companies all over the world need APICS certified individuals. Once accredited, you'll be a part of a global network dedicated to improving supply chains. You will also keep up with business updates, supply chain trends, and the supply chain activities of leading companies. Admittedly, supply chains have an effect on communities all over the world so any APICS certification enables you to build ethical, reliable, and cost-effective supply chains that will benefit future generations.

    Intended Audience

    Obtaining one of the APICS certifications will help you advance your career as a Supply Chain Manager or Analyst. Consequently, APICS designations can assist you in making strategic decisions if your work needs different functions such as improved forecasting, inventory control, efficiency, and other operations. In particular, APICS certificates are suitable for Material Managers, Business Analysts, Logistics Managers, Global Transportation Managers, Production Managers, Buyers/Planners, and many other supply chain management specialists. Indeed, if you are new to supply chain management or expecting to pursue a career in the supply chain field, you can consider taking APICS exams. Discussed below are some of the prominent validations offered by this vendor.

    Certified in Planning and Inventory Management - CPIM 7.0

    The APICS CPIM is internationally regarded as the gold standard in professional competence. With it, you can improve internal processes and customer loyalty by increasing practical awareness of manufacturing and inventory management. You can develop expertise, skills, and best practices needed to conduct, control, and enhance internal operations within your company's four walls through the CPIM preparation and exam phase. For the CPIM test, there are no prerequisites or eligibility criteria plus, the certificate is valid for a period of five years. Holders of the CPIM certification are eligible to work as Material Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Demand Analysts, and Consultants. Salaries for CPIM jobs vary depending on the number of years of expertise and the job title. A Supply Chain Manager with a CPIM certification will receive up to $84,000 annually according to PayScale. When it comes to the CPIM evaluation, the candidates are required to answer a set number of questions in two exam parts in order to test their skills in key areas. Overall, there are 150 questions on each of the APICS CPIM exams. Then, each CPIM test has a time limit of three hours thirty minutes. The objectives for the APICS CPIM exams are summarized below:

    • Increase inventory accuracy and thus, lowering inventory levels.
    • Demand management fundamentals.
    • Enhance the S&OP procedure.
    • Manage and put capability resource planning into practice.
    • Implement diversified supply plans.
    • Quality management and technologies, as well as continuous improvement.
    • Distribution managing as well as planning.

    Certified Supply Chain Professional - CSCP

    The APICS CSCP certification will give you end-to-end production capacity experience that will help you and your company stay competitive in the current marketplace. You will improve customer loyalty by increasing your trust in supply chain management and mastering the skills required to introduce new innovations to manufacturers, plants, and distributors. Also, you'll gain valuable experience managing global supply chain efforts and implementing key principles as well as techniques to enhance day-to-day operations with the CSCP designation. Candidates for the CSCP endorsement must meet at least ONE of the following requirements:

    • Supply chain experience of three years.
    • A bachelor's degree or its international equivalent is required.
    • The designations of CPIM, CLTD, CTL, CIRM, SCOR-P, CPM, or CPSM should be available.

    The CSCP test has 150 questions that must be answered in 3.5 hours. In all, the CSCP curriculum is divided into three modules, Supply Chain Design, Supply Chain Planning and Execution, and Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices. Through these topics, you'll learn the most up-to-date best practices for improving your job efficiency and maximizing the use of common technologies. The expertise you learn from these CSCP domains will help you enhance your organization's performance, increase planning and operations productivity, and generate more revenue. According to PayScale, an average APIS Certified Supply Chain Professional may earn up to $83,351 per annum.

    Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution - CLTD

    By receiving the CLTD designation, you'll be able to lead a group of logistics, transportation, and delivery practitioners who are committed to reducing their industry's environmental impact while also offering creative and groundbreaking solutions. You must also demonstrate a long-term commitment to the growing field of logistics, transportation, and distribution. As for the CLTD exam, it is a 3.5-hour computer-based evaluation with 150 items. With a passing grade, which is 300 points or more, you can instantly begin using your new CLTD certificate. Finally, you'll be able to do the following once you've earned your CLTD designation:

    • Improve the management of distribution inventory.
    • Metrics for warehouse efficiency can be developed and monitored.
    • In logistics and transportation, identify and mitigate risk.
    • Manage and carry out orders, with a focus on logistics.
    • Determine and manage ideal inventory levels, taking into account prices, controls, and policies.
    • Overview and Strategy for Logistics Planning.
    • Based on industry standards and best practices, choose the best Logistics Network Design.
    • Sustainability and Reverse Logistics.
    • Demand Management and Capacity Planning.
    • Improve your order management, inventory management, warehouse management, transportation, and global logistics skills.

    All in all, individuals who are certified in the sphere of Transportation & Logistics can earn an annual salary of $55,134 as rendered by ZipRecruiter.com and get the benchmark of as much as $115,500.

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