Pass 98-381 Certification Exam Fast

98-381 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Microsoft with new exam.

Microsoft 98-381 Exam Details

With an aim to prepare a skilled workforce that will have a top-notch understanding of Python language, the Microsoft 98-381 exam has gained global significance and praise. It verifies one’s core skills and knowledge providing a strong base for further development.

Certification Overview

Those who come up with flying colors in the Microsoft 98-381exam are going to obtain the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Python certification. This is an entry-level certificate helping IT professionals to have an easy and early career launch.

Without demanding any specific experience prerequisites in advance, this MTA accreditation imparts the foundational yet crucial concepts of Python and makes one ready to become an essential part of the IT Infrastructure domain.

Basic Exam Prerequisites

It’s suggested that applicants for 98-381 have notable expertise in writing syntactically correct Python code and handle associates tasks with full perfection. The vendor also recommends the intended candidates to have a bare minimum experience of 100 hours in Python programming language for easy exam journey. Besides that, it is important to have knowledge of Python features and capabilities, code generation procedure, basis principles of debugging the programming issues, and fundamental skills in maintaining the Python code.

General Exam Layout

Since 98-381 exam is a part of the MTA certification line, it follows the pattern of the entry-level tests set by Microsoft. As per the details revealed by the vendor, this exam is 50-minutes long and consists of 40-60 questions of the MCQ format. The passing score is 700/1000 and the results one gains have a lifetime validity. Also, there is no negative marking for wrong answers.

As the exam is available globally, there are many language choices to address different audiences. Presently, applicants can take up the test in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, and Spanish (Mexico).

The exam fee is $127 which is likely to change as per the country. Finally, note that there are no re-certification criteria, candidates can go on to earn other certificates any time they get ready.

Exam Domains

The entire Microsoft 98-381 syllabus can be divided into six sections that are disclosed below in detail.

Domain 1. Performing operations (with the use of data types & operators)

In this exam domain, candidates should prove they understand how to provide evaluating of an expression to identify the data type, executing data & data type operations, determining the execution sequence, and selecting the proper operator. One has to be skilled in the actions like identifying the float and boot data types, perform data type convertion, constructing data structures, slicing operations, indexing, and needs to be aware of various operators such as logical, comparison, assignment, containment, and identity.

Domain 2. Understanding control flow operations (using decisions and loops)

Under this domain, one should master the topics such as designing and analyzing code segments, including those that perform iteration and use branching statements. One has to be competent enough in using if/else-if/else, and compound and nested conditional expressions. In addition, the other subtopic focuses on an in-depth understanding of loops like while, break, continue, for, pass, and nested loops.

Domain 3. Input as well as Output (I/O) Operations

The third exam section throws a considerable amount of light on the concepts such as code writing related to input and output. Candidates should be skilled in writing & testing code segments responsible for running console I/O operations along with ones for files. They have to know how to use command-line arguments, read input from the console, and print formatted text, among the rest.

Domain 4. Document & Structure Code

The fourth part of 98-381 outline covers only 15-20% of the content. That being said, it provides a notable understanding of document as well as structure codes and requires a candidate to gain a better hold over constructing and analyzing those segments of code that involve function definitions.

The questions under this section will assess one’s skills in using comments & documentation strings, indentation implementation, and white space. Also, one should have a solid understanding of generating documentation through pydoc, default values, call signatures, and return and pass segments.

Domain 5. Taking care of Troubleshooting & Error Handling

Speaking of the fifth domain, it is all about knowing the ins and outs of Python-related troubleshooting and error handling. This section tries to impart best-of-breed understanding about analyzing, detecting and fixing error code segments that are known to involve errors. Applicants have to learn more about the errors related to syntax, logic, and runtime. In addition, one’s knowledge of analyzing and constructing exception handling code segments is required.

Domain 6. Operations through Modules and Tools

The last exam domain is the shortest of all. Only 1-5% of exam content is covered by it. It is designed to impart a foundational understanding about key operations through the in-built modules, knowledge of random, datetime, and math, and solving tedious computing problems.

Career Opportunities

This exam paves the path to becoming a skilled Python programming specialist. After earning the respective certification, IT pros can aim at pivotal developers job roles like software programmer and web application developers. Also, due to high-end inherited skills, these individuals can expect to gain decent pay. For instance, the median salary of a software developer is about $72k per annum, according to PayScale, and this is an average sum. When it comes to web app developers, their remuneration can go up to $95 annually.

Further Certifications Available

Being an entry-level exam, Microsoft 98-381 offers a myriad of career development opportunities. While it is not an obligatory requirement for any other certification, it provides substantial foundational knowledge that will be highly beneficial. The vendor offers different options for interested candidates such as Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Power Platform Developer Associate, MCSD: App Builder, and others.