Pass 98-364 MTA Certification Exam Fast

98-364 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Microsoft with new exam.

Microsoft 98-364 Exam Details

Taking the Microsoft 98-364 exam is one of the best decisions for those aiming to gain and improve skills in the database field. It earns one the MTA: Database Fundamentals certificate that proves basic competence and paves the path to acquiring higher-level certifications. By excelling in 98-364 test, candidates validate foundational knowledge in the sphere and can land their first job easier.

Who Should Take Microsoft 98-364 Certification Exam?

The Microsoft 98-364 test targets students and young professionals who are just beginning in the database field. Although this exam relates to the entry-level MTA, applicants still need to understand several concepts to succeed in it. Thus, one must be knowledgeable enough in relational databases, SQL Server, and such. Job experience is not required but having strong practical skills is highly recommended. These can be gained by solving samples provided by Microsoft itself through Visual Studio and MSDN. After passing this exam, the certification holder will be able to work with databases without difficulty.

What Are the Details of 98-364 Certification Exam?

When sitting for the Microsoft 98-364 exam, one will be given 45 minutes to answer all the questions. The number of the items may vary but generally, there are 40-60 tasks included. The enrollment fee for the test is $127. To register, the applicant should follow the instructions from the official website.

98-364 test consists of different multiple-choice questions but exam-takers should be ready to face the inquiries of other types as well. Even though the vendor doesn’t give a clear answer on the exact passing score, most often it is about 700 points out of 1000, so candidates should practice as much as possible with questions and exercises to tackle the majority of tasks.

Besides, the exam is available in different languages, including English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Mexican Spanish. Non-students who are interested in technology can apply for the Microsoft 98-364 test via the Pearson VUE platform, while students and instructors can use the Certiport site to register.

Topics Covered and Skills Measured in MTA 98-364 Exam

The Microsoft 98-364 exam focuses on the five areas that are disclosed below along with minute subtopics:

  • Creating database objects — this domain covers understanding types of data, creating views, and performing basic procedures
  • Handling data storage — the questions under this section check one’s knowledge of normalization, indexes, and composite, foreign, and primary keys
  • Utilizing basic database concepts — this section emphasizes understanding of tables and their components, data manipulation language, and data definition language
  • Manipulating data — to tackle these tasks, applicants should demonstrate abilities in performing updating, deleting, selecting, and inserting data
  • Administering databases — this domain requires candidates to know basic security principles related to databases as well as have knowledge about restore and backups

The first topic covers different concepts related to choosing the correct data types. Candidates will need to demonstrate that they know the specifics of different types of data as well as how they contribute to business performance. Also, they will be exposed to questions that verify their understanding of how tables work, what is their purpose, and how to create them. This topic also questions examinees on their skills in creating views, stored functions, and procedures.

The second topic concentrates on normalization and indexes. Exam-takers will need to know how to identify each of the five common normalization levels and understand why normalization features are being used. Also, this section includes questions related to understanding why keys are used in a database as well as the knowledge of their types. Applicants should show their expertise in applying and using indexes properly as well.

Within the section dedicated to understanding basic database concepts, candidates will need to demonstrate that they know how and why data is being stored in tables. They should be able to answer correctly to questions about the table’s purpose and its relation to data. Also, this topic includes a subtopic that focuses on understanding relational database concepts. On top of that, applicants should be proficient in utilizing data manipulation and data definition languages.

The fourth topic focuses on data manipulation. The examinees will need to handle this topic very well as they will receive questions that take them through the entire data manipulation process. Therefore, they should demonstrate that they can use SELECT queries and joints for data extraction and understand how to insert data into a database by using an INSERT statement. Another subtopic included her concentrates on data updates. Finally, candidates should be skilled in data deletion which means that they should know how to remove data from multiple and single tables.

The final section focuses on database administration. Even though this topic has the lowest coverage in the test’s total questions, it is extremely important. Examinees will need to show their proficiency in understanding concepts related to database security. They should also know how to perform database restoration and backups.

Further Certification Path After Passing Microsoft MTA 98-364

MTAs are not prerequisites for the associate-level Microsoft certifications but still, they help specialists earn the next certificates easier and advance faster. With MTA in Database Fundamentals, you’ll have all the core knowledge and skills to apply for and obtain the MCSA certifications connected to this path. These include MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development, MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration, and Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate, among the rest. Moreover, one has a great opportunity to choose any specialization from data analysis to development due to the broad and comprehensive knowledge base. Thus, the certificates such as MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development or Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate also become available.

What Are the Career Opportunities?

By earning the MTA: Database Fundamentals certification, one becomes eligible for the roles such as database administrator, Windows administrator, analytics administrator, system administrator, support technician, and others. When it comes to compensation, according to PayScale, annual salaries for certified database administrators start from the mark of $47k while the average remuneration is about $74k per year.