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70-741 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Microsoft with new exam.

Microsoft 70-741 Exam Details

Microsoft MCSA 70-741 Exam

The Microsoft 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016 exam checks one’s abilities in handling tasks related to functions of Windows Server 2016. It is an associate-level test that leads to the MCSA certification. By passing it, candidates verify their competence in networking technologies and tools as well as reducing costs.

Certification Path

Exam 70-741 is one of the requirements for earning the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. It should be passed along with the tests 70-740: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 and 70-742: Identity with Windows Server 2016. This certificate is one of the best choices for current network administrators who are aiming to upgrade their knowledge and skills by learning the most recent concepts and techniques.

What Are the Prerequisites for the Exam?

The main target audience for 70-741 test includes specialists that already have solid understanding of IPAM, DNS, and DHCP. They must also be experienced in deploying VPN and RADIUS solutions for remote access. Finally, skills in managing branch cache solutions and DFS, implementing SDN, and configuring high-performance features of networks is recommended.

Registration and Scheduling Process

70-741 is a live online exam that is conducted via more than 1000 authorized VUE Testing Centres located around the world. Once you have chosen the exams that you wish to sit for, you will have to make the required payment. It is important to know that once the fee is paid, you can take tests within one year. Here are other crucial information:

  • The exams are extremely flexible and can be scheduled as per convenience starting from up to six weeks in advance. In some cases, you can also schedule the test as late as the day before it.
  • For cancelation or rescheduling the exam, you need to contact the center while making sure that any such request must be made two working days before the actual date of the test as provided by the center.
  • Lastly, during the registration, the candidate shall receive all the required information and procedures with regards to appointment, scheduling, and cancellation. The ID requirements will also be specified in the guidelines which are to be strictly observed. The center also provides a payment confirmation letter and registration form via VUE.

Exam Features

The Microsoft 70-741 exam is 120 minutes long, and during this time, the applicants will be required to answer 40 to 60 questions. The passing score is 700 out of 1000. The enrollment fee is $165. This exam will contain various types of questions such as review screen, mark review, labs, multiple choice, best answer, active screen, build list, hot area, drag and drop, case studies, among many.

Objectives of 70-741 Exam

The topics covered in the exam are related to understanding, installation, and configuration of the settings of Windows and related aspects. The candidate must have theoretical as well as apt practical knowledge of the same. The following is the percentage-wise weight of the domains and their involved topics that need to be mastered during preparation:

  1. Implementation of DNS (domain name system) 15-20%
  2. This domain includes tasks that check one’s skills needed to install DNS server and perform its configuration covering settings, cache locking, DANE, etc. Also, the ability to create and configure DNS zones and records.

  3. Implementing IPAM and DHCP: 25-30%
  4. Under this section, candidates show their knowledge of how to work with DHCP including its installation, maintenance, management, and configuration. Here applicants need to understand different policies, be able to apply IPv6 addressing, handle server migration, restore databases, and more. Also, the concepts of using IPAM are involved.

  5. Implementation of remote access solutions as well as network connectivity: 20-25%
  6. The questions associated with this domain cover routing configuration, applying NAT, working with VPNs and implementing, installing, and troubleshooting DirectAccess. In addition, this part of the syllabus focuses on NPS templates and policies, Connection, Request Policies, RADIUS accounting, etc.

  7. Core and distributed network solutions: 15-20%
  8. This domain emphasizes IPv4 as well as IPv6 configuration, subnetting, routing, utilizing ISATAP. Also, the tasks involved will test one’s skills in installing DFS namespaces, recovering DFSR databases, implementing different cache modes, and troubleshooting BranchCache, among the rest.

  9. Implement an advanced network infrastructure: 15-20%
  10. The last objective covers various high performance network solutions and operating with them. These include Receive Side Scaling, Quality of Service, RDMA, SMB Multichannel, Data Center Bridging, and others. Also, this section is associated with identifying proper requirements and designing scenarios for SDN implementation, including Hyper-V Network Virtualization VXLAN, etc.

Skills Tested

The Microsoft 70-741 exam is primarily focused on assessing the networking skills related to Windows Server 2016. By acing this test, applicants validate their competence in designing and configuring DNS records and zones, installing DNS servers, maintaining DHCP, and implementing IP Address Management. Also, the abilities to implement DirectAccess solutions, Network Policy Server, and Distributed File System are validated. Besides, candidates prove their knowledge of high-performance solutions and the skills to identify requirements for implementing SDN. After passing this exam, the candidate will be equipped in providing value-based solutions to businesses while maintaining the costs.

Career Prospects and Salary Expectations

By acing all the three needed exams and earning the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certificate, individuals show their profound knowledge in the field. Thus, they become suitable candidates for various roles such as network administrator, server administrator, Windows systems administrator, server engineer, and others. Apart from bringing new career options, this certification ensures one will get decent pay. According to PayScale’s recent survey, the average annual compensation for the MCSA certified specialists is about $76k.

Certification Opportunities

Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2016 paves the path to obtaining the expert-level MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification. To earn it, the applicant should also pass the tests 70-744, 70-745, and 70-413. By acquiring it, you’ll show the abilities to run a data center, perform tasks related to virtualization, systems management, and identity management, and others on the advanced level.