Pass 70-705 Certification Exam Fast

70-705 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Microsoft with new exam.

Microsoft 70-705 Exam Details

Microsoft Exam 70-705 (Designing and Providing Microsoft Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations) is made for sales experts who focus on areas that relate to licensing.

Who Is Exam 70-705 Intended for?

This test is aimed at sales professionals who promote licensing facilities to huge businesses that serve over 250 customers or have more than 250 items of technical equipment. Candidates for this exam should have a solid grasp of various business licensing solutions offered by Microsoft that include Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Open, Open Value, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), Enterprise Subscription Agreement, and Enterprise Agreement.

In addition to these, examinees must have a minimum of 6 months of practical experience in selling different licensing deals offered by Microsoft. Candidates also need to be aware of which licensing models are the best fit for which Microsoft products, and they should have a foundational grasp of the various products such as desktop applications, server applications, Online Services, and operating systems. Lastly, those who can aptly point out the perfect product solutions that will resolve the consumers’ needs are encouraged to take this exam as well.

What Are the Microsoft 70-705 Exam Features?

Microsoft exam 70-705 requires no other prior certifications as a prerequisite and can be taken at local testing centers or under proctored conditions online. The registration fee for this test is $165, and the exam is available in a plethora of languages like French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, and English. Supplementary study materials for this exam such as books and instructor-led training courses are also available online, along with other resources.

What Topics Are Covered in Exam 70-705?

This exam addresses many technical areas that include the following subtopics:

  • Suggesting the Correct Tech Remedies — for this first domain, students must be able to assess the steps needed to attain more advanced technology solutions for the future. This requires determining the consumers’ present and prospective IT desires, coming up with resolutions that satisfy exactly what the consumers need, and picking between Online Services versus on-premises software. Then, candidates will also have to know how to choose the right products that will resolve customer issues both on premises & online, as well as understand which product licensing rights to provide to the consumer on premises and which to provide online. As a result, applicants will need to have a full mastery of a product’s elements and uses, elaborate on product licensing for both virtual and physical contexts, suggest activation methods, suggest the best software versions, explain the rules of thumb for buying software, recommend the best deals, understand dependencies between products, suggest the incorporation of Step-up, and recommend Add-on User Software Licenses (SLs).

    The candidates will also have to explain the advantages of the Office 365 portal and explain the scenarios that require the incorporation of software such as Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft 365, Office 365, SQL Server 2016, System Center 2016, Skype for Business Server 2015, Windows Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2016, and lastly, Dynamics 365 On-Premises Server.

    Furthermore, this exam topic also requires students to pinpoint the appropriate technologies & licensing rights as solutions to customers’ issues with Microsoft Azure. This means they must be able to suggest the best Azure plans to clients, recognize consumption services, use ‘License Mobility via Software Assurance’ or ‘Azure Hybrid Use Benefit’ in order to provide remedies to consumers, and finally, recommend the approach to the management of resources with the help of Azure Management Portal.

  • Suggesting the Correct Advantages of Software Assurance — in this next section, students must show that they can capitalize on the advantages of Software Assurance (SA) in order to resolve consumer issues. This means the candidates will have to learn more about the benefits such as limitless virtualization rights, Virtual Desktop Access, License Mobility throughout server farms, and Step-up rights. Applicants will also have to be skilled to help consumers enable the SA advantages, meaning they will have to handle & enable things such as training vouchers, 24/7 Problem Resolution Support, planning services, and a home use program.
  • Suggesting Correct Licensing Facilities — for this last domain candidates must demonstrate their ability to choose the correct licensing plans. As a result, they will need to know how to assess all the software a customer currently uses. They will also need to evaluate budgets, expected expansions, payment facilities, geographic areas, MS licensing deals, software enhancement options, software buying methods, and approaches for hybrid, on-premises, and cloud solutions. Alongside this, applicants must possess the capability to explain the rights that entail the licensing of a product. Hence they have to be able to pick between bundle licensing & Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and elaborate the plus points of bundle licensing like reimaging privileges, lowering rights, and reassigning licenses.

What Career Opportunities Are Available for Certified Professionals?

Those who manage to master all the mentioned topics and pass the Microsoft 70-705 exam can opt for careers such as:

  • Licensing Specialist
  • Licensing Manager
  • Senior Licensing Manager
  • Business Development Representative
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Sales Associate
  • Project Manager

What’s more, is that each of these positions come with high pay. According to, the average annual income of a Licensing Specialist is around $48k. The average income per annum of a Licensing Manager is $69k, and for a Senior Licensing Manager, the amount increases to $96k. A Business Development Representative can earn anywhere between $35k-$70k annually, and for a Customer Service Representative (CSR) the income range is between $29k-$54k. The yearly earnings of a Sales Associate can be as high as $74k, and finally, the earnings of a Project Manager can reach peaks of $113k. If you were still doubting the decision to sit for this exam, then these high monetary figures should definitely encourage you to do so.