Pass 70-487 MCSD Certification Exam Fast

70-487 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Microsoft with new exam.

Microsoft 70-487 Exam Details

With a strong focus on ASP.NET MVC, the Microsoft 70-487 exam is designed to impart the advanced-level skills needed for Azure and web application solution development. It gives close exposure to the practices adopted by Microsoft in this field and leads one to earning the MCSD certification.

Audience Profile

Exam 70-487 is known as Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services. The ideal candidate for 70-487 exam is the professional who uses Visual Studio 2017 in the workplace and has great competency in .NET Core Framework by Microsoft. Before enrolling in this test, applicant should have 3 to 5 years of work experience in ASP.NET MVC-based solution development. Apart from all these, having skills in using Microsoft Azure, knowledge of software development life cycle, performing deployment to multi-tier environments, working with HTTP services, and asynchronous solutions is essential. Taking this exam is the best step for those who wish to have a promising career as a web application developer.

70-487 Exam Overview and Related Certification Path

Microsoft 70-487 is associated with the advanced-level MCSD: App Builder certification. Along with passing this exam, a candidate has to earn either the MCSA: Web Applications or the MCSA: Universal Windows Platform certificate.

70-487 test itself includes nearly 40-60 questions that are presented in MCQ and other formats to check the deepest understanding of subject matter. As the exam has global demand, it is available in English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Spanish languages. The registration fee is $165 for every attempt.

Once you achieve the needed passing score (about 700 out of 1000), the result will be valid for a lifetime. However, notice that the existing version of 70-487 is due for retirement on January 31, 2021. After this date, the new version will be available.

Skills Measured in 70-487 Test

Like any other exam, Microsoft 70-487 aims check some specific skills that are divided into several domains. The sections of this test are the following:

  1. Accessing Data
  2. Querying and Manipulating Data by Using the Entity Framework
  3. Creating and Consuming Web API-based services
  4. Designing and Implementing Web Services
  5. Deploying Web Applications and Services

All these five domains are designed to assess one’s understanding of the essential topics and ensure the candidates are ready to perform real-world responsibilities. Below, there is a detailed overview of the areas one should master when preparing for 70-487.

The first domain that emphasizes data access, covers 20-25% of the entire exam content and focuses on the skills needed to choose the right technologies for data access (including ADO.NET, Entity Framework, WCF Data Services, and Azure Cosmos DB) and perform caching implementation. Candidates should also have the key abilities required for transaction management using API, handling data storage implementation in Microsoft Azure, and working with a WCF Data Services. This section also includes the use of CacheDependency, Azure SQL, etc.

The second domain involves the use of the Entity Framework for manipulating and querying data, utilizing Data Provider, LINQ, and ADO.NET. Also, one should be proficient in creating a data model and Entity Framework implementation with third-party databases. In addition, the following knowledge and skills are tested: lazy loading and eager loading implementation, creation of compiled queries and global query filters, transaction management, synchronous and asynchronous operations, applying query boundaries, using DataReader, Connection, and Command objects, implementing POCO objects, and more.

Creating and consuming web API-based services is the main topic of the third domain that involves every minute skill required for handling operations with Web API. These include design, implementation, securing, managing, hosting, and consuming Web API. Under this section, one will be assessed on planning and mapping URI space, picking the suitable HTTP method as well as WebAPI formats, handling data binding, working with exception filters and action filters, implementing authorization, performing access control, configuring host servers, sending and receiving various types of requests, utilizing AutoRest, etc.

The fourth domain focuses on designing and implementing web services associated with WCF and Azure. To answer all the related questions, one should be competent in the implementation of serverless services, managing traffic, and performing monitoring tasks. This domain covers knowledge about generating proxies with the help of SvcUtil, WCF services’ configuration, Service Fabric based web services implementation, Azure Load Balancer implementation, securing web services using certificates, and defining API interfaces.

Deploying web applications and services is the last domain one has to study to ace 70-487 exam. The tasks included in this part of the test focus on developing strategies for Azure deployment, choosing the right strategy, configuring web applications, managing packages with the help of NuGet, and sharing assembles within different servers and applications. This section covers the use of Web Publishing and XCopy, creating and configuring endpoints, implementing ARM templates, configuring Azure settings, managing NuGet dependencies, and providing operations with assemblies, among the rest.

Career Opportunities after Passing the Microsoft 70-487 Exam

Once you pass 70-487 exam and earn the MCSD: App Builder certificate, it will make a whole new and promising world of opportunities easily accessible. The successful candidate can aim for job roles like web application developer, mobile application developer, web designer, and so on.

As this certification is the gold standard for excellence in the field, such an achievement will also be rewarded well. For instance, the compensation a mobile app developer can get is about $74k per year in the US. The remuneration for web app developers is about $66k annually, and as a web designer, one can make up to $75k, according to the PayScale’s research. All these job roles are promising and help you earn a decent living.

Other Certifications One Can Earn Afterwards

After passing the Microsoft 70-487 exam, you can take your career to a whole new level by going for other certifications related to close spheres. For example, you can choose to obtain Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate to gain expertise in a certain app type. Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate is also a good option to go for as well as Microsoft Certified: Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Developer Associate.