Pass 70-480 MCSA Certification Exam Fast

70-480 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Microsoft with new exam.

Microsoft 70-480 Exam Details

The Microsoft 70-480 test also called “Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3” is one of the exams needed to be completed to get MCSA: Web Applications certified. MCSA: Web Applications is an associate-level certification for aspiring software developers who want to prove their skills in application development. It also verifies one’s knowledge of trends and modern apps as well as their implementation.

Who Should Try the Microsoft 70-480?

Candidates for the Microsoft 70-480 exam are those who are aiming to cement a place for themselves in the industry as software engineers with proven competence. Microsoft states on its official site that applicants for this exam should have at least one year of experience dealing with HTML development in an event-driven, object-based programming model.

One more prerequisite for individuals is to have skills in using JavaScript for delivering business logic via programming. It is also recommended that candidates have a solid understanding of how to manage events and program flows; how to work with collections, arrays, variables, and operators; how to properly validate data; and handle errors and exceptions, among a few others.

Complete Certification Path

Microsoft 70-480 is not the only prerequisite for obtaining the MCSA: Web Applications. One more mandatory test one has to sit for is 70-486 “Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications”. However, candidates can also choose to pass 70-483 test instead of 70-480 as their final step in getting MCSA: Web Applications certified. This is the best decision if they want to improve in programming in C# since this is the focus of 70-483 exam.

What Is the Microsoft 70-480 Exam About?

Candidates for Microsoft 70-480 test can expect 40 to 60 questions to appear in the exam, and to pass it they need to score at least 700 out of 1000. Each individual gets 2 hours to complete the test, and it is recommended to answer as many questions as possible since there will be no minus marks given for wrong solutions. The questions can be in multiple choice or multiple answer format and can be combined with tasks of other types. The languages in which the exam is offered are English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, Portuguese, German, and Japanese. Registration for the test can be done on the official Microsoft page at a cost of $165.

Note that 70-480, along with the MCSA: Web Applications certification, is set to be retired in January of 2021, and candidates are advised to schedule this test prior to this date to avoid disappointments.

What Are the Exam Domains Discussed under Microsoft 70-480?

Designed to test one’s HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 skills, the domains for 70-480 exam are as follows.

  • Document structures and objects implementation and manipulation. This domain focuses on how to create document structures with HTML; how to use and implement HTML5 APIs; coding in a manner that interacts with UI controls; construction and implementation of objects and methods; and styling HTML elements using programming. This section accounts for 20-25% of the overall course content.
  • Program flow execution. The questions under the second section discuss how to execute program flow, including the use of operators and evaluating expressions; how to apply exception handling; how to implement asynchronous programming; how raising and handling of an event is carried out; and how to use web workers. All these count towards 25-30% of the overall content.
  • Accessing and securing data. This objective mainly covers the following areas: validating user inputs with HTML elements and JavaScript; consuming JSON and XML data and utilizing XMLHTTP Request; serialization, deserialization, and transmission of data. Be ready to demonstrate your knowledge of using URI/form encoding, JQuery, and skills in preventing code injection, among others. These concepts will carry 25-30% of the questions in the exam.
  • Usage of CSS3 in applications. The last section, which again carries 25-30% weight, covers styling HTML text and box properties; applying styles for text and graphic effects; designing flexible content layouts as well as UI that are animated and adaptive, including utilization of 2-D and 3-D transformations and CSS transitions; search for elements using JQuery and CSS selectors; and structuring a CSS file with the use of CSS selectors.

What Job Opportunities Will Be Available for Those Certified?

With the ever-growing demand for IT professionals due to more and more businesses adopting technology in their processes, having a certification of this caliber can open doors to many job opportunities for a certified individual. As this is also an associate-level one offered by Microsoft, chances of promotions within your current job role and claims for higher salaries being successful are quite high. Moreover, one can opt for a new job: some of the positions that you can apply for, that go hand in hand with the MCSA: Web Applications certificate, are as follows.

  • Software developer
  • Web developer
  • Application developer
  • System administrator
  • Services engineer

The Return on Investment (ROI) one stands to gain by completing this program is significantly high as according to PayScale, the average salary a web developer having this certification earns is around $60k per annum. Note that this is only an average amount and that depending on your region of residence, the company you work for, and other factors, the figures could be even higher.

What Should You Do After Passing the MCSA 70-480?

Once you have passed the Microsoft 70-480 exam along with 70-486, you can proudly display your newly earned MCSA: Web Applications certification on your LinkedIn profile to net potential employers. Since this is an associate-level certificate, one can move towards even more challenging expert-level alternatives such as MCSD: App Builder. The MCSA: Web Applications is one of its prerequisites along with one compulsory test. Therefore you can already consider yourself one step ahead in the learning path and preparations towards getting it. Note that there are other options to choose from as well depending on your career goals, including role-based certificates for developers focused on Microsoft 365, Azure, and other technologies.