Pass 70-339 MCSE Certification Exam Fast

70-339 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Microsoft with new exam.

Microsoft 70-339 Exam Details

Bundled with all the leading and high-end skills that shape the career of an administrator or an IT professional in the field of networking and computer systems administration, the Microsoft 70-339 exam has gained great significance and eminence in the market. It verifies one’s skills in the management of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 as well as performing other related operations.

Certification Path

The Microsoft 70-339 exam is associated with the MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert certification. It validates the fact that its holder is capable to improve the organization’s data security, trim down the company’s data loss. Also, it proves that the candidate is skilled enough to move the organization to the cloud and knows how to improve user productivity and flexibility.

Who Can Go for MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert?

The MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert certification is geared towards the IT pros with solid industry experience. These individuals are proficient in handling the basic and advanced responsibilities in the network and computer systems administration, SharePoint maintenance, working with cloud technologies, etc. Business Application Administrators and professionals who have commendable background in using Windows Server 2012/2016 and Office 365 can level-up their skills with this certificate.

In addition to this, it is obligatory for candidates to earn either MCSA: Windows Server 2012 accreditation or another option at this track which is MCSA: Windows Server 2016.

70-339 Exam Prerequisites

Since 70-339 test leads to the MCSE accreditation, the fulfillment of some prerequisites is essential. As per the guidelines provided by the vendor, the exam-taker should be equipped enough with SharePoint and other core technologies like Windows Server 2008 R2, Internet Information Services (IIS), Active Directory, SQL Server 2008 R2, and networking infrastructure services. A minimum of two-year experience in all these skill areas makes the journey ahead a lot easier, as well as competence in using PowerShell, security concepts, authentication, data backup, and others.

Microsoft 70-339 Exam Details

The Microsoft 70-339 test is a part of the MCSE path, so it contains 40-60 precisely designed questions that are based on MCQ format, mostly. The total duration is 150 minutes, and 700/1000 is the minimum passing score to pass. The exam is globally accessible via the online proctoring and testing center delivery method.

Candidates can opt for taking 70-339 in different languages as the vendor offers the options such as English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese (Brazil). The enrollment fee is $165. The score remains valid for three years from the date of passing, and a candidate should fulfill the exam re-take criteria before that cycle ends.

What Are the Exam Domains?

The Microsoft 70-339 exam is solely based on seven diligently designed domains. Each domain covers key technology and imparts best-of-breed understanding about that technology.

Design SharePoint infrastructure is the first exam domain that explains what it takes to design information architecture along with logical as well as physical architecture. Also, it covers planning for hybrid cloud environments and installation processes. These areas require one to understand the concepts such as inter-site navigational taxonomy, server farm topology, Central Administration deployment, storage architecture, and various other related technological aspects. It also explains how to conduct server-to-server authentication, configure OAuth, set-up OneDrive for Business, devise-up an extensible App Launcher, and deploy hybrid picker tools.

Plan authentication and security is the second domain and covers about 15-20% of the exam content. All the key skills related to planning and configuring authentication, authorization, farm security, and web applications are well covered. The candidate should be able to get enough exposure to the skills needed for creation and configuration of the User Profile Service (UPA) application. Under this sub-section, the applicants also have to know about techniques required for configuring social permissions and profile properties, among the rest.

About 15-20% of the test is covered by the next domain that is titled “Plan workload optimization”. It includes topics like site collections’ design and maintenance, restore and backup planning, disaster recovery, planning high availability for SharePoint, and the configuration of social workloads. Also, this section focuses on one’s abilities in working with WCM (Web Content Management) and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) workloads.

The fourth exam domain is all about planning productivity solutions. Candidates are likely to get an expert-level understanding of the skills needed to plan an upgrade process, perform the evaluation of customizations and content, design and set up productivity services as well as app management, work with Secure Store app and BCS, and administer SharePoint apps and solutions. These areas require one to be proficient in configuring a parallel upgrade, planning and migrating SharePoint on-premises, configuring the App Store and Office Online Server, and others.

Manage search capabilities is the fifth exam section and it talks about how to create and configure Enterprise search. The focus is on skills required for planning and configuring crawl rules, crawl performance, security trimming, and hybrid search. In addition, one should have solid knowledge about Managed Metadata Service (MMS) application, search management, administering taxonomy, and setting up search workload.

The next exam topic is the shortest and throws light on the skills related to the planning and configuring cloud services. Candidates should learn about how to plan and configure a BI infrastructure, Performance Point, reporting services, PowerPivot, Excel Services, and BI security. Moreover, the areas such as work management configuration as well as setting up cloud and federated hybrid search are included here.

The last exam domain is titled “Monitor and optimize a SharePoint environment”. In this section, one will be asked to show the knowledge about SharePoint environment monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting. These require one to be skilled in page performance monitoring, SQL optimization, client-side tracing, and more.

What Are the Takeaways of Passing the Microsoft 70-339 Exam?

From a career point of view, test 70-339 can bring some amazing changes. Candidates will experience a huge demand for their skills in the global market. They will be preferred over non-accredited peers for job roles like IT consultants, system administrators, and IT managers. The expected average salary of an MCSE certified employee is about $96k per annum on average, according to PayScale.

How to move ahead in the career path?

As MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert is the most advanced certification, there is no other option to opt for at this path. However, interested candidates can level-up their career with some other certificates that are interrelated with it. MCSE: Core Infrastructure or different MCSA certifications can serve as good career achievements as well.