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  • LPI 303-200 Exam Dumps, LPI 303-200 practice test questions

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    The LPI 303-200 is the standard exam that allows you to get the LPIC-3 Enterprise Security certificate. If you are planning to become an expert in Linux security systems, you should definitely go for this certification exam. It covers the knowledge about the administration of the Linux Systems enterprise-wide with a focus on security. Also, this certification test can bring a lot of opportunities for you and give you a chance to work closely with seasoned IT experts.

    Who Is 303-200 Exam Intended for?

    It is designed for specialists who demonstrate knowledge of Linux system security and are willing to work in the IT field. The candidate must know about network security, application security, operations security, access control, and cryptography to pass the official exam. You should have an active LPIC-2 certification in order to register for this test. As the LPIC-2 is the prerequisite of this exam you cannot sit for the LPIC-3 certification exam without getting the LPIC-2 validation.

    What Is 303-200 Test?

    Like many other LPI exams, it also has the same pattern. There are 60 multiple-choice questions including fill in the blanks that you have to attempt within 90 minutes. To add more, the exam comes in English and Japanese and puts more emphasis on security in the Linux Systems Enterprise. You have to pay $200 for the registration for such a test. However, keep in mind that this price is not fixed and changes from one country to another. Thus, check for the price on the LPI official site and do your registration accordingly. As a rule, this vendor provides you with the best certifications that are of great relevance and quality. You can also check the LPI official website study guides for the preparation of the certification.

    Tested Areas of 303-200 Validation?

    To pass this certification exam, one should have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the concepts of the topics included in the official test. So, you should be skilled in the following topics before taking the main exam:

    • Host Security;
    • Access Control;
    • Network Security;
    • Cryptography.

    The first objective covers the host security. It has four subtopics such as Host Hardening, User Management as well as Authentication, Samba Integration & FreeIPA Installation, and Host Intrusion Detection. In the first subtopic, you will learn about host hardening that includes disabling useless software services, working with chroot environments, and configuring BIOS as well as security for the boot loader. It also includes running Linux against common threats and kernel configuration. The other subtopics comprise the use of the configuration of common host intrusion detection software, maintenance, and automated host scans. The candidate’s knowledge about management and authentication of user accounts, the use of NSS, SSSD, PAM, Kerberos, remote and local directories are important to attempt 303-200 exam.

    The second area focuses on access control. It has three categories that involve discretionary access control, network file systems, and mandatory access control. In the first place, you will learn about discretionary access control and implementing it utilizing access control lists. Moreover, the candidate should know about mandatory access control systems for Linux, SELinux, and the main features of these systems. The experiences in security issues and configuring NFSv4 clients and CIFS client services add more value to your preparation for the exam. Moreover, understanding Smack, handling extended attributes & attribute classes are equally important to ace the test.

    The third topic is network security, where the candidate should be able to protect networks against common threats. It also includes the confirmation of the effectiveness of security measures. What’s more, you must know how to deal with identifying rouge router advertisements and DHCP messages. You will also learn how to configure FreeRADIUS to validate network nodes. Furthermore, the candidate should have skills in network intrusion detection that involves applying bandwidth usage monitoring, configuring OpenVAS including NASL, and utilizing Snort with rule management. You should also understand firewall architectures, implement network address translation and connection tracking as well as using netfilter, ip6tables & iptables. Lastly, the knowledge of virtual private networks is also essential for 303-200 exam as it covers the awareness of L2TP, operating OpenVPN server and routed VPN networks, and configuring IPsec server & clients for routed VPN networks utilizing racoon/IPsec-tools.

    The fourth domain emphasizes cryptography. It includes generating and handling public and private keys, creating secure certification authority, requesting server and client certificates as well as understanding public key infrastructure and trust chains. Moreover, the candidate's knowledge about SSL, protocol versions, and TLS, configuring Apache HTTPD services, and using OpenSSL for TLS/SSL client and server tests will be checked by such a portion. You should also understand PAM integration, using eCryptfs to encrypt file systems, and utilizing dm-crypt with LUKS to encrypt the block devices. To add more, the applicant should have experience with cryptography and its implementation using BIND. It further includes using DANE to publish the X.509 certificate information, configuring BIND as a recursive name server, and troubleshooting BIND as an authoritative name server helping DNSSEC secure zones.

    What Awaits Certified Specialists?

    You will get a lot of exceptional opportunities when you attain the LPIC-3 Enterprise Security certification. It will open the door towards high-paying jobs, among which you may find the following:

    • Linux Security Analyst;
    • Security Engineer;
    • Security Administrator.

    There is a huge difference in the salaries of certified and non-certified Linux professionals. The annual income of a seasoned security administrator is $95k meanwhile the salary of a Linux security analyst is around $71k per year as covered by Payscale. The reputable IT companies need security analysts and engineers who are dedicated to working closely with their IT experts.

    Career Path

    After completing the LPIC-3 Enterprise Security endorsement, you can broaden your knowledge with other specialty certifications like the LPIC-3 Enterprise Virtualization and High Availability and the LPIC-3 Enterprise Mixed Environment validations. The LPIC-3 certifications will help you get a successful career within the IT sector that will allow you to get a decent salary. Once you accomplish these certifications, it will make you an advanced-level professional in Linux system security.

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