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    The Citrix 1Y0-312 is a premium exam that helps applicants obtain the Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization (CCP-V) certification. It helps them validate their skills in working with Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 infrastructure.

    Target Audience for 1Y0-312 Exam

    In a nutshell, the 1Y0-312 certification test targets individuals who want to learn how to support and manage the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 infrastructure while working in the Citrix Cloud or on-premises environment. The applicants who want to get the passing score in this exam are interested to leverage their Citrix Desktops and Virtual Apps abilities and reach an advanced level of expertise. In particular, the target audience for the 1Y0-312 exam includes Desktop Virtualization Consultants and Engineers. Also, the Citrix Engineers and Partners are part of the target audience for the official 1Y0-312 evaluation. Finally, System Administrators will also find such an exam useful to advance in their careers.

    1Y0-312 Certification Exam Details

    All in all, such a Citrix test focuses on developing engineering skills and targets the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops product family. The actual exam includes 71 questions and it is available in the English language only. Besides, the questions have a multiple-choice format. To add more, the exam-takers will need to obtain a passing score of 64%. The candidates who are native English speakers will receive a time limit of one hour and a half. On the other hand, non-native English speakers who are taking the exam in a country where English is recognized as a foreign language will automatically receive a time extension of 30 minutes. A non-native English speaker who takes the test in a country where English is not a foreign language will need to submit a time extension request to receive the extra 30 minutes.

    Topics Tested in 1Y0-312

    The candidates who want to get the passing score in the official 1Y0-312 evaluation will need to develop skills in the following topics:

    • Architecture Overview

      The candidates who want to get certified should learn how to determine the StoreFront, Citrix Infrastructure, and Citrix Gateway components’ sizing and numbers according to the production environment. Also, applicants should become experienced in determining the machine HDX hosting processes and meeting the requirements of a production setting.

    • Take Control over a Virtual Apps & Desktops Setting That Contains Numerous Locations

      Within this chapter, the exam-takers will understand how the FMA Zone framework is implemented in numerous locations for resources. Also, candidates will learn how to manage and configure VDA Registration infrastructure. Other topics included in this section focus on helping the test-takers understand the way to deal with & establish the Optimal Gateway for Routing and the synchronization for Subscription Store requirements in a particular scenario.

    • Implementing Disaster Recovery Features as well as Various Backups

      Under such a scope, the test-takers will learn how to incorporate effective backup and disaster recovery solutions while working in a Virtual Apps & Desktops atmosphere of Citrix. They will also become proficient in restoring the production setting after an incident.

    • Executing Diversified Methods for the Authentication of the High Level

      This chapter, in particular, includes topics dedicated to identifying the methods of using the passwords for one time only in RADIUS authentication while working in a Virtual Apps & Desktops condition. Also, entrants will learn how to deploy SAML and ADFS authentication.

    • Improving Security in Apps and Data

      The test-takers will become skilled at preventing jailbreak attacks when they manage user assignments. Also, they will be able to identify the solutions for minimizing the attacks’ impact.

    • Securing the Virtual Delivery Agent and the Running of Varied Machines

      Within this section, the examinees will learn the methods for determining how to use Encrypt communications for VDA and improve OS security by using image management. Besides, individuals will learn how to identify the Citrix and GPOs Policies usages when they lock down the machines that run with VDAs components.

    • Advanced Troubleshooting

      If they want to pass the 1Y0-312 exam, the applicants will learn how to take advantage of different troubleshooting tools while working in a Virtual Apps and Desktops setting. Besides, they will discover different options that help them use the fundamental PowerShell tasks. Finally, the candidates will learn how to solve the Citrix Gateway and StoreFront issues to meet the requirements of a rendered scenario.

    • Layering Apps and How to Create the Necessary Layers

      The applicants will become skilled at determining the most effective methods for working with OS, Platform, and App Layer. Besides, they will discover different options for determining how the App layering components can communicate with each other. Finally, they will become proficient at determining how they can create Elastic App and User Layers.

    • Deploying a Layered Image Utilizing the Virtual Apps & Desktops

      The candidates for this exam will gain experience in creating the template for the App Layering. Besides, they will determine how the changes in Virtual Desktops and Apps image deployment can affect the App Layering itself.

    • Exploring the Priority of Layers and Maintaining the Setting for the App Layering

      This chapter includes areas dedicated to teaching the applicants how to create App Layering templates and understand how this method influences the arrangement of the layered images. In addition, the exam-takers will become skilled at determining the methods for updating and maintaining a performant App Layering condition.

    • WEM Administrative Tasks

      The specialists who want to get certified should demonstrate that they can find out the way to manage the WEM or Workspace Environment Management components and identify the proper solutions for ensuring a flawless deployment. Also, they will find questions related to WEM general administration according to a given scenario’s requirements.

    • Using WEM to Accentuate the Management of Environments, Optimizing Performance, and Securing Settings

      The applicants for the Citrix 1Y0-312 test will become skilled at determining user resources management following the WEM requirements. Besides, they will become experts in determining the proper ways to monitor profiles for users and different WEM Transformer facets according to the scenario that’d been given. Finally, the applicants will learn about the most effective methods for determining to conduct the performance of machines and logon times of users when using WEM infrastructure.

    • Migrating and Upgrading WEM

      The final topic included in the 1Y0-312 blueprint focuses on determining the proper methods of migrating user setting control and upgrading it on the WEM infrastructure. Also, the applicants will learn about implementation redundancy while working in a WEM execution phase.

    Career Opportunities

    An individual who gets the passing score in the 1Y0-312 certification exam can apply for one of the following positions:

    • System Administrator;
    • Desktop Virtualization Engineer.

    The information available on mentions that a System Administrator can earn a salary of $63k in one year. Besides, mentions that a Desktop Virtualization Engineer can reach an annual salary of $86k.

    Certification Path

    The Citrix 1Y0-312 exam is necessary for obtaining the Citrix Certified Professional - Virtualization certificate. Thus, the next certification phase would be to obtain the Citrix Certified Expert - Virtualization (CCE-V) designation.

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