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    The Citrix 1Y0-241 exam helps exam-takers earn the Citrix CCA-AppDS certification. This exam validates the candidates’ skills in deploying and managing the Citrix ADC 13 infrastructure with Traffic Management. Note that this evaluation replaces the Citrix 1Y0-240 test.

    Target Audience for 1Y0-241

    The Citrix 1Y0-241 certification exam focuses on those specialists who want to develop the basic skills for configuring and implementing the Citrix ADC 13 solutions. The candidates who pass this test demonstrate that they have the minimum skills necessary for installing, configuring, and operating the Citrix ADC 13 in a business environment. The exam blueprint includes topics that validate such skills in the candidates and allow them to obtain excellent performance in positions that include Citrix ADC traffic and networking optimization abilities. All in all, the primary audience for the 1Y0-241 evaluation is formed of network administrators and engineers. Also, Citrix administrators might be interested in taking this test for validating their abilities to work with Citrix ADC infrastructure. The target audience for this exam also consists of operations and systems engineers as well. Finally, in case you are working as a cloud administrator or engineer, then you will find the 1Y0-241 exam extremely useful for leveraging your skills in working and understanding the specifics of Citrix ADC elements.

    1Y0-241 Certification Test Facts

    The Citrix exam coded 1Y0-241 is necessary for obtaining the updated Citrix Certified Associate – App Delivery and Security (CCA-AppDS) designation based on Citrix ADC 13 features. This certification exam includes 64 questions that are in the English language. Some of the items will be unscored as they will be used for statistical purposes only. Plus, the minimum passing score that the applicants need to obtain is 61%. Depending on the candidate’s level of knowledge, the time limits are different. In case you are a native English speaker, then you will have 90 minutes to respond to all questions and get the minimum passing score. On the other hand, the non-native speakers of the English language will receive 30 minutes as extra time. Thus, the non-natives who sit for the main exam in a country where English is considered a foreign language will receive the time extension automatically. However, in case candidates take the test in a country where English is not a foreign language, they will need to submit a time extension request.

    Topics Tested in 1Y0-241 Exam

    By and large, the Citrix actual 1Y0-241 exam is divided into 13 sections as follows:

    • Getting Started

      Within this tested area, the applicants will understand how to use the Citrix ADC functionalities and architecture. Also, during the training process, they will learn how to identify the main components of the Citrix hardware of ADC. Another chapter included in the exam blueprint is dedicated to determining the licensing & execution alternatives that match a certain business environment. The fourth topic included in this section focuses on determining how to configure and set up the Citrix ADC infrastructure.

    • Basic Networking

      The candidates who want to pass the 1Y0-241 exam will learn how to identify the right networking topology when working with ADC and follow strict requirements. Besides, they will be able to determine which IP address types work best in a given environment and which VLANS to use while they perform configuration tasks. In addition, the exam-takers should develop solid skills in identifying which Citrix routing & traffic-handling modes are appropriate in a given scenario. Finally, examinees should become able to properly configure the Access Lists for Control following the given requirements.

    • ADC Platforms of Citrix

      Within this chapter, the applicants will learn to identify the right hardware that they can use given a certain case. Also, they will develop the necessary skills for identifying the components of a multi-tenant structure for Citrix ADC SDX. Finally, the test-takers will gain knowledge of determining the SDX-specific functions when receiving different SDX allocation scenarios used for interfaces.

    • High Availability

      This section helps the test-takers understand how to combine High Availability principles with Citrix ADC infrastructure. Also, they will learn how to identify the appropriate Citrix ADC HA configuration options and meet the requirements of a certain scenario. Another subtopic included in this section is dedicated to determining solutions for the common HA issues.

    • Load Balancing

      Within this scope, the examinees will gain a solid knowledge of identifying the ADC load-balancing Citrix roles of different entities. They will also become skilled at identifying the differences between controlling and options used for load-balancing. Another topic included here is related to customizing the service and managing varied tasks following a given scenario.

    • SSL Offload

      The candidates who take the official Citrix 1Y0-241 exam will strengthen their skills in determining how to develop SSL virtual servers and SSL deployment schemes for a given environment. Also, they will learn how to upload SSL certificates and determine the right settings for Citrix ADC situations necessary for configuration.

    • Securing the Citrix ADC

      If they want to get the passing score in the Citrix 1Y0-241 exam, the examinees will need to show advanced skills in using authorization, authentication elements, and auditing. Also, they should learn how to configure authentication infrastructure & authorization by using Citrix ADC. Another topic included here focuses on determining the steps and components necessary for configuring Citrix ADC infrastructure.

    • Troubleshooting

      This section focuses on determining the right solutions to resolve different ADC issues with logs. Besides, the examinees should become skilled at determining how to monitor and use Application Delivery Management elements. Finally, they should validate their skills in using the ADC troubleshooting tool to solve issues in a given environment.

    • Default Policies

      This chapter includes topics related to Citrix ADC policy configuration. The test-takers should also become skilled at determining the proper configuration actions when they handle policy expression evaluation. Besides, they should determine the key attributes which should be included in the policy. Last of all, the candidates will need to learn how to use HTTP callouts and rate-limiting principles in a given scenario.

    • Rewrite, Responder, and URL Transform

      Within such a sector, the examinees should gain expertise in using the rewrite feature and responder policies in a given scenario. Besides, they should become skilled at working with URL transformation tools as well as managing data sets and patterns in a given environment.

    • Content Switching

      A section like this is centered on helping the candidates understand how to use the Content Switching policies and components. They will also discover the proper methods to rule precedence that affects the before-mentioned policies.

    • Optimization

      This chapter, in particular, includes topics related to traffic compression implementation according to the Citrix ADC environment requirements. Besides, candidates will learn how to configure front-end optimization tools for rendering the web browser in a more effective way.

    • Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

      The final section included in the 1Y0-241 blueprint focuses on helping the candidates learn how to deploy and implement the Domain Name System (DNS) for supporting the GSLB environment. Apart from these, the applicants will become skilled at using Content Switching properly for implementing GSLB rules. Another area covered there is related to determining the proper GSLB metric exchange protocol and learning how to configure its elements.

    Career Opportunities

    The individuals who manage to pass the Citrix 1Y0-241 evaluation can apply for the following positions:

    • Network Engineers;
    • Cloud Engineers;
    • Network Administrators.

    According to, a Network Engineer can earn a salary of $75k per annum. Also, a Cloud Engineer can reach an annual income of $91k while Network Administrators can receive $60k as median pay.

    Certification Path

    The Citrix 1Y0-241 exam is necessary for obtaining the Citrix Certified Associate – App Delivery and Security (CCA-AppDS) designation. Thus, the next step for the candidates who want to leverage their skills is to obtain the Citrix Certified Professional – App Delivery and Security (CCP-AppDS) certificate. At last, the most advanced level of certification would be to earn the Citrix Certified Expert – App Delivery and Security (CCE-AppDS) validation.

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