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    Six Sigma quality management methodology is used in a wide array of industries throughout the world, so earning the Six Sigma certification can dramatically boost the professional’s career as a result. By keeping the skills and knowledge in project management up-to-date and validating expertise by passing the test of the suitable level, these give one a massive advantage when applying for jobs and securing promotions.

    Lean Six Sigma Levels

    Lean Six Sigma simply means that the program includes “lean” principles and is used within the public sector or the armed forces in a majority of the circumstances. There are multiple Lean Six Sigma certifications available, catering from beginners to knowledgeable practitioners of the subject. Most certificates are not mandatory prerequisites for the ones of higher level and thus one can apply for them anytime.

    The exams for each of these certificates showcase the candidate’s expansive and increasing level of understanding of the DMAIC approach (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) and the abilities in contributing to and leading projects. As such, these exams are known for being influential tools for creating a flourishing career.

    Provided below is a breakdown of all Lean Six Sigma levels and the knowledge contained within them.

    Lean Six Sigma White Belt

    Focusing on the elementary aspects of the methodology, White Belts won't undergo extended training, and the exam provided by CSSC they should pass can be taken for free. This program ensures one’s basic understanding of the subject, the Six Sigma structure, history, and hierarchy. In case the individual is planning to expand knowledge further, enhance the opportunities, and forge a career, the best place to start is the next level of the certification path.

    Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (LSSYB)

    This is ideal for professionals who are already familiar with the basics of the Lean Six Sigma principles as well as understand core phases of the DMAIC methodology. In most cases? These specialists serve as a team member working on an advanced project. Still, they are not ready to handle all the stages of intricate projects on their own. There are no educational or experience requirements to pursue this certification.

    Exam Details

    The Yellow Belt exam tests one’s knowledge on a variety of topics at the basic level. These include the DMAIC model, Six Sigma concepts, Six Sigma team management, statistics, lean concepts, and a host of process improvement and quality methods.

    The average salary of an LSSYB according to PayScale is about $67k per year. Some of the most prominent job roles for Yellow Belts are the following:

    • Business Process Analyst
    • Technical Support Manager
    • Business Optimization Specialist
    • Clinical Quality Improvement Specialist
    • Supply Chain Manager

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

    This option is ideal for those who are already familiar with DMAIC, have profound problem-solving skills, and want to boost their competence in the field of applying the Lean Six Sigma concepts. This level shows that the professionals have polished their skills in more deep areas of Lean Six Sigma and get ready to participate in managing large projects or lead small projects on their own. Since these specialists are knowledgeable in the basic and some advanced concepts, they can also become part of multifaceted projects led by a Black Belt. Just like Yellow Belt, there are no educational or experience requirements to pursue this certification.

    Exam Details (LSSGB)

    The Yellow Belt exam assesses one’s understanding of the DMAIC model through the topics like project identification, management and planning tools, measurement system analysis, exploratory data analysis, lean tools for process control, and more.

    The average salary of an LSSGB according to PayScale is $84k per annum. Some of the supported job roles for these individuals include:

    • Project Engineer
    • Lean Six Sigma Consultant
    • Process Development Engineer
    • Compliance Structural Engineer
    • Operating System Specialist

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

    While the Green Belt provides intermediate-level knowledge in the field of Lean Six Sigma, those willing to become senior employees in this area have to progress with the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. It fosters an individual that has a rigorous understanding of Six Sigma tools and methods, team dynamics, and leadership. Professionals with this accreditation have an expert-level grasp of the DMAIC model and have the ability and expertise to lead complex projects with top-tier efficiency and finesse. When it comes to prerequisites, 3+ years of work experience relating to the Six Sigma body of knowledge is recommended.

    Exam Details (LSSBB)

    The Black Belt exam checks one’s knowledge in Lean Six Sigma methodologies and principles, design for Six Sigma, measurement system analysis, change management and project management, advanced statistical process control, team management, and the extensive understanding of the DMAIC methodology.

    The average salary of an LSSBB according to PayScale is $100k annually. Some of the most prominent job roles for Black Belts include:

    • Administrator
    • Auditor
    • Consultant
    • Project Manager
    • Quality Analyst

    With the completion of this certification, you will become one of the most sought out and valued professionals in the industry. However, there is still more room for growth. Those interested in truly mastering the Six Sigma can opt for the Master Black Belt certificate.

    Exam Providers

    While there are multiple Lean Six Sigma exam providers, there are two organizations that are highly credible and trusted throughout the world. They are the Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) and the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC).

    The two mentioned vendors offer almost the same pattern of the exams, including the number of tasks and their formats. However, they also have differences in the amount of the registration fee, the time allocated, and the mode: closed-book and open-book in IASSC and CSSC’s respectively.

    Exam Procedure

    The exam procedure may vary slightly depending on the provider. These options are detailed below:

    • Single, Paper and Pencil Exam
    • Single, Online Exam
    • Multiple, Self-paced Exams

    The single comprehensive test assesses the candidate's knowledge of the entire curriculum. Speaking of the multiple-exams option, it provides the applicant with an opportunity to sit for several smaller-scale tests as they go through each section of the outline. Candidates are free to choose their preferred exam method based on the Training Provider.

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