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  • Nokia Certification Practice Test Questions, Nokia Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real Nokia Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Nokia Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Nokia Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Nokia Certification Practice Test Questions & Nokia Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    As a prominent multinational communications company, Nokia has created a series of groundbreaking products and services. Along with their top-notch advancements, they also have a credible learning path that helps in sorting out your career goals. And if you’re interested in knowing more about this leading organization, let’s take into the spotlight their certification program.

    Nokia’s Comprehensive Certification Track According to Your Professional Needs

    There are three main Nokia certificates namely the Nokia Network Routing Specialist I, the Nokia Network Routing Specialist II, and the Nokia Service Routing Architect. Each of these emphasizes the key Nokia technologies and their related aspects. And to make your decision-making more convenient, we will be detailing the certification options based on your experience and necessities.

    Nokia Network Routing Specialist I (NRS I)

    Get started with IP networking for your NRS I certification. This serves as a preparatory tool for anyone who wants to have a profound footing in IP technology. By earning this certification through 4A0-100 exam, you will become well-informed of the salient Ethernet technologies, VPN services, and routing protocols. Additionally, it equips you with fundamental knowledge of TCP/IP model, packet forwarding, MPLS tunneling, and internet addressing, so you can easily advance to other specialized certifications.

    Nokia Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II)

    Next in line is the NRS II validation, which is catered to those with an introductory background in IP routing protocols and such. Even if the Nokia NRS I certification is not a prerequisite, it’s advantageous to have it as your start-up validation before moving to the NRS II. This will assist you in unlocking mastery in Nokia networks, service routing, together with IRP, IP/MPLS, VPN/ VPLS services, and OAM techniques. And with proper training, you will learn how to use different resiliency techniques, implement Nokia Layer 2 and 3 services, and utilize Nokia services for delivering business goals. To obtain this certification, you have to accomplish its three exams known as 4A0-101, 4A0-103, and 4A0-104 or you can sit for its one composite 4A0-C01 test. Right after, you will undergo the lab evaluation or NRSII4A0 test.

    Nokia Service Routing Architect (SRA)

    For the highest certification level, there’s the SRA qualification. This authenticates your proficiency in designing, building, supporting, and handling advanced-performing Nokia service routers. It also underlines your adeptness in significant areas like BGP, QoS, VPLS, and VPRN. And because of the magnitude of skills covered, the Nokia SRA is intended for experienced engineers who want to gain in-depth command in Nokia service routing. For those with the NRS II certification, you can directly pursue the following written exams like 4A0-102, 4A0-105, 4A0-106, and 4A0-107, along with its lab exam ASRA4A0. Another way is to pass the composite exam coded 4A0-C02 that encompasses all four individual tests, plus the lab evaluation. Aside from the mandatory exams, there are also elective tests that credit towards the SRA certification and a technical area of your choice. These are the Nokia Multicast Protocols or 4A0-108, the Nokia Network and Service Router Security coded 4A0-111, the Nokia Mobile Gateways or 4A0-M02 by code, and finally, the Nokia Mobility Manager 4A0-M03 certification exams.

    Detailed View of One of Elective Exams ― Nokia Mobility Manager

    At this point, we will highlight the Nokia Mobility Manager exam (4A0-M03), which is one of the prerequisites of the Nokia Cloud Packet Core Expert certification. And as mentioned above, this exam is also associated with the expert-level Nokia Service Routing Architect qualification. So, if you’re vying for these particular validations, here’s a comprehensive explanation of the Nokia Mobility Manager Certification.

    • Best candidates for this exam

      Test 4A0-M03 is recommended to those with a solid background in IP protocols, service routers, Nokia networks, and its related functionalities. This one does not have any prerequisites. However, it’s suggested to have both the NRS I and II certifications beforehand for a more effective learning path.

    • Test topics

      To understand such an exam further, let’s start with the fundamentals of a mobility manager. Describing the vital features of MME within an EPC setup is decisive so it needs your full attention. Additionally, you should comprehend the significant functionalities associated with ESM and EMM. These include logical interfaces, interworking support, networking sharing methods, end-user services, and overload control mechanism, among others. By mastering the basics, it will be easier for you to pick up more complex tasks like supervising CLI configuration, organizing algorithms, troubleshooting Nokia CMM-related issues, and analyzing various LTE actions. All in all, the exam coded 4A0-M03 endorses your expert skills in Mobile Management Entity (MME), which is a core component of Evolved Packet Core. And upon successful completion of this exam, you can expertly deploy and support all the pivotal features involved in Nokia Cloud Mobility Manager.

    • Exam specifications

      Now that you already have a detailed grasp of the test topics, it’s time to elaborate on 4A0-M03 provisions. The only thing that you need to do is to pass the 90-minute exam with 40 questions. On top of the given test duration, you will be provided an additional 45 minutes for the computer tutorial. This means the total allotted time when taking the exam is 135 minutes. The available language is English and it will cost you $125 for the test fee.

    Career Opportunities for Nokia Certified Specialists

    The Nokia certification path is strategically designed for individuals who want to establish a career in Nokia service routers. Henceforth, completing their line-up of certificates allows you to pursue a flourishing career as a routing specialist or a routing architect. And based on, Nokia network engineers have a salary range of $102k to $130k. On the other hand, their latest data about Nokia Architects shows an average income of $155k.

    Effective Career Path to Follow

    Do take note that exam 4A0-M03 is part of the highest-level Nokia certificate. Therefore, there’s no more certification path to take next. However, you can avail of other elective exams that also focus on relevant technical subjects such as multicast protocols, mobile gateways, and router security. And for a tactical acquisition of your career goals, it’s recommended that you start with the basics, then the intermediate, and lastly, the expert-level certifications. This way, you will demonstrate your dexterity in all pivotal Nokia features and functionalities.

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