Pass LX0-103 Linux+ Certification Exam Fast

LX0-103 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by CompTIA with new exam.

CompTIA LX0-103 Exam Details

The CompTIA LX0-103 is a 90-minute duration exam that will cost you $219 and that’s associated with the CompTIA Linux+ certification. Before it was retired in October 2019, taking LX0-103 alongside LX0-104 assessment would qualify students for the Linux+ certification. However, that has since changed, with learners now required to pass one exam coded XK0-004 instead. Overall, the CompTIA LX0-103 exam contained a maximum of 60 questions, focusing on 4 major topics as highlighted below:

  • System Architecture;
  • Installation of Linux & Pack Management;
  • GNU and Unix Commands;
  • Devices as well as Linux Filesystems.

Getting Ready for LX0-103 Assessment

As it's commonly emphasized, it’s better to work smarter when preparing for any CompTIA exam and not harder. The same holds for their LX0-103 test. As you continue with your certification journey, you will probably come across tons of study materials aimed at helping you bridge the gap between what you already know and what you need to master. Indeed, getting the right study materials is the beginning of a fruitful preparation. For many individuals, the revision including the online study guides will do the trick. But if you aren’t a book lover, exam dumps would be an ideal starting point then. Countless IT websites now provide comprehensive braindumps that give accurate coverage of the basic assessment details to ensure that learners are aptly prepared to pass their tests.

What to Master Before Taking LX0-103 Exam

Like many certification exams, LX0-103 will be a serious venture if you are considering a career in information technology. So, it's highly recommended to jumpstart your training by understanding the exam prerequisites. Nothing is more heartbreaking than wasting your good time, presumably 3-4 months, or even more, studying for an exam you will never pass. A basic online search should give you a clue of what to focus on as you embark on an ambitious career plan that will help you gain financial independence.

Details of CompTIA Linux+ Badge

The CompTIA Linux+ certification verifies the skills you will need to launch a career as a system administrator who can support Linux systems. This is LPI-powered certification and students must pass two exams to certify including LX0-103 and LX0-104 assessments. Generally, the CompTIA Linux+ curriculum focuses on the major components of Linux including the installation and configuration of workstations, networking, and the Linux command line among the rest. Here’s a summary of the topics you should focus on before attempting the two exams:

  • Hardware and system configuration;
  • System operation and maintenance;
  • Security;
  • Linux troubleshooting and diagnostics;
  • Automation and scripting.

Preferred Candidates

The CompTIA LX0-103 exam targets all individuals with Linux administration experience or those looking to launch a career as Linux administrators. This is a job-oriented certification track, emphasizing a set of in-demand introductory skills and technical concepts. If you are going to use Linux to manage all things smartphones and cars, this is the most suitable learning path for you.


Ready to build a career using the CompTIA Linux+ training? Get in there. CompTIA offers tons of certification programs, covering a wide range of niches at the entry-level, and the Linux+ is one of the most outstanding options today. Just make sure you prepare well for this assessment by exhausting the available learning resources. You can also get useful practice tests and exam dumps to help with the mastery of the exam content before you schedule your test.