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  • Huawei Certification Practice Test Questions, Huawei Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real Huawei Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Huawei Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Huawei Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Huawei Certification Practice Test Questions & Huawei Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Huawei has ventured to the certification industry and now offers a portfolio of certificates that are tailor-made to the most relevant industry demands. Their certification program is a great talent development system that is at par with the current tech standards.

    Huawei and Their Interesting Line-up of Certifications

    As a multinational tech company, Huawei incorporates diverseness into its curriculum. Their certifications are divided into three areas ― ICT Vertical, ICT Infrastructure, and Platform & Service. These are further categorized according to their levels, with the Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA) as the first tier, Huawei Certified ICT Professional (HCIP) as the second, and Huawei Certified ICT Expert (HCIE) as the last. They also have a range of specialist certifications that are meant for those candidates who want to expand their service capabilities and increase their sales. These are then classified into pre-sales (HCPA/HCPP), sales (HCSA), and post-sales (HCS-Field) validations. With this unique scope of certificates, this makes Huawei the only certification body that offers a full range of technical endorsements that fit the trends of ICT convergence.

    HCIA R&S and Its Corresponding Certification Exam

    The HCIA Routing and Switching (R&S) certificate is pretty similar to the now-replaced CCNA R&S. Because of its likeness, it’s quite popular among network engineers and other tech specialists. But what makes this HCIA R&S stand out? We can assure you that it’s the relevant areas covered by this certification through its H12-211 exam. Thus, for the theoretical section, you will acquire in-depth familiarity with network concepts, particularly fundamental connection methods, construction, and faults. Likewise, you will learn more about troubleshooting basic network concerns as well as installing different Huawei routing and switching devices. For the technical side of such a certification, you will get the comprehension of small to medium-sized networks. Overall, this certificate helps you understand general network functions so you can capably design, implement, and manage Huawei R&S devices.

    Key H12-211 Test Guidelines

    H12-211 exam is a written test to be accomplished within 90 minutes. There’s no full disclosure of the number of questions, but these are formatted into single-choice, multiple-choice, and judgment types. The passing rate is 600 out of 1000 score range. Currently, the registration fee is $200, with multiple language options such as English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese. And if you are successful on your first exam attempt, the HCIA Routing & Switching certification will now be under your belt. Your certificate is provided as an e-Cert, which is downloadable from the Huawei User Center. This will be valid for up to 3 years from the date of completion. For the recertification process, you can choose from one of these options: pass any current certification exam, accomplish any higher-level certification test from the same technical scope, or complete any exam from the ICT Infrastructure program.

    Areas Tested by H12-211

    Firstly, there are no prerequisites for this certification exam as long as you are familiar with basic networking and such. This test principally targets salient networking topics including IP network principles, security, and management, along with WAN technologies and Segment Routing. Ethernet features such as STP, RSTP, VLAN, and Link Aggregation are also part of the test coverage. Accordingly, you need to focus on LAN technologies, routing technologies, and IPv6 Networks because these three subjects cover more than half of the entire exam structure. A thorough list of the topics can be downloaded from the official Huawei site. And to better comprehend the certification, it’s important that you know the exam outline beforehand.

    Career Prospects, Salaries, and Certification Path for HCIA Routing and Switching

    This Huawei certificate will qualify you for a position of a data communication engineer with a yearly salary of $67,304 as stated by Once you have attained this certificate, you can opt for higher-level Huawei certifications known as the HCIP Routing & Switching as well as the HCIE Routing & Switching.

    Peek of Other Top-Rated Huawei Certifications

    Aside from the HCIA Routing & Switching, there are other credible Huawei certifications to choose from. The variety of technical areas will help you decide on choosing the right path according to your work background and preferences. There are options for finance, cloud computing, data center, enterprise communication, security, and more. To give you an overview, here are some top-rated Huawei validations on offer:

    • HCIE R&S

    If you have the existing HCIP Routing & Switching and at least 5 years of industry experience, then the HCIE R&S is just right for you. This certification transforms you into a skilled professional with a solid comprehension of network design and its surrounding features. As an expert-level certificate, there are three exams to comply with, namely, H12-261 (written), H12-262 (lab), and H12-263 (interview). As an expert in networking engineering, your annual pay may reach $107k, according to the data found on Payscale.

    • HCIE Storage

    If you want to acquire mastery of enterprise storage app solutions, don’t miss the HCIE Storage. This can be obtained by passing three exam requirements like H13-629, H13-630, and H13-631. Since this is tagged as an expert-level certificate, certain prerequisites apply. These include a deep grasp of HCIP storage as well as 5 years of industry experience. As claims, the maximum salary that you can get as a storage engineer is $130k annually.

    • HCPA IP Network

    Another notable option is the Huawei Certified Pre-Sales Associate-IP Network, or the HCPA IP Network certification. This is one of the specialist validations that focus on your skills in managing sales of Huawei enterprise network IP datacom products. Through its H19-301 exam, you will become adept in selling relevant products, working with solution creation, and guaranteeing business satisfaction. Some of the critical areas covered by the test are Huawei campus switch, WLAN products, data center switch enterprise routers, and the like. When it comes to the salary that a sales engineer can earn per annum, it’s $73,259 as per the platform.

    • HCPA ECC

    Also part of the specialist category is the Huawei Certified Pre-Sales Associate-ECC-ENU (HCPA ECC). This one is more on the sale of products within the Huawei Enterprise Cloud Communication sector. The areas highlighted by H19-316 exam include TP&VC and Intelligent Video System. With your profound knowledge of vital Huawei ECC features, you can efficiently design solutions that meet business standards. With this certification, you will have to design solutions for customers, which will earn you around $75k per year as claims.

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