Pass HPE2-W02 Certification Exam Fast

HPE2-W02 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by HP with new exam.

HP HPE2-W02 Exam Details

As of now, sales are one of the most challenging yet rewarding job profiles. Challenging, if you are bad at it, and rewarding if you excel in it. Well, if the latter is the case with you, here is an excellent opportunity to make a great career in this field. A requisite portfolio is required to conduct sales of HPE Aruba solutions and products. Thus, the HP HPE2-W02 exam or the Selling Aruba Products and Solutions is a test that is conducted to assess the knowledge of Aruba customers.

About HPE2-W02 Test

This exam is ideal for someone who has a knack for sales and who wants to earn the HPE Sales Certified - Aruba Products and Solutions certification. Thus, if you are a channel partner or HPE sales team member who wants to expand his/her sales opportunities with Aruba, then you definitely should pursue such a credential. However, since Aruba products require technical expertise, the test itself won’t be a piece of cake. Thus, this HP exam is conducted to equip candidates with the following knowledge:

  • Explaining the features and relevance of Aruba;
  • Detailing the concerned technology and markets;
  • Learning about the approachable markets for Aruba solutions;
  • Spreading awareness and describing the differentiating features of Aruba Mobile First solutions;
  • Identifying opportunities for selling the product in current and potential markets.

Details & Skills for HP HPE2-W02

To start off, the duration of such an exam is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Overall, there are 50 questions in the final test and you can take your accreditation in various languages like Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, French, and English. Obtaining at least 70% in this exam means that you’ve succeeded in it and can soon get your HPE Sales Certified - Aruba Products and Solutions credential. To add more, the exam is based on an MCQ format with single as well as multiple responses. The skills that HPE2-W02 measures can be divided into three sections as follows:

  • 40% is based on the candidate’s understanding of how to position Aruba Mobile First Solutions to potential customers. This includes an in-depth gist of the values and features of Aruba which differentiate it from the competitors in the market.
  • 35% is based on identifying the opportunities available for Aruba in the market. This involves a detailed case study of vertical markets like healthcare, higher education, financial services, hospitality, K-12, etc.
  • 25% is dependent on understanding the business opportunity closely related to Aruba. This includes markets and related technology like data and apps, software, the internet of things, cloud, etc.

HP HPE2-W02 Essential Tips

First of all, the candidate will have to develop a clear understanding of all the test concepts involved. To do so, here are some helpful tips to make use of:

  • Opt for quality training as it is extremely important for clearing HP HPE2-W02. Make sure to have completed your training course offered by the vendor. As a rule, training courses ensure that you have complete command over the theoretical and practical aspects of the upcoming exam.
  • Even though the vendor doesn’t require any formal prerequisites for this exam, a certain industry experience will do good since most of the exam questions are based on customer profiling and vertical markets.
  • Take as many practice tests as you can since it increases your chances of getting success in your HP HPE2-W02 test. Always remember, completing the course alone will not guarantee the reduction of error percentage.


The HP HPE2-W02 exam is a bright chance for candidates who have a flair for sales and would want to make a successful career out of it. Keep up with the preparation schedule and make sure to take the practice tests to ace this test in your first attempt.