Pass CS0-001 CySA+ Certification Exam Fast

CS0-001 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by CompTIA with new exam.

CompTIA CS0-001 Exam Details

With security threats increasingly becoming an everyday concern, it’s hard to ignore the significance of cybersecurity certifications and exams. And one of the latter is the CompTIA CS0-001 test.

Certification Level

The CompTIA CS0-001 is a cybersecurity exam associated with the Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification. This is an IT workforce training path that involves the use of behavioral analytics to detect, prevent, or combat security threats in devices and networks. The CySA+ is an intermediate-level certification that addresses security issues through incident detection and response.

CompTIA CS0-001 Exam Audience

Test CS0-001 should be taken by vulnerability analysts, threat intelligence as well as security analysts. This learning path confirms that a security specialist has the essential knowledge and skills to configure threat detection tools, execute data analysis, and identify threats, risks, and vulnerabilities.

Prerequisites for This Test

While CompTIA doesn’t list any form of formal prerequisites associated with its Cybersecurity Analyst certification, this path should often follow the Network+ or Security+ certifications or equivalent skills. You are better placed to ace this exam if you already possess the technical hands-on skills that focus on IT security analytics. In addition, if you want to perform well in your CompTIA CS0-001 exam, it is recommended that you should have at least 3 to 4 years of hands-on experience in this field.

Certification Exam Description

The CompTIA CS0-001 is a prerequisite test that the candidates need to take if they want to get the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification. This certificate is ideal for those individuals who are trying to excel in the field of cybersecurity to build a career in this domain. Having this qualification means that candidates have the skills and knowledge needed to use threat detection tools and perform analytics to identify threats to an organization and possible vulnerabilities. It will also help you develop the abilities to continuously improve the security of any organization and proactively defend its system. The CompTIA CS0-001 exam was launched on February 15th, 2017, and having satisfactorily fulfilled the 3-year validity requirement, will be retired in 2020. The English version will be the first on the list by becoming outdated as soon as October 21st, 2020. Conversely, the Japanese and Simplified Chinese versions will be retired on April 23rd, 2021. It is to be noted that the new replacement is CS0-002 exam. The main topics that are included in the certification test known as CS0-001 are listed below:

  • Threat Management
  • Vulnerability Management;
  • Cyber Incident Response;
  • Security Architecture and Tool Sets.

There are 85 questions in CS0-001 exam that are available in performance-based and multiple-choice formats. The time limit is 165 minutes and the students need to get a minimum of 750 points as the passing score. This test costs $359 and you can take it in three languages, including Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, and English. You should also know that the newer version of this test is now available on the CompTIA platform. Therefore, check it to explore the details. Finally, you can take your exam from Pearson VUE testing centers across the globe or via the online delivery mode.

Detailed Analysis of Test Objectives

Here’s what every CS0-001 test objective will focus on:

1. Threat Management

Under the threat management area, you will get tons of case scenarios to help you evaluate your skills and ability to manage security concepts when performing everyday operations. Overall, it confirms your skills related to:

  • The application of environmental reconnaissance techniques with the right tools and processes;
  • Analyzing the results of a network reconnaissance;
  • The implementation and recommendation of a fitting response and countermeasure when presented with a network-based threat;
  • Explaining the role of practices that are vital when securing a corporate environment.

2. Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management, on the other hand, focuses on your ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Implementing a management process to ensure information security;
  • Analyzing the output from a vulnerability scan;
  • Comparing and contrasting the most common forms of vulnerabilities targeting a wide range of organizations.

3. Cyber Incident Response

Cyber incident response will address the concept of threat data or behavior to determine the effects of an incident. It also covers the significance of communication when responding to incidents, analysis of the common techniques used to support incident response, and toolkit preparation during an investigation. To sum it up, this area will also emphasize incident recovery concepts like various techniques for containment, eradication as well as some preventive measures.

4. Security Architecture and Tools

This is the last objective addressed by CS0-001 exam which focuses on the relationship between common policies, procedures, controls, and frameworks. What’s more, it will address the common techniques used to remediate security issues, security architecture, application security best practices, and the pros of using a wide range of cybersecurity technologies and tools. To know more, you will also get to know more about the Software Development Life Cycle.

Prospective Job Opportunities

In the past, many reputable companies have prioritized certified individuals to fill the existing job roles, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. The new CompTIA CySA+ certification alone provides countless opportunities in information technology, especially in an era where security issues have become such a nuisance. Some of the best organizations that you can work with after completing the exam include RICOH, NORTHROP GRUMMAN, Target, Netflix, and Dell to mention just a few. According to CompTIA, the median salary for CySA+ certified IT specialists is $95,510 per year. Listed below are some of the best roles that you can fill after passing your CS0-001 exam:

  • Security Analyst (Tier II SOC analyst and Security Monitoring);
  • Threat Intelligence Analyst;
  • Security Engineer;
  • Application Security Analyst;
  • Incident Response or Handler;
  • Threat Hunter;
  • Compliance Analyst.

Career Track

After earning the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification, security specialists can take an even greater step in their careers by pursuing the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) certificate. This path proves their professional-level mastery of security concepts and is available to learners who satisfy the training requirements including the 10-year experience level requisite. Of course, this is only possible if you want to advance along the cybersecurity path. But if you want to broaden your horizons, you may want to check out an advanced-level certification Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) from such a reputable IT vendor as Isaca.