Pass 300-915 DEVIOT Certification Exam Fast

300-915 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Cisco with new exam.

Cisco 300-915 Exam Details

Cisco 300-915 exam, also called “Developing Solutions Using Cisco IoT & Edge Platforms” (DEVIOT), tests and validates one’s level of knowledge for developing IoT applications. It is also focused on the candidate’s skills in working with apps related to Cisco IoT network architecture and edge computing, Cisco IOx, security, and visualization.

The test establishes the individual as a professional with relevant knowledge about using and deploying network programmability as well as network automation, streamlining the applications for compressing data volumes and reducing complexity, along with enhancing the security protocols. It also verifies one’s expertise in utilizing the MQTT protocol used to save on power usage, accelerate data transmission, and ensure higher device usage efficiency.

Related Certification

Exam 300-915 itself only brings the candidate the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – IoT certification. Still, if you pass the core exam 350-901 as well, you will obtain the DevNet Professional certificate. In this case, you will have validation of intermediate-level competence, proof of specialization, and more career opportunities.

Target Audience

Cisco 300-915 is mainly created for network engineers as well as those working with software and aiming to acquire new skills in the area of automation and programmability. This makes it suitable for candidates in other relevant roles like consulting systems engineers, network administrators, IoT designers, network engineers, network managers, systems engineers, sales engineers, and technical solutions architects.

Required Skills

Candidates appearing for the Cisco 300-915 exam must have basic knowledge of coding and software development, functional a swell as object-oriented programming, understanding of applications’ location and how to deploy them in real-world cases. Moreover, they also need to be familiar with Linux OS to deploy code language, libraries, and usual scripting. It is important to know about applying git and VCS to save codes too. Ideally, candidates for this DevNet exam should possess a minimum experience of 3 to 5 years in software development and Python programming.

Key Exam Facts

Cisco 300-915 can be is scheduled through Pearson VUE. English is the only language one can choose. Still, there is an advantage of sitting for the test from any location due to the online testing format. In the exam, the applicants will be provided with various questions that are distributed as general multiple-choices, multiple-choices with more than one response, and fill-in-the-blanks. All the tasks should be tackled within a time limit of 90 minutes. Once passed, the exam is valid for 3 years.

Uncovering the Main Details of the Exam Objectives

The syllabus of the Cisco 300-915 exam consists of seven major domains that are reviewed in-detail further. Note that the questions are not limited to the topics mentioned below and can cover some relevant knowledge areas as well.

  • Cisco Network IoT Architecture

    20% of the questions in the test will be dedicated to this section, it mainly checks one’s understanding of flow topology, including gateways, firewalls, access points, routers, and switches. Other themes to be mastered are the purpose and functionality of PLCs, microcontrollers, Cisco interfaces, RTOS systems, various communication protocols & standards, networking configuration policies, and resolving sensor connectivity issues.

  • Compute & Analysis

    This domain has a weight of about 10% and requires candidates to have knowledge about the features of edge devices and how they work, what is the use of cloud edge devices in different situations, and application resource analysis. Then, one has to learn more about Python scripting with GMM APIs and FND, troubleshooting the usage of application resources and problems related to network connectivity, and data handling procedures and actions considering business requirements.

  • Cisco IOx & IoT Software

    Another 20% of the syllabus go to this domain. It is dedicated to six topics such as the IOx application capabilities, troubleshooting of the Dockerfile, the development of Cisco IOx apps, solution-oriented methods for using these apps, the deployment of apps under CI/CD, and working in line with the SDK documentation.

  • Cisco Edge Data IoT Software

    This section accounts for 15% of the test’s content and talks about the services used for edge data as well as their main characteristics, the analysis of DSLink, including the process of data extraction, and how the data is sent to the public cloud provider.

  • Open Source IoT Software

    Under this module that takes 10%, the applicants will have to show their understanding of the data flow to cloud as well as data processing, the differences between AMQP and MQTT. Also, one should know how to identify the output from subscription details, define the broker QoS for messages, and checking for problems with the deployment of broker as well as the connection of apps.

  • IoT Data Visualization

    Other 10% of the questions are focused on the visualization tools and their capabilities. Also, one should learn more about various techniques for data visualization and understand how to interpret that data correctly.

  • Security

    The last domain emphasizes the candidate’s knowledge of the methods for ensuring application security, the implementation of a safe software development life cycle, and risk management. In addition, one has to be proficient in the topics like integrity, availability, and confidentiality as well as know the features of Cisco Cloudlock, Cisco Tetration, pxGRID, and others. This section covers about 15% of the exam.

Career Opportunities

Cisco DEVIOT 300-915 is a touchstone of the expertise and professional knowledge of IoT applications for network architecture and Cisco IoT edge compute, a highly demanded element in the global IT and tech industry. Being DevNet Professional certified with the help of this test means you can stand out in terms of implementing and deploying Cisco IOx apps, creating, implementing, as well as troubleshooting edge applications, and using management tools. This also ensures the potential employers that you can administer the network effectively and solve any arising issues. The roles available for such specialists include network engineer, network developer, and network architect, among the rest.


DevNet Professional accredited individuals can expect rapid career growth in their respective fields. Moreover, you’ll have even better prospects with the additional specialist-level certificate that 300-915 exam leads to. Thus, by passing this test, the candidates not only validate their professional expertise in Cisco IoT application areas, automation, and programmability but also set a good base for professional advancements.