VMware Specialist - vRealize Operations 2020 Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by VMware with new certification(s).

Certification Details

The VMware Specialist - vRealize Operations 2020 certification validates the candidates' ability to install, manage, and configure the related environment for VMware vRealize Operations 7.5 version. It is also a verification that one is skilled in the areas such as the optimization of capacity, management of automated performance, cloud planning, providing unified monitoring, etc. The knowledge of SDDC and the abilities in troubleshooting and reclamation will also be proved.

Target Audience for VMware Specialist – vRealize Operations 2020 Certification

The minimally qualified candidate who applies for the VMware Specialist – vRealize Operations 2020 certification should be able to deploy and provide ongoing maintenance and administration of the vRealize Operations environment. Candidates should also demonstrate that they can perform the optimization of workload, manage the capacity, perform troubleshooting, and ensure the highest level of compliance when generating reports and dashboards. Also, the examinees need to know how to ensure solution extensibility by using integrations and management packs.

In addition, the ideal candidate has to understand how virtualization works and be knowledgeable about VMware products as well as underlying solutions and technologies. The applicant should also be familiar with the concepts of management of vSphere, NSX, VMware Cloud Foundation, and other related features and solutions.

Structure of 5V0-34.19 Certification Exam

5V0-34.19 is the only test one has to pass to get accredited. It is a proctored exam which means that candidates should register for it by Pearson VUE. Once they finalize the registration steps mentioned on the platform, they have pay the enrollment fee. Its value is $125.

On the official exam day, applicants should expect to receive 50 questions. They have different formats such as single-choice and multiple-choice types. The candidates will also find non-proctored questions. The time allocated is 80 minutes during which they have to tackle all the tasks and get a minimum passing score of 300 points. Also, it is essential to mention that candidates should first earn one of the current VCP certifications. The options include VCP-DCV, VCP-CMA, VCP-DTM, and VCP-NV.

Topics Tested in 5V0-34.19 Exam

When they start preparing for 5V0-34.19 exam, applicants should download its blueprint and check carefully which are the topics tested. These are the areas one has to master to succeed:

  • Technologies and Architecture
  • Solutions and Products
  • Designing and Planning
  • Setup, Configuration, and Installation
  • Optimization, Upgrades, and Performance-tuning
  • Repairing and Troubleshooting
  • Operational and Administrative Tasks

The third, fifth, and sixth topics don’t contain any tested objectives that the candidates should know about. Below, you’ll find the details of the sections that are provided by the vendor.

Within the first topic, the candidates need to demonstrate how experienced they are in comparing and contrasting node types. Also, they should develop skills related to defining remote collectors' deployment and purpose. Another subtopic included here is related to the description of the effect that HA enabling leads to. Besides, exam-takers have to be able to use management packs to extend vRealize Operations and understand the integration with SDDC components.

The second chapter focuses on the definitions and management of VMware solutions and products. The examinees will need to define the workload optimization purpose and make an effective comparison between business and operational intent. Another subtopic included in this section is dedicated to the differentiation between cluster-based and host optimization. Besides, the examinees will have to develop skills related to capacity data interpretation and capacity planning models. Candidates should also be knowledgeable in the advantages of capacity planning and the configuration of cost drivers. The professionals who take 5V0-34.19 exam will also need to become proficient in installing and configuring compliance features as well as interpreting compliance results. They should also demonstrate that they can use dashboards to ensure correct addressing of configuration issues.

The fourth chapter includes topics dedicated to setup, configuration, and installation. The candidates who want to take 5V0-34.19 test should become experienced in creating custom alert definitions. Also, they should know the circumstances where views are needed and what their purpose is. Another subtopic included here is dedicated to the creation of reports and views. The examinees will need to become proficient in creating custom dashboards that respond to different cases and requirements and need to develop skills that allow them to ensure the proper management of dashboard sharing. Finally, they should learn more about the ways and methods applied for super metrics functioning.

When it comes to operational and administrative tasks, the candidates will need to demonstrate different skills related to managing privileges, roles, and users. Besides, the exam-takers can obtain the minimum passing score in 5V0-34.19 exam if they become able to manage and create different groups. Another subtopic included in this chapter tests the examinees’ understanding of how policy components work and how they are being used to improve a company’s performance. Besides, the candidates will need to demonstrate their skills in using tags to group objects as well as their knowledge of CDC's and different custom groups’ purpose.

Career Opportunities

A candidate who passes 5V0-34.19 exam adds the VMware Specialist – vRealize Operations 2020 under their belt. Therefore, they will automatically become valuable assets for many international companies and can apply for different positions such as:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Virtualization Administrator
  • Data Center Engineer
  • Data Center Architect

According to the research done by Payscale.com on different reputable companies, the average annual salary that a Cloud Architect can win after passing 5V0-34.19 exam is about $126k. When it comes to the Cloud Engineer, this website mentions that the average annual payment that this professional can get ranges from $60k to $126k as well.

Certification Paths

Earning VMware Specialist – vRealize Operations 2020 is not the final step at this certification track. The candidate who manages to pass 5V0-34.19 exam also becomes eligible for another certificate that is VMware vRealize Operations – Cloud Management Automation 2020. In addition, this accreditation helps to build a solid knowledge base for other VMware certificates of the VCP level or Specialist ones.