VCP-DW 2020 Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by VMware with new certification(s).

Certification Details

Professionals who manage to earn the VMware VCP-DW 2020 certification can prove in any context that they can maintain, configure, optimize, manage, and troubleshoot the VMware Workspace ONE infrastructure together with its related solutions. The only exam involved in this accreditation path is 2V0-61.20 by code.

Target Audience

The candidate who wants to take the VMware 2V0-61.20 certification exam should have at least basic knowledge of how the VMware Workspace ONE platform works. Also, they have to be able to perform all the core operations related to the VMware Workspace ONE 20.x and be knowledgeable about the management of software solutions, proper infrastructure design, and the implementation of the platform’s features.

A minimally qualified applicant for 2V0-61.20 is also familiar with the standard operating systems across different devices. They need to understand how productivity applications work and find related technologies to configure Workspace ONE.

When it comes to practical experience, the test-taker should have at least 6 months of experience in IT together with 6 more months of handling responsibilities such as configuring and installing the infrastructure related to the VMware Workspace ONE platform.

Details of How VMware 2V0-61.20 Exam Is Structured

The VMware 2V0-61.20 certification exam is delivered only through Pearson VUE. Candidates need to create an account on the site and finalize the registration by paying the enrollment fee. Its value is $250.

During the test, students should expect to find 70 questions to be answered within 100 minutes. A minimum score one should get is 300 points. As for the questions’ details, applicants will be provided with single and multiple-choice tasks as well as proctored items.

Skills That Candidates Should Develop to Pass 2V0-61.20 Exam

The VMware 2V0-61.20 certification exam is split into 7 sections. They require the candidate to develop skills in several domains that are as follows:

  • Technology and architecture
  • Solutions and products
  • Design and planning
  • Setup, configuration, and installation
  • Upgrades, optimization, and performance-tuning
  • Repairing and troubleshooting
  • Operational and administrative tasks

The first section is divided into seven more subtopics. Therefore, the exam-taker should become proficient in establishing the differences between logical and physical architecture. Also, they have to be able to identify the main differences between on-prem EMM and cloud computing as well as know how to define proper Identity Access Management solutions. Another topic included here is related to the differences between different OEM providers. The professional who wants to get the passing score in VMware 2V0-61.20 certification exam should understand the areas such as high availability and disaster recovery as well as the identity and Access Management Concepts. Last but not least, the successful applicants are those who demonstrate that they are skilled in both modern and traditional management and cam choose the right one, together with advanced knowledge of authentication methods and how they can contribute to a business's overall performance.

The second topic is dedicated to products and solutions and it tests the candidates’ ability to identify the sub-components and components of UEM + IDM. Besides, the examinees should become proficient in determining the differences between VMware products and be able to make use of best practices depending on the context. Finally, the candidates have to be able to quickly identify various features related to HA, VMware Disaster Recovery, and Scalability. Finally, one needs to understand how AirWatch SDK and Workspace ONE Intelligence work.

While the third chapter handles designing and planning and doesn’t have any specific objectives, the fourth one requires candidates to develop certain skills. Therefore, the test-takers will have to demonstrate that they can find out the infrastructure’s requirements and are able to configure and install all UEM components as well as Edge Services. Succeeding in finalizing the preliminary configuration of the UEM environment is one more essential skill that will be tested in VMware 2V0-61.20 exam. The candidates will also need to show their proficiency in setting up Directory Services, APIs, Certificate Authority Integration, and Mobile Email Management.

Within the fifth section, the applicants will need to show their skills in upgrades, optimization, and performance tuning. No other testable objectives are included in it. When it comes to the domain dedicated to repairing and troubleshooting, the examinees will be required to show their expertise in detecting networking issues related to configuration and ensure the proper matching logs for each case. Also, the candidates will need to develop skills that allow them to quickly identify issues associated with management, Endpoint enrollment, End-user App Authentication, and console administration.

The last chapter evaluates whether the candidates are able to manage and configure different profiles for desktop and mobile endpoint OS, together with certificate templates and authority. Also, they should manage assignment and organization groups, as well as user and admin groups. The applicants will get the minimum passing score if they know how to assign, add, and manage content, applications, and email policies. They should also be knowledgeable in authentication methods in built-in IDP and skilled in configuring security controls and privacy. The exam-takers will need to demonstrate if they know how to ensure the proficient creation of automation, reports, and dashboards with the help of Workspace ONE Intelligence platform.

Career Path for Successful VMware VCP-DW 2020 Certified Individuals

Those who succeed in VMware 2V0-61.20 test and obtain the VCP – Digital Workspace 2020 certificate can successfully apply different roles, including the following:

  • Network Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Virtualization Architect

According to the details provided by, a Network Engineer can win a salary of $75k in one year on average. On the other hand, a certified professional who applies for a job as Cloud Architect should know that they can ask for about $128k as an annual pay.

Certification Prospects

A candidate who manages to earn the VMware VCP-DW certification will get the necessary their knowledge further by obtaining the VCP – Desktop and Mobility which is also under the same accreditation path. Professionals can also take the exam for related badges such as the Master Specialist VMware Digital Workspace 2020 certification.