VCAP-DCV Design 2020 Certification Has Been Retired

This certification has been replaced by VMware with new certification(s).

Certification Details

The VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Data Center Virtualization Design 2020 or VCAP-DCV Design 2020 validation focuses on testing the candidates’ skills in developing a proper design starting from a set of requirements coming from the client in addition to determining the client’s functional regulations which are necessary to make logical and physical designs. To earn this validation, candidates must pass one exam, 3V0-624 by code.

Target Audience & Requisites for VCAP-DCV Design 2020

The audience targeted for such a certificate is formed by specialists who are interested in consolidating their knowledge of using and developing computing components that target end-users and environments. Also, those who want to know how to design VMware solutions that meet their clients’ goals and requirements should enroll in this certification. When it comes to prerequisites, the minimally qualified candidate is the one who has the minimum skills, experience, and knowledge of how Data Center Virtualization works. Also, this individual is able to provide a conceptual design starting from the customer requirements and he/she is able to create VMware solutions in accordance with those needs. In general, the minimally qualified candidate should hold either the VCP-DCV 2020 or the VCP-DCV 2019 certification to be eligible for 3V0-624. Plus, the vendor highly recommends that potential candidates enroll in the VMware vSphere: Design Workshop v6.5 or the VMware vSphere: Design v7 training options before attempting the final test.

VMware 3V0-624 Exam Details

Exam 3V0-624 can be completed in English only and comprises 60 questions that you will have to finalize in 135 minutes. The minimum passing score that candidates need to obtain is 300 marks out of 500. When it comes to the format of test tasks, the candidates should be ready to answer multiple-choice, drag and drop, and matching items. This exam is a proctored test that is being delivered through the testing portal known as Pearson VUE. Also, applicants will be considered registered for 3V0-624 exam if they pay the registration fee which equals $450. Finally, the exam content spins around the VMware vSphere 6.5 product.

Topics Tested in 3V0-624 Exam

The candidate who wants to manage this VMware 3V0-624 test in the initial attempt should be ready to develop the following skills:

  • the creation of a core & conceptual design for vSphere 6.5;
  • the description of a vSphere 6.x logic from an existing conceptual design;
  • the outline of vSphere 6.x physical features from a current logic.

The first section has clear objectives when it comes to developing the candidates’ ability in creating a design for concepts that vSphere 6.5 utilizes. Here, the applicants will be required to demonstrate that they can analyze and gather essential information to meet the business requirements. Also, in order to develop the right solution by using vSphere 6.5 conceptual outline features, the applicant needs to know how to gather and correctly analyze the application’s requirements. The final objective that this topic includes requires the exam-taker to quickly and effectively identify the risk possibilities, different constraints, existing requirements, and assumptions related to vSphere 6.5 environment.

Within the second chapter, which focuses on creating a design for vSphere 6.x logic from the available conceptual outline, the candidates are taught to map business requirements to match and create a vSphere 6.x logic. Besides, exam-takers should be able to map different dependencies for services as well as build availability requirements so that they create a logical description necessary for vSphere 6.x. After that, applicants should be proficient in constructing various peculiarities of availability in addition to manageability, performance, and recoverability requirements into a vSphere 6.x logical system. Last but not least, the candidates who want to succeed in passing 3V0-624 test should demonstrate their skills by building security requirements into vSphere 6.x logic.

The third domain focuses on checking the applicants’ skills in creating a physical outline for vSphere 6.x from a current logical design. Thus, candidates need to show that they can ensure the proper transition between a simple logical design and a vSphere 6.x physical one. Also, they should be able to create vSphere 6.x networks and storage by using an available logical sketch. In addition, the successful test-taker will be a person who manages to properly determine the right computer resources, which will be used to develop a vSphere 6.x physical interface. Besides, the candidate will need to show that he/she can configure virtual machines and create the proper infrastructure within the physical outline for vSphere 6.x. Finally, he/she will need to identify the right data management options, which will be used for vSphere 6.x and its physical design.

Career Opportunities Available for 3V0-624 Exam-Passer

An examinee who is dedicated to gaining the VCAP-DCV Design 2020 certification deserves his/her efforts to be compensated with a more generous offer in comparison to a non-certified candidate. Therefore, someone who has passed 3V0-624 can apply for the following roles:

  • Data Center Architect;
  • Data Center Engineer;
  • Network Engineer;
  • Virtualization Administrator.

According to the research done by, a Data Center Architect can ask its recruiters to receive an annual payment of $125k. This remuneration stays on the market average and is considered to be fair compensation for someone who has the aforementioned certificate under his/her belt. Overall, any VMware VCAP qualification can get you between $110k-$120k annually as stated by

Certification Prospects

Once a candidate passes 3V0-624 and gets the VCAP-DCV Design 2020 certification, he/she can move on to the next stage and get other related validations. The next natural step for aspiring candidates would be to obtain the VMware Certified Implementation Expert 6 - Data Center Virtualization milestone. After this one is achieved, the VMware specialist may move on to the VMware Certified Design Expert – Data Center Virtualization 2020 certification.