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    The Open Group TOGAF certificates are definitely for you if you want to know more about how to improve the efficiency of businesses of various organizations. This vendor will offer you a plethora of prestigious certifications that will carve your path to grasping the Enterprise Architecture domain. To start off, you can pursue the TOGAF 9 certificate comprising two levels, the TOGAF 9 Foundation and the TOGAF 9 Certified qualifications.

    TOGAF 9 Certification

    This certificate was introduced by the Open Group to verify one's competence in understanding the open Enterprise Architecture methodology. The TOGAF 9 Standard is highly popular within organizations around the world as it helps specialists carry out their enterprise architecture processes in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner. To earn the TOGAF Standard certification you are required to complete two levels which are:

    • TOGAF 9 Foundation;
    • TOGAF 9 Certified.

    The TOGAF 9 Certified is, in fact, an extension of the TOGAF 9 Foundation. The process of earning the TOGAF 9 Foundation certification completes half of the requirements of the TOGAF 9 Certified validation.

    TOGAF 9 Foundation

    This certification is targeted at candidates who want to gain a solid foundation on the TOGAF 9 methodology, or specialists working in architectural projects who could use some tips for a smooth flowing process. You can use it to prove your mastery of basic TOGAF terminology, its structure, the concepts used, and the main principles of enterprise architecture. To earn this certification, you must face and ace the TOGAF 9 Part 1 exam also known as OG0-091.

    TOGAF 9 Part 1 Exam Overview

    Test OG0-091 aims at English-speaking candidates and is a multiple-choice test consisting of 40 questions to be answered within 60 minutes. Since it is a closed-book exam, you will not be able to carry any reference material with you and will be held under supervision throughout the whole session. The passing score for OG0-091 is 55%. You can sit for this exam on-site via authorized training organizations, through Pearson VUE testing centers, or using online proctored delivery at home. The fee for this exam equals $360.

    Content Covered by TOGAF 9 Foundation Certification

    As mentioned previously, this certification will be covering the very basics of the TOGAF standard. This includes:

    • What the TOGAF standard is and the fundamental concepts of Enterprise Architecture presented by it.
    • The main theories talked about in the TOGAF methodology.
    • The basic and most frequented keywords available in the TOGAF standard.
    • What the ADM cycle is, the purpose of each phase of the cycle, how it can be adapted in real-world scenarios, and the full extent to which it can be applied.
    • An introduction to Enterprise Continuum including its utilization and a briefing on its constituent parts.
    • ADM guidelines that you must follow and purposeful techniques that you can use to increase process efficiency.
    • The contributory factors of each phase of the ADM cycle to the success of Enterprise Architecture.
    • The uses of Architecture Governance in the Architecture Development Cycle.
    • View and viewpoint concepts and how they affect communication with business stakeholders.
    • Building block concepts.
    • Reference models in TOGAF.

    TOGAF 9 Certified

    The next step after earning the TOGAF 9 Foundation certification is the TOGAF 9 Certified. This means that it is ideal for candidates who already have a basic understanding of the TOGAF standard and want to enhance their knowledge. Architects involved in the development phase of a project can also benefit from the content represented by this certification and showcase their qualifications through it. In short, the TOGAF 9 Certified deals mainly with the application of the theoretical knowledge gained. To earn this certificate, the candidates must take two exams. One of them is OG0-091, which was the elective exam for the TOGAF 9 Foundation certification, and the other is the TOGAF 9 Part 2 test, or put it in another way OG0-092. However, if you do not want to sit for these two tests separately to achieve the TOGAF 9 Certified, you can pass only one exam known as OG0-093 or the TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 & 2.

    OG0-092 & OG0-093 Overview

    This first exam will cost you $360 and consists of multiple-choice questions that will be based on various case studies. You will be presented with just 8 questions to answer within 90 minutes. Just as with the TOGAF 9 Part 1 exam, you will be supervised throughout your OG0-092 test. However, it will be an open-book test with the passing score of 60%. In addition, you can face this exam on-site through an accredited training organization or Pearson VUE testing centers. The test with this code is available only for native speakers of the English language. When it comes to the second evaluation coded OG0-093, it as well will be conducted in English, where candidates will need to solve 48 items within 150 minutes. The fee necessary for scheduling this test is $550.

    Content Covered by TOGAF 9 Certified Validation

    Through this certificate, you can prove to whoever is concerned that you have the skills in:

    • Applying the concepts used in the ADM cycle when developing an Enterprise Architecture.
    • Putting into practice Architecture Governance theories when developing an Enterprise Architecture.
    • How the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework is applied.
    • The appropriate utilization of the building block concept.
    • Usage of the Stakeholder Management Technique for a smooth exchange of information and resources.
    • The best way to apply the TOGAF Content Metamodel.
    • Bringing into play the TOGAF standards proven techniques to develop Enterprise Architecture in the most efficient way.
    • Explaining how the TOGAF Technical Reference Model works and how it can be customized to work according to a specific organization's needs and requests.
    • Understanding the Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model.
    • Presenting information on the ADM cycles key deliverables.
    • Recognizing the purpose of an Architecture Repository.
    • Adapting ADM concepts for security.
    • Employing ADM to exercise iteration and various stages of architecture.
    • How architecture maturity models are used for the development of an Enterprise Architecture.
    • The function of the Architecture Skills Framework and how it is used in an organization.
    • Such ADM stages as the establishment of projects, definition of infrastructure, transition planning, and governance.
    • Dealing with Capability Framework as well as Content Architecture.

    What's Next?

    After getting yourself TOGAF 9 certified, you can opt to continue developing your knowledge base by following the rest of the TOGAF certifications offered by the Open Group. They are:

    • TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1

      This certification covers concepts related to business modeling, information mapping, value streams, business capabilities, and TOGAF business scenarios.

    • TOGAF Essentials 2018

      Earning this certificate is the perfect way to update yourself on the changes introduced to the TOGAF body of knowledge.

    • TOGAF Integrating Risk and Security

      With this qualification, specialists can prove their expertise in the ADM security and risks concepts, information security management, enterprise risk management, and other related theories.

    Career Opportunities

    With the TOGAF 9 Standard certification in your resume, you can get access to many job opportunities related to IT architecture. Some of the more promising job roles along with their average salaries as stated at are as follows:

    • Enterprise Architect ($143k);
    • Solutions Architect ($132k);
    • Senior Solutions Architect ($139k);
    • Senior Software Architect ($135k);
    • Enterprise Architecture Director ($160k);
    • Software Architect ($129k);
    • Information Technology Architect ($130k).

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