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  • Network Appliance Certification Practice Test Questions, Network Appliance Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real Network Appliance Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Network Appliance Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Network Appliance Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Network Appliance Certification Practice Test Questions & Network Appliance Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Network Appliance or simply NetApp is an organization dealing with solutions for data storage and was established back in 1992. This company began by providing simple services & products for storage and later started availing hybrid cloud architecture solutions. It also avails certifications and tests to those applicants interested in proving that they have the abilities to work with the NetApp platform, its products alongside technologies.

    Certifications and Levels

    The NetApp system incorporates certificates in categories including associate, professional, specialist, and expert. There are also three tracks to follow, namely, Data, Hybrid Cloud, and Converged Infrastructure. We will get into the details of some exams and certifications associated with them.

    NS0-002 Exam: NetApp Certified Technology Associate

    The basic comprehension of technologies and products for NetApp is what the entry-level NS0-002 exam is all about. It scrutinizes your knowledge across storage systems, technologies, and products specifically developed for data management in the ever-growing market for hybrid cloud. The NetApp Certified Technology Associate certification is advanced to you if you have capabilities in technologies as well as data and storage management, both in hybrid cloud and on-premises environments. This is also possible when your knowledge of NetApp products is in-depth. When it comes to NS0-002 details, it will have 60 questions to be finalized in 90 minutes and is to be accessed in English. Also, it covers topics like Infrastructure Concepts, Data Storage Software, Cloud Solutions, and Hybrid Cloud Value Proposition. In particular, this test targets Storage Administrators working to provide storage solutions using various NetApp systems. Based on report, these individuals earn about $62k per annum.

    NS0-161 Exam: NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA), ONTAP

    This test expects candidates to have 6-month to 1-year experience in executing and administering NetApp storage solutions for data in multiprotocol domains. Besides, they should know how to perform the execution of configurations concerning HA controllers, SyncMirror software targeting rapid recovery of data, or ONTAP solutions with configurations that are multi-node or single. The domains included in its final test coded NS0-161 are Storage Platforms, Core ONTAP, Logical Storage, Networking, SAN Solutions and Connectivity, NAS Solutions, Data Protection, Security, and Performance. All in all, there will be 60 questions in the final test to be answered within 1.5 hours. To know more, NS0-161 is to be availed in English only. Passing such an exam offers you a huge chance to work as a NetApp Data Management Administrator. Based on what reveals, in this position, you should expect a salary of about $107k yearly.

    NS0-183 Exam: NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP

    Candidates for NS0-183 exam need to prove that they can perform ONTAP installations while keeping to the quality standards and applying best practices for NetApp. An experience of 6 months to one year working with ONTAP solutions that include setting up, configuration, installation, testing, and troubleshooting of NetApp systems for storage is expected from candidates. What concerns the test facts, takers will experience 60 questions which are to last up to 1.5 hours. Passing this test and possessing its related certification propels you to huge opportunities working as a NetApp Storage Engineer and your area of specialization is going to be ONTAP solutions. estimates that your income will be close to $111k per year.

    NS0-515 Exam: NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer - SAN Specialist, E-Series

    Test NS0-515 is to check if the skills you have can enable you to configure and monitor storage solutions for NetApp E-Series. You should have six to twelve months of expertise in installing, configuring as well as maintaining E-Series systems for storage in varied SAN environments to avail reliable as well as high-performing storage solutions. The topics detailed here will cover matters like Storage Configuration, Documentation, Hardware, Host Side, Management, Toolbox, Protection, SAN, and Troubleshooting. After acing NS0-515 and getting certified, the job position that is relevant to your qualifications is a NetApp Storage Engineer with specialization in the E-Series technology. You should expect a pay of $111k annually as suggests in their report.

    NS0-519 Exam: NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer - SAN Specialist

    Those who have attained the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer - SAN Specialist certification through NS0-519 exam, confirmed their abilities to plan, execute, integrate, and troubleshoot ONTAP SAN, Ethernet iSCSI/FCoE, FC switched fabric solutions and various apps & OS that include Linux, Windows, ESX, and UNIX. Experience demanded for the final exam includes 6 to 12 months and the topics to deal with comprise Assessment of ONTAP SAN Solution, Planning of ONTAP SAN, Implementing and Configuring ONTAP SAN, Implementing, Testing, and Troubleshooting ONTAP SAN. In the official validation, exam-takers should expect to handle 60 questions within the allotted 1.5 hours. Receiving a pass result in NS0-519 test implies that your capacity to handle the targeted NetApp SAN solutions has been confirmed and the certification that you’ll receive will supply your resume with a strong backup as you seek the position of a NetApp Implementation Engineer in the firm you prefer. As suggests, your pay will come close to $114k for one year.

    NS0-526 Test: NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, Data Protection Specialist

    This exam is for Data Protection specialists who have potentialities in NetApp solutions for disaster recovery, assessing a customer’s s requirements for data storage, and executing solutions for backup as well as recovery. The necessary recommendation is proof of having worked for six to twelve months providing these solutions with the domains to master like Replication Technology, Planning Implementation of Data Protection, Configuring Software for Data Protection, and Execution of Guidelines. All in all, NS0-526 test includes 60 questions to be finished within 1.5 hours and the language of the presentation will be English. A great display in NS0-526 leads to getting certified. This means you can get to work as a NetApp Implementation Engineer earning about $114k annually according to a report.

    NS0-592 Exam: NetApp Certified Support Engineer - ONTAP Specialist

    The NetApp Certified Support Engineer - ONTAP Specialist exam targets to prove the takers’ skills to troubleshoot, analyze, and remediate NetApp ONTAP systems for storage. The recommended experience should be between six and twelve months and you will have to pass one test coded NS0-592. This exam will be dealing with matters such as ONTAP OS, Hardware, Protocols, Performance, and Software-Defined ONTAP solutions. NS0-592 is to appear with 60 questions whose duration is 2 hours and the presentation will be in English. Before taking such an exam, it is recommended that you pass NS0-194 test, which is the NetApp Certified Support Engineer, a professional-level validation. The certification obtained from passing NS0-592 exam will push amazing opportunities your way. Your work will entail that of a NetApp Technical Support Engineer with your pay as reported by to be almost $72k annually.

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