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    • MCD - ASSOC Questions & Answers

      MCD - ASSOC Questions & Answers

      60 Questions & Answers

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    • MCD - ASSOC Study Guide

      MCD - ASSOC Study Guide

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  • Mulesoft MCD - ASSOC Exam Dumps, Mulesoft MCD - ASSOC practice test questions

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    MuleSoft developers are the ones who turn business requirements into various codes as well as design and connect APIs. With MuleSoft Certified Developer – Integration and API Associate (Mule 3), professionals are trained for the skills and knowledge necessary to join this career. The Mulesoft MCD – Assoc exam validates a developer’s capability in designing, building, testing, debugging, deploying, and managing basic APIs and integrations.

    Roles of a Validated Mulesoft Certified Developer

    Learning for MCD – Integration and API Associate requires you to work well with both Anypoint Platform and Anypoint Studio. This knowledge will help you thoroughly navigate and control aspects of the lifecycle of a basic API. With monitoring, candidates of this exam are expected to successfully work on basic Mule 3 projects. This includes connecting to various resources, from databases, files, web services, to JMS queues and Saas applications. Using Anypoint Studio, you must know how to build, test, and debug basic integrations and API implementation. You also have to know how to execute basic data transformation with DataWeave, manage message flow, control errors, and process batch records.

    Learning the Core Topics

    MuleSoft continuously builds innovative products to connect a particular application, data, and device within an organization. Developers like you, being a valuable component in the digital transformation process, must first validate yourselves to guarantee everyone, especially the employers, of your skills. To give you an overview of the MCD - Assoc exam, here are the primary components you will be dealing with.

    • Application Network basics

      From the moment you enter into the realm of MuleSoft, you must initially understand MuleSoft’s proposal in addressing the IT delivery gap. That comes with a comprehensive knowledge of the role and characteristics of “modern API”, the importance of Center for Enablement (C4E), and the benefits of employing API-led connectivity and application networks. Also, don’t miss out on the various terms used in API together with the basics of the HTTP protocol and Anypoint Platform.

    • Application Programming Interface

      In this industry, there is an unlimited mention of API even if you are not talking about MCD Developers. APIs are the core of Anypoint Platform serving as the software intermediary to create interface connectivity. Hence, learn as much as you can in designing and consuming APIs.

    • Mule messages

      Be familiar with the data structure of Mule messages and how to enrich them through Message Enricher. Practice setting message payloads, properties, and flow variables using transformers and MEL expressions.

    • Mule applications

      Understand the works behind Mule applications including the specific data persisting between flows in a Flow Reference or between a Mule message crossing a transport boundary. Read on the data existing in a flow before and after a call as well. Set parameters for a given application with property placeholders and break them into multiple flows.

    • Troubleshooting and Debugging

      Debugging and troubleshooting these applications is also part of the competencies needed. You should learn how to inspect Mule messages during runtime and be able to decipher Mule log error messages as well as install missing dependencies and drivers.

    • API implementation interfaces

      Here, you should be able to define APIkit and derive an implementation flow from a RAML file. Examine how requests are routed through flow and manually develop a RESTful interface for a Mule application.

    • Messages and errors

      For routing messages, be acquainted with the Choice router, Scatter-Gather router, and Filters. Go over the Validation module to be accustomed to validating data. When handling errors, you should know the default exception strategy and the multiple catch exception strategies and recognize which situations they are called for.

    • DataWeave

      Run through DataWeave scripts in transforming data from JSON, XML, and Java to various data structures and types. Internalize the DataWeave operators and correct syntax for you to either coerce data types or format strings, numbers, and dates. From that DataWeave script, try calling Mule flows or global MEL functions.

    • Connectors and records

      Connectors allow you to retrieve data from a Database or a REST service. Grasp the various connectors involved in the Anypoint Platform and Studio. Additionally, comprehend the methods and the system behind processing records in a collection.

    • APIs and integrations

      Carry out the process in packaging and deploying Mule applications to the CloudHub. Also, train yourself in creating API proxies and SLA tiers. Make sure to understand autodiscovery for linking API implementation to the API Manager.

    All these concepts strengthen your skills in dealing seamlessly with Anypoint Platform. However, bear in mind that it is not enough to just understand the topics. You have to apply this knowledge to practical use being aware of how to connect the dots and comprehend how each process comes about.

    MCD - Assoc Exam Features

    As with the rest of the MuleSoft exams, the MCD - Assoc is a proctored, closed-book test as well. It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 2 hours. If you don't hit the passing mark of 70% on your first try, you still have a maximum of 4 attempts to get the goal. Just allow a 1-day interval in between each try.

    The exam is quite challenging and only the ones who have prepared enough will successfully earn the certification. Even then, with just a purchase of $250.00 (FTC 1.00), you will surely go a long way. Your certification will last for 2 years from the date you pass the MCD - Assoc exam.

    Unlocking Your Career Potential

    With Mulesoft, you are trained to do your job better and more efficiently with fewer bugs and errors. Becoming a Mulesoft Certified Developer is one tough mountain to climb but once you achieve this goal, a positive domino effect will follow. Your professional career will certainly attract more success.

    Looking for jobs and other opportunities will then be easy once you carry with you this certificate. Many employers will be eyeing your potential contribution to their organization. On top of that, you will earn big, with an average salary of at most $103k per year ( Moving forward, you can take on the next steps of becoming a Mulesoft Architect either through the interface path or the platform path.

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