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    • MCPA - Level 1 Questions & Answers

      MCPA - Level 1 Questions & Answers

      58 Questions & Answers

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    • MCPA - Level 1 Online Training Course

      MCPA - Level 1 Online Training Course

      99 Video Lectures

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  • Mulesoft MCPA - Level 1 Exam Dumps, Mulesoft MCPA - Level 1 practice test questions

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    Becoming a MuleSoft architect can either be achieved through the platform or the integration architect path. In the first case, candidates are tested for their ability to create company-level decisions by looking at the big picture in building an effective application network. This path is designed for higher-level solutions or enterprise architects.

    Strengths to Develop

    Since the scope of a MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect - Level 1 (MCPA 1) entails a broader scale, you must hone skills in creating visibility across systems and clouds. Having prior knowledge of Anypoint Platform Architecture will be advantageous as you take this exam. Like the integration path, candidates can prepare through training course and its corresponding application network quiz before sitting for the test.

    Additionally, you have to wholly understand the API-led connectivity so that you can direct the emergence of an effective application network from the various integration solutions. All these will help you identify and address certain issues that could potentially impact your prospective organization’s overall needs.

    Key Components of MCPA - 1

    MCPA – Level 1 is an evaluation of your skills in employing the tenets of API-led connectivity as well as your capacity to lead an Anypoint Platform strategy. It is a proctored 58-item multiple-choice exam answerable for 2 hours. Knowing the core topics for this test will certainly guide you on what to focus more on.

    Firstly, strengthen your foundational knowledge about application networks. Go over on how to govern, deliver, and control access to API on the Anypoint Platform as well. The other tasks comprising the bulk of the exam are the following:

    • Defining the basics of application network

      This portion reiterates the essence of strengthening your foothold. Have a strong grasp of the “modern API”, application networks, outcome-based delivery (OBD), and most especially the Anypoint Platform. Learn as much as you can about their roles, characteristics, benefits, terms, and capabilities.

    • Setting up organizational and platform foundation

      For you to select and establish the correct Anypoint Platform, make sure you understand the role and purpose of the Center for Enablement (C4E) and the different KPIs to gauge its success. Try your best to be able to specify all the possible Anypoint Platform deployment options.

    • Plotting APIs and their interactions

      Master the art of evaluating functional requirements and transforming these into business-aligned APIs. Know what situations require polling or callbacks, what specific changes need a major version increment, and when to propose the use of Enterprise Data Model or Bounded Context Data Models. For an optimistic concurrency, be familiar with idempotent HTTP methods and HTTP-native support as well as with reusable API-related assets.

    • Making use of API-led connectivity

      Once again, knowledge of the APIs will help you get through this area as you will be assigning them to layers of API-led connectivity. You will be basing this assignment upon ownership, functional focus, and rate of change. Back up your recommendations when choosing the most suitable approach in the API data model of System APIs.

    • Managing APIs on the Anypoint Platform

      Acquaint yourself with API policies, policy enforcement, and proxies as you may be dealing with them more often in your future career. Understand which APIs and remote interfaces can be managed by the API manager.

    • Overseeing API access

      You will be manning the control access to APIs. Hence, you should be able to explain how to register an API client for access as well as how and when to pass client ID and secret to API.

    • Carrying out APIs

      This part involves your ability to deliver APIs in circumstances that would necessitate promotion of APIs with API manager or redeployment of API implementations. You must be skillful in using autodiscovery to link API implementation to API instances. Aside from that, know the automation capabilities of the Anypoint Platform and the integration tests.

    • Establishing Mule applications to Cloudhub

      Since MuleSoft is all about integrating software to connect applications, data, and devices, this concept is absolutely necessary. Build your background on the basics of deployments, networking, and routing on CloudHub. Learn how to choose CloudHub worker sizes and configurations and when to use Object Store.

    • Designing performant and resilient APIs

      Describe the features in scaling API performance, the contrast between CloudHub Shared and Dedicated Load Balancers, and lastly, the single points of failure in Cloudhub usage. Make sure to be knowledgeable with the varying strategies in helping API clients prevent failures in API invocations.

    • Tracking and evaluating application networks

      Over and over again, learning the elements of the Anypoint Platform by heart is a vital step for passing MCPA - Level 1. The tasks involved are all interrelated to this main platform. You should be skilled in monitoring, alerting, and analyzing the application networks.

    Responsibilities as a Certified Passer

    As a MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect - Level 1 passer, you will be able to make use of the Anypoint Platform deployment in the context of a given organization or team. The skills you gain will enable you to utilize the platform maximally especially when in conjunction with other tools and applications. With Anypoint Platform, you have a better system to follow through various organizational and process changes to foster continuous sustainability. This also allows you to guide and promote standards, reusable assets, and automation.

    Take note, however, that your certification will only be valid for two years from the date of passing the MCPA - 1 exam. But that's already too long of a time to make good fortune and build your career, right?

    Opportunities Waiting for You

    Being a MuleSoft certified platform architect is a great achievement that will surely advance your career. The base salary of a Platform Architect in particular averages around $158k annually ( Big companies are also on the lookout for MuleSoft certified professionals. Attaching this certificate to your resume will surely guarantee you a spot in the interview, if not the job itself. If you still want to advance your career further, you can also go for the MuleSoft developer or integration architect paths.

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