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  • HRCI Certification Practice Test Questions, HRCI Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real HRCI Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. HRCI Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with HRCI Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's HRCI Certification Practice Test Questions & HRCI Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    The certifications developed by HRCI have set the highest standards when it comes to human relation processes and expertise. The vendor’s accreditations have become some of the most trusted marks for HR professionals. They show their proficiency in handling HR policies and leading HR departments in international organizations.

    GPHR – Global Professional in Human Resources

    The Global Professional Certification in Human Resources validates the candidates' proficiency in multinational HR responsibilities. This means that they know how to apply global development strategies in HR policies and take effective initiatives to support organizational growth at a global level.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Candidates are eligible to take the GPHR certification exam in case they comply with one of the following conditions related to their education and experience:

    • Minimum 2 years of prior experience in an HR position at a professional-level plus a Master’s degree or one of a higher level
    • Minimum 3 years of experience as an HR professional plus a Bachelor’s degree
    • Minimum of four years of prior experience at an HR professional level.

    Exam Details

    When they enroll in the test for the GPHR accreditation, candidates should know that they have 3 hours to solve all 140 questions. Most of them are multiple-choice. On top of these tasks, applicants will also receive 25 pretest questions. Besides, the exam is computer-based, so one can take it at the Pearson VUE testing center. If they want to take it from the comfort of their home or in the office, they can use the OnVUE platform. Finally, candidates should be ready to pay the application fee of $100 plus the exam tax of $495. Once the application to take the exam is approved, they should remember that no refunds will be awarded.

    How to Recertify

    The GPHR certification is valid for 3 years. If they want to recertify, candidates should obtain 60 recertification credits during the 3 years. In case they cannot do that, certified professionals can retake the test. Notice, that 15 of those credits must be Global credits.

    Exam Objectives

    The HR professionals who want to get the GPHR certificate should be ready to demonstrate their skills on the following topics:

    • Strategic Global Human Resources
    • Global Mobility
    • Global Talent Management
    • Workplace culture
    • Total rewards
    • Compliance and risk management

    PHR – Professional in Human Resources

    Professionals who win the HRCI certification for Professional in Human Resources are able to demonstrate that they have advanced technical and operational skills when it comes to HR management. This accreditation validates that those holding this certification know how U.S. regulations and laws work.

    The target audience for this certificate is formed of HR professionals who have solid experience with program implementation as well as have a logistical or tactical orientation. The candidate who manages to get this certification is already accountable to another HR professional in the organization they are working for and has specific responsibilities that relate to the HR department particularly.

    Who Is Eligible for the PHR Certification?

    The vendor recommends that the candidate who applies for the PHR accreditation must meet one of the conditions mentioned below:

    • A Master’s degree or higher plus a minimum of one year of experience working as an HR professional
    • A Bachelor’s degree combined with at least two years of experience holding a professional-level position in HR
    • Minimum four years of professional experience in an HR position

    Exam Format

    The PHR certification exam lasts for 3 hours. Candidates will receive 150 scored questions that are mostly multiple choices. Also, they will find 25 pretest questions. As for the test’s format, it is a computer-based exam that will be taken in the Pearson VUE Testing Centers. Applicants can also sit for it from their home or office by using the Online Proctoring platform. The exam costs include the application tax of $100 plus the exam fee of $395. Once the application is approved, none of these fees is refundable.

    Exam Outline

    The PHR certification can be obtained once candidates demonstrate that they have proficient skills in the following areas related to HR:

    • Business management
    • Learning and development
    • Talent acquisition and planning
    • Total rewards
    • Labor and employee relations

    Certification Path

    The PHR certification has a validity of three years. If its holders want to maintain it, they must earn 60 recertification credits during the mentioned period. Also, a candidate who managed to earn the Professional in Human Resources certificate is on the right track to gain higher-level accreditations. Therefore, they can move on to getting Professional in Human Resources – International, Senior Professional Human Resources, Senior Professional Human Resources International, and Global Professional in Human Resources certifications.

    SPHR – Senior Professional in Human Resources

    The Senior Professional in Human Resources provided by HRCI helps candidates to demonstrate their HR leadership skills. This certification allows HR professionals to demonstrate that they know how to master policy-making and strategic aspects of HR management. Also, this is the right certificate for those professionals who can see the bigger picture and are responsible more for planning HR policies rather than implementing them. International organizations prefer SPHR professionals for their accountability for HR department development goals. This is because these specialists have broad and deep knowledge in all HR topics and disciplines and understand the business issues that are associated with the HR function.

    Who Is Eligible for the SPHR Certificate?

    The eligibility criteria for getting the SPHR accreditation include the following alternatives:

    • Minimum four years of experience as a professional in HR and a Master’s degree or one of a higher level
    • Minimum five years of experience working on a professional-level HR plus a Bachelor’s degree
    • At least seven years of practical experience in an HR-professional position

    Exam Structure and Format

    Getting the SPHR certification means answering 150 questions in 3 hours. The format of the items is multiple-choice. Also, applicants will get 25 pretest questions. Besides, this test is computer-based. It is taken at Pearson VUE testing centers. Applicants can also sit for it at home or from the office using the OnVUE platform. Finally, exam-takers should know that they have to pay two taxes: the registration fee is $100, while the exam tax is $495.

    SPHR Certification Tested Topics

    Getting the Senior Professional in Human Resources certification tests the candidates’ skills on the following topics:

    • Total rewards
    • Talent planning and acquisition
    • Leadership and strategy
    • Learning and development
    • Employee engagement and relations

    Recertification Details

    Candidates can enjoy the benefits of SPHR certification for 3 years. Once this period expires, they can renew it if they have achieved 60 recertification credits during the validity period. They can also retake the exam and get a passing score. Thus, the certification period will be extended automatically.

    Career Opportunities

    Professionals who obtained the HRCI certifications can apply for jobs as Human Resources Associate or Human Resources Manager. Therefore, according to, a candidate who occupies the position of HR associate can win an annual salary of $50k on average with the highest mark of $69k. Besides, an HR Manager can win an annual compensation of $68k, and the sum can go up to $95k.

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