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  • Esri Certification Practice Test Questions, Esri Certification Exam Dumps

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    Esri is a global company extending certifications in addition to innovative software called ArcGIS that is useful for mapping as well as spatial analytics. In complete form, Esri is the Environmental Systems Research Institute. Its certifications include Desktop Core and Enterprise Core. There are also Specialty designations for those who support their organizations in the areas of the product as well as concepts in the entire platform.

    More about Certification Scheme

    For Esri’s Desktop Core certificates, three categories are experienced. These are Entry, Associate, and Professional certificates. Also, these qualifications fit users with experience in using ArcGIS. Regarding the designations for Enterprise Core, there are only two professional certifications on offer. One is the Enterprise Administration Professional while the other is the Enterprise Geodata Management Professional. These qualifications also fit those who develop, configure or support deployments for enterprise ArcGIS. As for the Specialty validations, there are four of them, each specializing in a particular field like ArcGIS Online Administration, JavaScript, Python, and Utility Network. The focus of this discussion, however, is on two ArcGIS Desktop Core certificates.

    ArcGIS Desktop Entry Certificate

    The code for the test associated with the Esri ArcGIS Desktop Entry certificate is EADE19-001. It suits individuals needing to know how to apply ArcGIS processes and concepts to workflows. The candidates ought to exhibit comprehension that touches on basic concepts of ArcGIS. This includes the awareness of the ArcGIS platform from an entry-point perspective touching on mapping as well as visualization, editing, and management tasks within the area of file geodatabase. The necessary requirements include at least 2 years of applied involvement and should comprise proficiency in ArcGIS technologies best practices. The individuals for whom EADE19-001 test was established are beginners in GIS, educators or industry specialists in need of extra skills on their resume, and college students. Others are those who recently graduated as well as those needing internships in GIS.

    Details for EADE19-001 Exam

    This core test is developed in English and includes 80 MCQs. It lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes and costs $250 to take. The skills that EADE19-001 measures include:

    • ArcGIS fundamentals (14%);
    • Data management (31%);
    • Mapping and visualization (29%);
    • Sharing of data across the framework (10%);
    • Performing analysis (16%).

    In the first skill area, the Esri EADE19-001 test concerns demonstrating one’s capability in using ArcGIS Pro as well as Map Viewer within ArcGIS, and ArcGIS or online enterprise. It is also concerning selecting proper apps for the ArcGIS platform targeting a specific use-case or workflow. Among the things expected for the second topic are accessing data properties, the use of details and descriptions for items & metadata, supported data formats for ArcGIS, selecting the proper method for managing tabular data based on a scenario, and others. The third area for the Esri ArcGIS EADE19-001 includes modifying layer symbology, determining the proper technique for modifying layer properties, essential steps when adding data, and more. The fourth skill section covers the discovery of content coming from ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online and selecting the ideal method for sharing content coming from ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online & ArcGIS Pro. The fifth and last skill portion looks at deciding on the proper workflow for selecting features interactively, by location or the use of attributes. Also, methods for finding geographical locations are covered by EADE19-001.

    ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certificate

    The ArcGIS Desktop Associate, whose exam code is EADA19-001, affirms that a candidate can work with workflows through the application of ArcGIS concepts as well as processes. Necessary qualifications include 2 years and above of applied participation or experience while using the platform for ArcGIS. In particular, these people should be able to use the platform in visualizing, managing, and analyzing geospatial data.

    Details for EADA19-001 Evaluation

    The Esri EADA19-001 test will contain 80 MCQs for candidates to undergo within 2 hours. It is designed in English and the fee is $250 if you would like to register and take it. The skill sections mapped out for this test include:

    • Data management (35%);
    • Data manipulation (17%);
    • Visualization (14%);
    • Sharing (14%);
    • Analysis and geoprocessing (20%).

    The first section of the Esri EADA19-001 exam observes varied vector types in addition to raster datasets which are supported within ArcGIS, the proper coordinate system for preserving the anticipated spatial properties, and data migration to a feature class, file geodatabase, or table. Others are spatial as well as attribute validation of data, managing metadata as well as item details, and more. The next thing concerns using the editing functionality for ArcGIS in creating, modifying, and deleting 2D as well as 3D data, and applying SQL queries. Also, troubleshooting data anomalies using tabular as well as vector data, and other related topics are included. This area is followed by identifying ways for controlling the coordinate structure as well as geographical transformation within ArcGIS Desktop, managing layer properties, and determining the visualization of temporal, 3D, or ranged data. The succeeding issue for EADA19-001 test on the sharing domain regards identifying how to carry out the exporting data, maps, as well as scenes to varied formats and choosing ways for sharing content over the platform for ArcGIS. Others are identifying the use of metadata, the description of items, in addition to other properties used for sharing and determining ways for the creation & management of map layouts as well as map books. The final skill area is about comparing the range of capabilities for table joins as well as relates, spatial joins, and relationship classes. Then, it is also about determining the proper geoprocessing tools for using tasks, models, batch processing, or scripts in executing complex workflows and identifying analysis tools available from the connected portal. Also, applying raster capabilities for processing raster will be among the objectives for EADA19-001.

    Job Positions and Salaries

    Some titles to apply for on drawing a certification related to the Esri ArcGIS skills include GIS specialist, Geospatial technology leader, GIS analyst, and technical director. Also, the average payment for the ArcGis skill as attributed by is about $58k yearly.

    Career Path: Next Certificate

    After accomplishing the Esri ArcGIS Desktop Entry certificate, you can progress to the ArcGIS Desktop Associate. However, if you have already realized the Associate designation, you can advance to the Esri ArcGIS Desktop Professional.

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