Pass E20-920 DECE-CA Certification Exam Fast

E20-920 Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by EMC with new exam.

EMC E20-920 Exam Details

The Cloud Services Expert Exam (E20-920) is a prerequisite for obtaining the Expert - Cloud Architect, Cloud Services Version 2.0 certification. It tests an individual's knowledge, skill level, and ability to create cloud services in an ITaaS environment. Proficiency in designing cloud services for organizations that require cloud environments including financial, technological, and organizational aspects is key.


This certificate is provided by EMC and has several requirements. In addition to passing the aforementioned exam, individuals are recommended to achieve an associate-level accreditation in cloud infrastructure and services or information storage and management first. Then, they should also acquire Specialist – Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Version 2.0.

Exam Details and Topics Covered

The Cloud Services Expert Exam (E20-920) has a duration of 90 minutes. It includes 60 questions, and candidates must obtain a score of 60% to pass. The following are the topics one should expect to be tested on. The percentages beside each domain correspond to an estimate of the number of questions in each topic out of the total 60 tasks:

  • IT evolution and cloud computing services (10%)

    This section talks about the details of IT transformation models and their use in business, the details of ITaaS model and reasons to utilize it, and the features of cloud services as well as how they relate to the model ITaaS and its areas of study. Finally, this domain covers architecting an environment for the use of cloud services.

  • Technological planning (30%)

    When answering the questions related to this module, you will need to discover new and innovative ways of creating native cloud applications and services compared to traditional methods. You have to know the details of workload considerations, analysis and right sourcing and evaluating traditional methods, understand how to analyze backend processes in the construction of cloud services in addition to the benefits this brings to cloud servicing. Other skills measured are recognizing factors and their role in making the transition from traditional methods to cloud servicing, and proper use of Service Catalogs and Service Templates.

  • Governance arrangement, protection, and assurance (18%)

    For this domain, applicants should learn more about the factors relevant to the governance as well as trust of cloud servicing. In addition, one needs to know the factors relevant to risk management and auditing in the area of cloud services as well.

  • Monetary planning (10%)

    This domain checks one’s competence in evaluating financial objectives that support cloud servicing as well as knowledge of the following terms: CAPEX, OPEX, ROI, and Cost to Serve. In addition, one should be aware of the factors when determining service funding in addition to costing and pricing of services, and how to utilize Chargeback and Showback.

  • Organizational planning (10%)

    This section includes the topics such as the assessment of obstacles when organizations deliver cloud servicing, factors in the transition to cloud servicing within the ITaaS model for organizations, and the roles as well as responsibilities required for deploying cloud services, assessing pros and cons, and supplying the needed training.

  • Service design and governance (15%)

    The concepts covered in this domain include the assessment of overall service design considering various deployment models, and important factors in areas such as service creation including template, offering, contract, and orchestration. Also, one should know several factors in service operations and management such as visibility and control, management, reporting and alerting, termination of services.

  • Upcoming trends in cloud computing services (7%)

    Recognizing and coming up with the patterns in technology that contribute to changes in social behavior specifics and the trends towards a digital world. Also, this section covers the assessment of changes in cloud services that are a result of transformations in infrastructure and operations engineering.

Training Options

The vendor recommends the following official courses for candidates hoping to pass the Cloud Services Expert Exam on the first try:

  • Cloud Services Planning and Design bearing course number MR-1CP-ETCSPD. This instructor-led course is ideal for individuals involved in the design development and execution of cloud strategies and services within an organization.
  • Cloud Services Planning and Design - Video ILT Stream bearing course number MR-1TP-ETCSPD-109. This is an option for those seeking online training materials.

Extra Resources

In addition to the aforementioned courses individuals may also undertake the following programs to better prepare for the exam:

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Services v3 - On-demand Course bearing course number MR-1TP-CISV3-0219
  • Cloud Infrastructure Planning and Design v2 - On-Demand Course bearing course number ES732OCMCIPD2
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Services bearing course number MR-1CP-CISV2
  • Cloud Infrastructure Planning and Design v2 bearing course number CIPD2

Career Opportunities

This exam and its certification open the door to a range of potential career options such as cloud computing engineer, cloud computing architect, cloud computing developer, cloud computing systems administrator, cloud consultant, etc. On average, a cloud engineer makes up to $126k per annum in the United States while cloud computing architects make between $80k and $167k annually, as stated on the PayScale. Com website. Statistics also prove that 23% of certified individuals gained a salary increase and 86% of hiring managers in IT placed a higher value on certified individuals.

Certification Path: Which One Is the Next to Earn

The Expert - Cloud Architect, Cloud Services Version 2.0 certification sum up the whole accreditation track related to this sphere. Thereafter, this is the highest certificate you may obtain to demonstrate your industry expertise. However, don’t hesitate to check more options from this vendor as well as other providers.


To sum up, the E20-920 exam is ideal for professionals in the field of cloud engineering and cloud servicing who want to demonstrate their solid knowledge and practical mastery in the field. Its associated certification will help you shine in the job market as an individual who is expert-level qualified and has the potential to bring a fresh perspective to the company they are working for. Scrutinize the exam outline thoroughly, choose training resources that suit your learning style, and pass the test on the first attempt.